How to Change Controls Video Tutorial How to Change Controls Video Tutorial 1 - How to Change Controls Video Tutorial 1 -

Controls don’t change and don’t know how to solve the problem? Then you are here!

The points:

1) Go to the game folder, along the way:
— “\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\”
— or from Steam: Right-click on the game – Properties – Local files – Browse;
2) Find and open the “.zip” archive named “”;
3) Go to the folder “\settings\inputmaps\”;
4) Find and copy files (for example, to the desktop):
— “keyboard.json” – required to change the buttons on the keyboard;
— “mouse.json” – required to customize mouse controls;
5) Open these files with a regular notepad or “Notepad ++”;
6) Edit the controls as you need;
7) Save the file “Ctrl + S” or “File – Save”;
8) Move the files “keyboard.json” and “mouse.json” to the archive with the replacement;
9) Rejoice and check the work in the game;
10) Like this tutorial.

Link to my control:

Google Drive – [] 

What’s changed?

What’s changed in “keyboard.json”?
Gas – W
Brake – S
Pull the handbrake – Space
Parking brake – P
Neutral – Shift + Q
Left turn signal – Q
Right turn signal – E
Round Menu – T
Switching Gearbox Mode (Arcade / Realistic) – Ctrl + Q
Change ESC Mode – Alt + Q
Centering the camera when switching to 3rd person view
What’s changed in “mouse.json”?
Mouse steering enabled


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