Wasteland 3 Steeltown Scrapyard/Radio Puzzle

Wasteland 3 Steeltown Scrapyard/Radio Puzzle 1 - steamsplay.com
Wasteland 3 Steeltown Scrapyard/Radio Puzzle 1 - steamsplay.com
A guide for those of you who are having some troubles figuring out how to do the radio puzzle.


The puzzle:

So, to open the secret entrance and continue to the story you will need to do that puzzle, it’s pretty simple once you figure it out. 
First, talk to the radio in the middle of the scrapyard and it will tell you a couple of numbers. 
What’s the meaning of these numbers? Pretty simple: the radio will tell you 3 numbers followed by 3 radio presets. 
Those numbers are the numbers painted on 3 cars placed throughout the scrapyard: 63 (car to the far west), 9 (car to the south, near the big worm monsters) and 54 (police car north from the radio, near the bear). 
The radio presets are random and you need to chose them following what the radio tells you. 
For example, if the radio says: 63, 2; 9, 1; 54, 3. You’ll need to get to the cars, one by one, and select those radio presets: 
6. – 2 
9 –
5. – 3 
Then the entrance will open. 
Again, this is just an example, the preset numbers will change, but that’s the idea, just follow what the radio tells you at the moment. 
I hope this was helpful. Give me a award if you’re feeling generous haha. 
Cya, ranger. 

Written by Oni

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