Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS Races!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS Races! 1 -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator TABS Races! 1 -
In this guide, I will show you the races of the TABS universe.


The Wobbler Race

The Wobbler Race was the most common race of them all(until the halflings grew in numbers). They mostly lived in hidden villages. Why hidden? Because Vlad The Impaler took out one of their catapults(he impaled the operator)! Until Vlad died, they could not get out of hiding. Anyway, the after the Wobblers were free from hiding, they started growing their small buildings into large empires! 

The Stiffy Race

The Stiffies appear to be a revamped Wobbler from the spooky realm, they were dead wobbler skeletons that were brought back to life by the Necromancer. That’s really spooky, but that’s not all. The skeleton army was lead by the Reaper, sergeant Swordcaster and Giant Skeleton! 

The Halfling Race

The Halfling Race outclassed the wobblers when they got their king, they took rule of the other races and they live life for up to 500 years! These thrilling creatures have a lot of un – discoverd features but don’t fret, we will find out more about these amazing creatures! 

The Hooven Race

The Hooven Race(Horses) are a mysterious race that lies at the farms of wobblers, oh crud, incoming hooven!!! 

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