The Benza RPG Gameplay Basics Walkthrough

The Benza RPG Gameplay Basics Walkthrough 1 -
The Benza RPG Gameplay Basics Walkthrough 1 -

This guide is for the mini games of gardening and cooking that are available in The Benza RPG.


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The Benza RPG includes a simple cooking system and a gardening system. Both can be accessed via Chris and Kyle’s house, as well the 45th floor at the Japanese school. You cannot buy the items in the game if you don’t grow your own vegetables.

Although both are fairly simple, the cooking system can be a little confusing if it isn’t explained.

This guide will cover each system, the basics, as well as how to get started.


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The party has the ability grow ingredients that can then be used in cooking at the gardens located in front Chris and Kyle’s houses and on the 45th Floor of the Japanese school. Each of the two possible locations has 8 squares for gardening. To get started, simply click on one of these squares and you’ll be presented with three options.

Planting a seed opens a menu that allows you to choose the item you want. Only seeds can be used so don’t worry if you lose an item.

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After the seeds are planted, it takes real time before they can be harvested. The time it takes to harvest a seed varies, but watering can help speed up the process. You can speed up the growth of an item by watering the same area of land after it has dried. If you notice that one of your squares has dried, you can water it again.

The third option is to take the item out before it has fully grown. This is a wasteful choice as you won’t be able to get the seed back.

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You can buy seeds from Luna at the Gardening Store in Okubo or at the Okubo convenience store. Seeds can also drop from random monsters. There are many monsters that can drop seeds. If you are looking for a specific type of seed, make sure to visit the Shadow Circus bestiary. I recommend the Japanese school’s outside area for F26, as one fight can drop up three seeds.

Shopping for Seeds

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Below are the prices of the various varieties of seeds available in each location. The Higashi-Nakano Gardening Center is just to southwest of the Japanese School and directly across from The Benza Battle Arena.

Higashi Nakano

Seed: Carrot 50G

Grape 50G Seed

Seed: Tomato 50G

Seed: Eggplant, 125G

Seed: Pumpkin 125G

Seed: Corn 125G

The 8-12 in Okubo offers a seed. The 8-12 is on the far left.


Seed: Wheat 150G

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The party can cook valuable items at both Chris and Kyle’s house’s stove and at the Japanese school stove on floor 45. Some of these items can’t be purchased in stores and are only possible to make by cooking.

To be able to cook you must have three of each ingredient for the level you are interested in. If you want something in the basic category, for example, you will need three carrots and three tomatoes. Once you have this, the next level of cooking is possible.

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It doesn’t matter if you are making items at the basic, intermediate, or supreme levels of cooking. They are simply used to distinguish the different items that could be made. Recipes are not required to make the items, they are simply a hint that will help you to understand how the three items should be used together.

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Below is a list of ingredients that are required for each level, as well as possible items that can be made. You should be aware that sometimes two of the same item can lead to a higher-tier item.

Supreme Bento (Deluxe Bento), and Bento (Super Bento) are not available until late in the game. These items are extremely useful and must be your top priority. Sugar Cookie is a good MP recovery item and is also easy to make. Fried Chicken is a great TP recovery item to keep on hand at all times. Can Coffee and Fruit Juice may be found or purchased at a low price while exploring, so they’re not really worth the effort.

Basic Cooking

Ingredients Used: Tomato, Carrot, Pumpkin

Can Coffee () One of each item

Sugar Cookie () Two of each item

Bento (3 of each item)

Advanced Cooking

Ingredients used: Pumpkin, Corn, and Egg Plant

Fruit Juice (One item of each)

Power Bar () Two of each item

Deluxe Bento (3 of each item)

Supreme Cooking

Ingredients used: Wheat, Carrot and Egg Plant

Energy Drink (1 of each item)

Fried Chicken (2 of each item)

Supreme Bento (3 of each item)

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