Terraria How to Make Music Packs Guide

Terraria How  to Make Music Packs Guide 3 - steamsplay.com
Terraria How to Make Music Packs Guide 3 - steamsplay.com

I’m known in my friend group as the Terraria Music Pack Dude. I’m really not, but I’ve made a lot of music packs over the course of a few months and I decided I’d share my knowledge with the world.

Everything You’ll Need

This could be different for everyone since there’s lost of different ways you can use code and download MP3s, but what I use is a simple YouTube MP3 downloader and Notepad++.

Starting the Pack Up

Now that you have everything you’ll need, go to This PC > Documents > My Games > Terraria > ResourcePacks and make a new folder. The name of this folder means absolutely nothing, so go wild. Afterwards, take any image off of the internet, put it into that folder and rename it to Icon. The suffix doesn’t matter — .png, .gif, .jpeg, whatever. Only rule is that it can’t be animated. I think, I don’t know for sure. Afterward, make a folder called Content (The name actually matters here) and put it in the folder you put icon.png in. Afterward, make a new text file in the mod folder (NOT the content folder) and make sure you have File Name Extentions checked (the View column at the top of the files menu), then rename it to pack.json.
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Open it with Notepad++ and input this simple (when it’s really not) bit of code:
“Name”: “Whatever”,
“Description”: “Put anything here”,
“Version”: {
“major”: “1”,
“minor”: “0”
I’ll go step-by-step as to what each line of code does.

  • “Name”: “Whatever” is just what people will see the pack as in-game after they download it. You’d replace “Whatever” with the pack name.
  • “Author”: “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!” is just the name of the dude making the pack. Replace “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!” with your name, obviously.
  • “Description”: “Put anything here” is just a short description of the pack that isn’t really useful at all besides showing up as the default description for the pack in the Workshop.
  • The “major” and “minor” numbers are just what version the pack will show up as, for example if it was “major”: “6” “minor”: “9”, the pack would be version 6.9. Nice.

Quick note: DO NOT forget the commas! In fact, just copy the code from here so you don’t.

Inputting The Music

Once you’re done with the pack.json, you’re done with all the coding bullcrap. You just need to input the music. Go to the Content folder and make a new folder inside the Content folder called Music (HAS to be named Music, spelled that exact way). Go into that folder and take your MP3 file to the Music folder. After that, you wanna rename the file to the Music ID you wanna change, I made a list of every ID that I will put here:

  • Music_1 = Overworld Day
  • Music_2 = Eerie (Blood Moon, meteor, etc.)
  • Music_3 = Night
  • Music_4 = Underground
  • Music_5 = Boss 1
  • Music_6 = Title (Classic)
  • Music_7 = Jungle
  • Music_8 = Corruption
  • Music_9 = The Hallow
  • Music_10 = Underground Corruption
  • Music_11 = Underground Hallow
  • Music_12 = Boss 2
  • Music_13 = Boss 3
  • Music_14 = Snow
  • Music_15 = Space Night
  • Music_16 = Crimson
  • Music_17 = Boss 4
  • Music_18 = Alt Overworld Day
  • Music_19 = Rain
  • Music_20 = Ice
  • Music_21 = Desert
  • Music_22 = Ocean Day
  • Music_23 = Dungeon
  • Music_24 = Plantera
  • Music_25 = Boss 5
  • Music_26 = Temple
  • Music_27 = Eclipse
  • Music_28 = Rain (Ambient)
  • Music_29 = Mushroom
  • Music_30 = Pumpkin Moon
  • Music_31 = Alt Underground
  • Music_32 = Frost Moon
  • Music_33 = Underground Crimson
  • Music_34 = The Towers
  • Music_35 = Pirate Invasion
  • Music_36 = Hell
  • Music_37 = Martian Madness
  • Music_38 = Lunar Boss
  • Music_39 = Goblin Invasion
  • Music_40 = Sandstorm
  • Music_41 = Old One’s Army
  • Music_42 = Space Day
  • Music_43 = Ocean Night
  • Music_44 = Windy Day
  • Music_45 = Wind (Ambience)
  • Music_46 = Town Day
  • Music_47 = Town Night
  • Music_48 = Slime Rain
  • Music_49 = Day Remix
  • Music_50 = Journey’s Beginning w/ Relogic Intro
  • Music_51 = Journey’s Beginning
  • Music_52 = Storm
  • Music_53 = Graveyard
  • Music_54 = Underground Jungle
  • Music_55 = Jungle Night
  • Music_56 = Queen Slime
  • Music_57 = Empress of Light
  • Music_58 = Duke Fishron
  • Music_59 = Morning Rain
  • Music_60 = Alt Title
  • Music_61 = Underground Desert
  • Music_62 = (Otherworldly) Rain
  • Music_63 = (Otherworldly) Day
  • Music_64 = (Otherworldly) Night
  • Music_65 = (Otherworldly) Underground
  • Music_66 = (Otherworldly) Desert
  • Music_67 = (Otherworldly) Ocean
  • Music_68 = (Otherworldly) Mushroom
  • Music_69 = (Otherworldly) Dungeon
  • Music_70 = (Otherworldly) Space
  • Music_71 = (Otherworldly) Underworld
  • Music_72 = (Otherworldly) Snow
  • Music_73 = (Otherworldly) Corruption
  • Music_74 = (Otherworldly) Underground Corruption
  • Music_75 = (Otherworldly) Crimson
  • Music_76 = (Otherworldly) Underground Crimson
  • Music_77 = (Otherworldly) Ice
  • Music_78 = (Otherworldly) Underground Hallow
  • Music_79 = (Otherworldly) Eerie
  • Music_80 = (Otherworldly) Boss 2
  • Music_81 = (Otherworldly) Boss 1
  • Music_82 = (Otherworldly) Invasion
  • Music_83 = (Otherworldly) The Towers
  • Music_84 = (Otherworldly) Lunar Boss
  • Music_85 = (Otherworldly) Plantera
  • Music_86 = (Otherworldly) Jungle
  • Music_87 = (Otherworldly) Wall of Flesh
  • Music_88 = (Otherworldly) Hallow
  • Music_89 = Journey’s End
  • Music_90 = Deerclops

After you rename it, you’re done inputting music! Unless you wanna input more, that is. If you wanna input more, just take the other MP3 files you wanna use, take ’em to the same folder and rename them accordingly. You’ve only got one step left to becoming a professional music pack producer!

Posting It

Once you finish your music pack, open Terraria and click the Workshop button in the main menu. In the Workshop menu, click Publish Resource Packs and choose your resource pack. After that, input an icon for the workshop, add some tags and bam! You’re now famous!

Final Thoughts

I learned this all from a video I can’t find, but thank you to whoever made that! I got my list from a Terraria forum on this, but I thought it was too vague and didn’t cover enough. I decided to go more in-depth into music pack creation specifically.
Until next time, smell ya later!
Declan “the_SpeedyBoy”

Here we come to an end for Terraria How to Make Music Packs Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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