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Terraria All seeds uses in game 1 - steamsplay.com
Terraria All seeds uses in game 1 - steamsplay.com

All seeds and what they do! 🙂


Hi! In this guide I will be introducing most of all the available Terraria seeds. Enjoy!

Regular Seeds

These are all seeds that change your world in some way!
An Early Walk In The Dungeon (Seed: 100865193 | Size: Any | Evils: Any)

  • This seed has the Big Tree burst its roots through the dungeon, allowing you access to it before having to deal with Skeletron.

Some Strange Generations (Seed: 5162020 | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Corruption/Crimson)

  • This world packed with a lot of useful biomes pretty close to spawn. Near the Crimson biome (to the East from spawn) there is also a Dungeon that is buried underneath the ground, with the entrance firmly beneath the overworld. You will need to dig to find the opening to enter the Dungeon itself.

Granite Mini-Biome Near The Surface (Seed: | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Crimson)

  • Allows you to get your hands on Granite, giving you access to a new material to build furniture and other things. These biomes also include Granite Elementals and Granite Golems, which both have a small chance to drop Night Vision Helmets. Travel East from spawn, and you’ll spot a Marble biome on the surface. Digging straight down from this Marble biome will spit you into a Granite biome, giving you access to both materials.

The Ocean Cave of Many Treasures (Seed: 2201514445423333 | Size: Small | World Type: Master | Evil: Corruption)

  • This seed gives you a Rare Ocean Biome to the East, an Enchanted Shrine just at the end of it.

No Way into the Desert (Seed: 04091990 | Size: Small | World Type: Master | Evil: Crimson)

  • Huge desert dungeon. There is a sword shrine just at the cusp of the jungle (in jungle biome). No direct entrance into undeground desert dungeon, you have to dig a little bit.

Pyramid Sandstorm in a Bottle (Seed: 1211831599 | Size: Medium | World Type: Master | Evils: Corruption)

  • In the desert biome there is a giant underground pyramid. After a player has arrived at the Pyramid, all that is left to do is to navigate through its interior until the chest that contains the Sandstorm in a Bottle is discovered.


Weapon Seeds

These are seeds that generate/give easy access to certain weapons!
An Easier Muramasa (Seed: | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Crimson)

  • This seed gives access to a fairly easy-to-find Muramasa. If you head left from the spawn you’ll eventually encounter the dungeon entrance. After defeating Skeletron, you can dive into the dungeon and continue exploring the linear path until they spot a painting of a Skull. From there you will want to head right and through a door until you reach a wall. Digging through this wall will put you in a new area with a Golden Chest below you. The Muramasa is located within this chest.

The Fastest Enchanted Sword (Seed: 1841878846 | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Corruption)

  • You can snag an Enchanted Sword almost instantly. By digging straight down from spawn and looking to the left in a pool of water (as soon as a “cave opens up” from digging downward) you can obtain the blade.

A Perfect Place For Beginners (Seed: 2014307839 | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Crimson)

  • It has a lot of great, easy to get items early on and features two floating islands right by the spawn.

Early Zenith Materials (Seed: iwonthelottery | Size: Small | World Type: Classic | Evil: Crimson)

  • This map has easy access to two of the required swords to craft the Zenith late game. Walk towards the east until you enter the Crimson biome. Just above the start of the area is an island with a Starfury. Walk out the door and dig straight down and you’ll find an Enchanted Sword shrine as well!


Secret Seeds

These are seeds that completely change your map!
Drunk World (Seed: 05162020 | Size: Any | Evil: Corruption/Crimson)

  • Both World Evils are present, and surface Living Trees appear more frequently. The Guide is replaced with the Party Girl, and the dungeon is under a Living Tree painted brown. You can also obtain the Moon Lord Legs in this seed.

Terraria All seeds uses in game - Secret Seeds - 7D278DB
For the Worthy (Seed: for the worthy | Size: Any | Evil: Corruption or Crimson)

  • It dramatically raises the difficulty. Massively increased enemy health and damage, water replaced with lava, and exploding bunnies are just a few of the things that you will encounter in this secret world seed. Mobs are more difficult, however they do drop more coins. Trees can drop bombs. Skyware chests are replaced with Gold Chests but still have the same loot. You also get 50% pickaxe speed. All Demons are replaced with Voodoo Demons.

Terraria All seeds uses in game - Secret Seeds - D1B96DB
Not the Bees (Seed: not the bees | Size: Any | Evil: Corruption or Crimson)

  • Most of the world is replaced with the Jungle biome, with Hive and Honey Blocks found in abundance, and Hornets and Larvae spawn throughout the world. The starting NPC is the Merchant instead of the Guide. He will sell the Furnace as per usual in the Jungle.

Terraria All seeds uses in game - Secret Seeds - 37EBE04
Celebrationmk10 (Seed: celebrationmk10 | Size: Any | Evil: Corruption or Crimson)

  • The player’s spawn point is on the beach of one Ocean. Andrew the Guide, Whitney the Steampunker, Yorai the Princess, a Party Girl, and an Angora Town Bunny will also spawn there and a Party immediately starts. A majority of the world is painted in bright colors. Items in chests always have a “best” modifier such as Menacing or Legendary. Developer items are also increased in chance to spawn. Princess sells Slime staff and Discount Card. Two unique enemies: Jungle Mimic and Golden Slime.

Terraria All seeds uses in game - Secret Seeds - 6FEB27C







The Constant (Seed: ​theconstant​ | Size: Any | Evil: Corruption or Crimson)

  • This seed is based off of the game Don’t Starve. It introduces hunger and darkness mechanics that make the early game especially challenging. Marble biomes with statues and Spider Caves will generate on the surface, and cacti will damage the player. The entire game uses a dark shader that gives the game a gloomier look. Items exclusive to the Don’t Starve Crossover content are more likely to drop. Low light can also kill your player.

Terraria All seeds uses in game - Secret Seeds - D320FFB


Thanks for reading this guide. I’m sure there might be more seeds out there since there are so many. I have not included some due to their insignificance. Other than that I would appreciate any support like an award! Have fun! 🙂

Written by akutle

Hope you enjoy the post for Terraria All seeds uses in game, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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