Tales of Arise Complete List of Skits in Game

Tales of Arise Complete List of Skits in Game 1 - steamsplay.com
Tales of Arise Complete List of Skits in Game 1 - steamsplay.com

A complete list of skits broken up into segments of thirteen, for ease of comparison against the Reminisce menu.

The List

A Man with Nothing to His Name
The Unflinching Iron Mask
The Masked Slave
Seeking Power
Iron Mask’s Missing Core
Zephyr’s Teachings
Renan Technology
Like Water and Oil
Fagan Ruins
One Small Step for Dahna
At Thorn’s Length
The Fire Lord
Unquenchable Flames
The Explosive Healer
A Humbling Blade
Dahna and Rena
The Girl from the Outside
Shionne the Sharpshooter
Birth of a Hero
Why We Fight – Zephyr
Ending the Cycle
Zephyr’s Ring
Ulvhan Grotto
What Lies Beyond Liberation
Temperature Control
Sneaky Rinwell
The Different Dahnan Realms
Ties That Bind
Rinwell’s Ace
After the Tragedy
Constant Surveillance
The Silver Sworsd
Underground Passage
Magic Theif
Zephyr’s Death
Societal Submission
The Light Lord
Shield Buster
The Dahnan Black Armor
Old Baggage
Safar Sea Cave
Between Men
Whatever It Takes
Cyslodia’s Past and Future
Stowaway Law
Inheriting Knowledge
Forever on Offense
A Tranquil City
A Strange Society
The Earth Lord
Elde Menancia, the Earth Realm
Dahnan Fealty
Lord Dohalim
An Infamous Alias
Dohalim’s True Intentions
The Black Cat’s Master
Underground Forest
Migal the Older Brother
Kisara and Migal
Migal’s Bracelet
Kisara’s Shield
Remnants from Hell
A Guardsman’s Pride
Kelzalik the Turncoat
An Invisible Zeugle
Kisara’s Disappearance
Kelzalik’s Motives
New Working Relationship
Floral Binds
The Ones Left Waiting
Branching Paths
Kisara the Protector
Coreless Party
After the Attack
Dohalim the Evasive
The Dark Wings
Niez, a City in Ruin
Dedyme the Dictator
Music to a Lord’s Ears
Rock Formation
Strategy Meeting
The Earth Master Core
Differences Among Rebels
Valley of the Four Winds
Forest Ruins
Este Luvah Fortress Ruins
Almeidrea’s Hideout
Dahnan Rule
Pursuing Almeidrea
Rinwell’s Vendetta
A Father’s Thoughts
The Good and the Bad
Daunting Walls
Almeidrea’s Floating Castle
Behind the Mask
The Wind Lord
The Reward for Pain
That Which Has Returned
A 300 Year-Old Mystery
The Right to Fight
Following in their Footsteps
An Imposed Fate
Mahavar Gone Missing
Beyond Vengeance
Thistlym the Hidden Village
Hiking Through the Jungle
The True Thread
A Centuries Long Slumber
Rinwell Growing Up
Treacherous Waterfall
Overcoming an Ordeal
Vholran’s Domain
Shionne’s Well Being
The Bizarre Pelegion
Death March
Fear and Loyalty
Gruesome Memories
The Blazing Sword Revitalized
Del Fharis
Lord Vholran
Lords and Sovereigns
The Water Lord
Shionne’s Problems
Missed Connection
Enduring Mysteries
Veering Off Script
Hatred versus Anger
Missing Renan Soldiers
What Can Be Done
Crossing Paths
New Activity
Lenegis’ Retaliation
Lurking Unease
Vholran’s Worshippers
The Red Women and the LIghts
A Helping Hand
Finding a Ship
Enveloped in Astral Energy
Dahna’s “Voice”
A Newfound Sensation
Silent Treatment
Liberated Calaglia
Three to Go
No Time to Lose
As Frends
As Special Kind of Obvious
Mysterious Fragment
The Flying Ship
Where the Past Slumbers
Lenegis’ Society
Landing on Lenegis
A Quiet Dohalim
A City Torn Asunder
An Afterthought
Sovereign Rule
Lenegis’ Citizenry
Absentee Sovereign
Sensing the “Enemy”
The Past Reborn
The Forbidden Zone
The Duty of the Living
Fahria the Pawn
Seeing Visions
Toying with Lives
A Strange Manor
The Woman with No Walls
The Red Women
One’s Own Master
Wiping the Slate
The Twin Worlds Laid Bare
Keeping Calm
Lightening the Mood
Awakening to the Truth
The Chains of Ruling
Finding One’s Footing
Why We Fight – Law
Bridging the Gap with Magic
Beyond the Paradigms
Hopes and Desires
Lenegis Today
An Alternate Plan
Rena, a World of Death
The Challenge of a Lifetime
The Helganquil’s Legacy
A Ruler Without a Will
Free Will
Onward to the Center
End of the Road
Rena’s Biology
With Age Comes Wisdom
Finding the Renas Alma
Ceaseless Hunger
Meetings and Reunions
A Bite to Eat
Divergent Tastes
Pancake Craving
The Great Pancake Contest
A Little Dialogue
Lords Are People Too
Enlightening Bond
Working as One
Shionne’s Doll
Alphen’s Doll
Crossing Centuries
Intertwining Hearts
Feathered Family
One Big, happy Family
The Mage Clan
Hedging Their Bets
An Honest Mage
Mutual Hunter
Beating around the Bush
Renan Values
The Quest for Strength
Remembering Zephyr
Zephyr’s Courtship
Making a Move
Role Model
Broach with Caution
Diverging Paths
Pushing Dohalim Forward
The Things That Really matter
A Modest Dream
Unwanted Burdens
A Product of Her Environment
A Curious Fellow
Music from the Heart
Drink ’til You Drop
Blending In
Magic Practice
Dahnan and Renan Magic
An Innocent Brush
Weight Training
The Fruits of Dahnan Labor
Cats and Owls
Fishy Insight
An Ominous Catch
Catch and Release
An Avian Fishmonger
The Weight of Law’s Words
Thinning the Herd
A Mountain of Treasure
A Journey Chronicled
The Wide World of Dahna
Too Much of a Good Thing
Alphen’s Culinary Masterpiece
Shionne’s Bottomless Stomach
When Life Gives You Fondue…
A Lesson in Manners
Law’s Brain Freese
The Parfait Dreams Are Made Of
Onion Barrage
Daily Dose of Greens
Spicy Sashimi
Old Habits Die Hard
A Big Catch
The Stew from Hell
No Animal Off Limits
Missed Signals
Counting the Party’s Gald
Kisara’s Regimen
Raising Dohalim
The Perfect Brother
Dahnan Swordsmanship
Rinwell’s Muttering
Coming to Terms
Salty Mood
The Greatest Ingredient
Constant Vigilance
Stolen Thunder
An Endearing Owl
The Seasick Fisherwoman
Hootle’s Plumage
Zephyr’s Grave
Stupidly Strong
The Party’s Unity Tested
Revealing Cooking
The Injured Immortal
The Joys of Eating
Zealous Taste Testing
Out of Reach
The Art of Conversation
Leaving the Nest
Alphen in His Prime
Queen Shionne
Rinwell’s Crushing Victory
Law’s Win Questioned
The Untamed Guard Captain
Dohalim’s Nitpick
A Subdued Celebration
Memories of Calaglia
Stormy Weather
A Wise Dolt
Mountains out of Molehills
A Creepy-Crawly Tangent
A Passing Resemblance
Keeping Up with the Helganquil
Retirement Plants
Bridging the Divides
Affection in its Many Forms
Growing Up
The Real Dohalim
Taking the Road Less Traveled
Living History
Like Dohalim
A Messy Breakthrough
A Distant Promise
The Last of the Relics
Owl Spotter
Owl Scouter
Owl Herder

Written by MARS

Here we come to an end for Tales of Arise Complete List of Skits in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. These two skits need to switched around each other, they aren’t in the correct order compared to the game.

    A Lesson in Manners

    Law’s Brain Freese

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