Stray All 27 memories locations – Achievement Guide

Stray All 27 memories locations – Achievement Guide 2 -
Stray All 27 memories locations – Achievement Guide 2 -

all 27 memories in Stray for the ´´ I Remember Achivement´´
Memory:1-Story related during chapter 3.
Memory:2-Chapter 4 Slums, on the roof above the Guard.
Memory:3-Chapter 4 Slums, trade for 3 energy Drinks.
Memory:4-Chapter 4 Slums, top floor of the bar.
Memory:5-Chapter 4 Slums, inside Momo´s apartment.
Memory:6-Chapter 4 Slums, in the alley near the start.
Memory:7-Chapter 4 Slums, jump up in the alley to the left of the guardian.
Memory:8-Chapter 4 Slums,top floor of Elliot´s house.
Memory:9-Chapter 5 Rooftops, after the 2nd Zurk area jump up straight ahead.
Memory:10-Chapter 5 Rooftops,on the 2nd floor of the construction area.
Memory:11-Chapter 5 Rooftops,story related can´t be missed.
Memory:12-Chapter 7 Dead End, very close to the start take the first left.
Memory:13-Chapter 7 Dead End,after the Zurk chase jump up on the truck go strait ahead.
Memory:14-Chapter 7 Dead End,as soon as you meet Doc look right.
Memory:15-Chapter 8 The Sewers,after Momo holds the door for you take the tunel on the left.
Memory:16-Chapter 8 The Sewers,just after the area with eyes on the wall go left.
Memory:17-Chapter 9 Antvillage, Story can´t be missed.
Memory:18-Chapter 9 Antvillage,go up and speak with Zabaltazar then come back down to here.
Memory:19-Chapter 10 Midtown, Story related can´t be missed.
Memory:20-Chapter 10 Midtown,at the top of the first escalators.
Memory:21-Chapter 10 Midtown, take the first alley to the right and jump up.
Memory:22-Chapter 10 Midtown,jump inside the window just before the hologram area.
Memory:23-Chapter 10 Midtown,inside the roof of the restaurant.
Memory:24-Chapter 10 Midtown,this can be only be done after finishing the factory area.
Memory:25-Chapter 10 Midtown,insite t he Club after you find the clues in Clementine´s house.
Memory:26-Chapter 11 Jail,after saving B-12 and going outside the drone in the cell.
Memory:27-Capter 12 Control Room,story related can´t be missed.


Here we come to an end for Stray All 27 memories locations – Achievement Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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