Squad Complete Guide to IED Bikes & Vehicles + Gameplay

Squad Complete Guide to IED Bikes & Vehicles + Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com
Squad Complete Guide to IED Bikes & Vehicles + Gameplay 1 - steamsplay.com

IED Bikes are an extremely useful tool available to the irregular forces, but many don’t know how to use them. The deployment of this lethal asset is often done without proper thought on how to use the assets in co-ordination with the rest of the team.


IED Bikes are a lethal asset for any irregular force in Squad. They are able to destroy anyone and anything when used correctly. However, only irregular forces (Only Insurgents & Irregular Militia) are able to do this tactic as they hare the only forces to have Sappers. Sappers have the ability to stick their (kit exclusive) IED’s to anything. This is where the art (yes I said art) of IED Bikes come into play. The act of sticking IED’s to bikes is already commonplace among irregular forces in Squad. IED bikes are best used to take down enemy vehicles. However, the use of such tactics is often done relatively inefficiently. As a result, a force may be using such tactics to a lesser degree of effectiveness.
Squad Complete Guide to IED Bikes & Vehicles + Gameplay - Introduction - 1740BE4
Squad Complete Guide to IED Bikes & Vehicles + Gameplay - Introduction - 7BE6025

The Requirements

Necessary Requirements

  • 1 Sapper
  • 1-4 ‘Volunteers’
  • Good communication between the Sapper and the ‘Volunteers’
  • A temporary base of operations

Note: One of the ‘volounteers’ must involve an SL (Squad Leader)/Commander to enable extra-squad communiction. As well as that, many servers require 1 SL per squad
Unnecessary Requirements

  • Good communication and co-ordination between you and other squads
  • Consent of other squads to use vehicles that are not motorcycles


Bases, Tactics & Uses

IED Equipping Base
The most effective method to arm the bikes is via a temporary base about 800-1400m away from the front line. It should be temporary to allow adjustment to enemy attacks and the changing front line. An base must be in a hard to reach and remote location, preferably by a couple low profile buildings. This is to allow a sapper to shelter from prying enemy eyes or fire; either direct or indirect.
A ‘Volunteer’ will be acquire a bike (by any means necessary) and drive to the temporary base. The Sapper will stick, and dig down, an IED onto a bike. The bike will locate a target with information provided from other squads whilst the Sapper hides in a building with his phone equipped. Once the bike has visual identification of an enemy vehicle it should make a path to it, taking cover and avoiding the guns whilst doing so. Once the bike is 2-3 seconds out it will alert the sapper to detonate the IED. Once the bike has reached it’s target, there will be a grace period of 1-6 seconds (depending on the Sapper’s time of detonation) till the IED blows up, destroying or demobilising anything in it’s path. When all motorbikes (or other vehicles intended for such use) are used up, it is best to dissolve into a normal squad
An IED can be equipped to anything. The best options are:

  • Motorcycles
  • Drones (Must be used with the Commander). This allows for extra mobility and use but comes with an added risk factor as it’s much slower
  • ‘Techies’ or any other fast vehicle

An IED Armed Vehicle is best used against:

  • Armoured Vehicles (preferably in conjunction with HAT’s & LAT’s
  • Unarmoured Vehicles
  • HAB’s/FOB’s
  • Soldiers

Essentially an IED can be used on anything and against anything.


In conclusion, IED equipped vehicles can be a forces most powerful asset, able to destroy entire squads with the press of a button. However, it is something that requires good communication and basic co-ordination. It is relatively easy to use, low cost and highly deadly.

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