Slime Rancher Basic Ranch Guide

Slime Rancher Basic Ranch Guide 1 -
Slime Rancher Basic Ranch Guide 1 -

In this guide, we will take a look at the ranch and see how we can automate it with easy watering routes and more!

Part 0: Analysing the ranch

Necessary ranch things


  • Every type of slime is needed.
  • A warp hub, to reach extractors in all areas.
  • Drones for automation.
  • A route to water each of said drones easily.
  • At least four coops.
  • [Optional] At least one silo.
  • [Optional] No largos, for trading purposes.
  • [Optional] Each slime’s favorite food.
  • [Optional] Party slimes!

Expansion analysation


  • The Docks and Mochi’s Manor have free ponds, so puddle slimes should go there.
  • The Overgroth has free meat, so tangle slimes can eat freely there.
  • Ogden’s Retreat and the Overgrowth have free crops.
  • The space just outside the ranch is the best place for a warp hub.

Ranch plot stats


  • Main Ranch: 8 Plots
  • The Grotto: 5 Plots
  • The Overgrowth: 4 Plots + Hen Hen + Pogofruit + Carrots
  • The Docks: 4 Plots + Pond
  • The Lab: 5 Plots
  • Ogden’s Retreat: 6 Plots + Pogofruit + Carrots
  • Mochi’s Manor: 5 Plots + Pond
  • Victor’s Workshop: 4 Plots


Part 1: Coops, Fire, Tangle, and Saber.


Each expansion can hold two drones.
Advanced drones can hold up to two tasks, Task 1 being prioritized.
Drones should generally all be the same, unless specified.

  • 1, Feed slimes; 2, Sell plorts
  • 1, Refine plorts; 2, Sell plorts

Tangle and Saber slimes


  • As stated before, tangle slimes can eat freely in The Overgrowth, so they should be there.
  • Saber slimes must be in largo form, but we want to keep pure slimes for trading!
  • We can make a separate corral for Tangle-Saber largos so that they can also eat freely.
  • Make sure that the Tangles and Tangle-Sabers are located when Hen Hens roam to often.

Fire slimes and Coops

Ogden’s Retreat is great for coops, as it can also keep an extra slime or two.

  • Coops should hold: Roostros; Stony Hens; Briar Hens; Painted Hens.
  • Put two incinerators for the other plots.
  • The fire slimes can eat the ashes of naturally generating fruits and veggies.

Ogden’s retreat drone settings:

  • 1, Burn veggies; 2, Burn Fruits
  • 1, Refine plorts; 2, Sell plorts


Written by LittleNinja

Here we come to an end for Slime Rancher Basic Ranch Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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