Shadow Man Remastered The Horror Achievements + Save File

Shadow Man Remastered The Horror Achievements + Save File 1 -
Shadow Man Remastered The Horror Achievements + Save File 1 -


Hi all!
So, recently there has been a pretty big update for our beloved game. (21.06.2022)
You can read in full detail what is new here: – [] 
Here are some of the changes on this difficutly:
-More enemies and deadly obstacles have been added in all levels.
-Shadow man receives twice the damage.
-Shadow man resurrects with less health until night has fallen.
-The Shadow gun deals less damage and no longer leaves Lifeforce drops after killing enemies.
-You are limited to saving your game only once per level. You can save again when entering a level, activating a Teddy Bear warp point for the first time, or your shadow level increases.
-Almost all enemies now have at least one extra attack or action.
-Enemies no longer recoil, and are stronger, faster, better.
For now, we will focus on the new difficulty that has been added: The Horror! And the horror indeed it is… of how badly optimized it is! I’ve just completed it, so I’ll share some tips and my thoughts:
1. Don’t start this difficulty if you’ve never played this game! At least play it once on normal, because the game has no map, no any indicators or signs, to show you where to go (even though this update has added few hints that kinda tells you when you can get upgrades, when to talk, when you can open coffins etc) but still, it won’t help you much if you don’t have a clue about this game.
Don’t make mistake like I did early in the game where I was super focused to get L’Eclipser as soon as possible (you can get it at level 7 minimum), but don’t do that! Why?
So, this difficulty allows to save only ONCE per level, so when you teleport to a level, you can save, but if you die, you will be resurrected back to the Teddy Bear location point of the level. Don’t worry, if you killed enemies up until the point you died, when you resurrect, they will be dead, so you can backtrack easily. So keep your 1 save only for the hard sections of level or before boss fight. Each time you teleport to a level, your save chance resets, but the downside is all the enemies and items respawn, so you can’t abuse the teleport system. So what does this all have to do with L’Eclipser? Well, if you create it, as you know, shadow will come to the life world, Nettie will fall asleep and you can kill bosses. But there’s a twist. If you die in a level, it’s game over! You get bad ending cinematic and back to main menu. So now you really have only 1 save per level, you can’t just die over and over and grind every enemy like before (you can of course still load that 1 save if you use it anywhere in level). This changes the game so much it almost made me quit it, but I managed to find other trick to make my life a little easier.
3. Always have your Shadow Gun charged. Always. No matter what, you can be running and something around the corner will pop out. Every little bit counts.
4. As you progress with your Dark Souls levels, there will be more and more enemies added on most levels and they seem to scale (takes longer to kill). Try to skip them as much as you can, the levels where you backtrack for example, you can jump around and skip them mostly.
5. Try to obtain new weapon Tete De Mort as soon as possible. It’s located in Asylum: Experimentation Rooms. It’s so OP! I got it early and ignored it, because meh. Then after a while playing, and reading some comments, few folks mentioned how the new weapon is OP. I gave it a try and it’s insane how good it is. It barely uses ammo + it shoots homing missiles (just like Trueform does) and it hits hard. When comboed, you can melt most of the enemies pretty fast.
5a. At start my left hand weapon was Shadow Gun and right hand was Asson, as soon as you get Tete De Mort, use that instead of Asson. 90% of the game I used SG and Tete De Mort, only on serial killers I would use MP909 and Violator, they sometimes stuck boss because of constant firing lol
6. Beware that sometimes enemies can hit you through doors, when you are near them and they are on the other side (especially sisters).
7. Always keep moving when fighting enemies, especially strafe jumping, you even get some speed if you chain the jumps. Don’t ever backpedal.
8. Don’t get over confident with enemies when you get your upgrades and weapons, always take your time, if there are 2 of them it’s ok to be aggressive, but if there are more of them, be defensive and go 1 by 1, for example surgeons, oh God, they’re the worst..
9. So I talked about the L’Eclipser, but eventually you will need to activate it. So how do you play the game after that? Well, what I did was this: the first serial killer I went for was Victor (prison). That was before I made L’Eclipser. On that level Teddy Bear teleport is right in front of boss. So after I got L’Eclipser and defeated him, I noticed lots of barrels around with health and ammo pickups. So, what I did was this: I will focus on my objective which I’m doing atm, do some progress there, and immediately use teleport for prison. All resources there are always respawned and your save charge is reset, so you can stack up on everything there, save, use teleport again, rinse and repeat. You’ll have ammo there for human weapons, Violator, flame weapons and lots of health. First location I used for this was church, then later prison, then after mixed up prison or Temple of Prophecy, but prison is the best honestly. Video example – [] 
You will get familiar with each levels pretty well, because of how much you will die and backtrack. You will be aware then when to use your single save.
10. Here’s a life saver tip I did: When you need to gather all 5 Retractors, only 1 of them has mandatory boss fight. This is added in latest patch, the Seraph Queen, in the Asylum: Experimentation Rooms. For this one, good ♥♥♥**** luck. I lost my sanity of how many tries I did.
Rest of them tho don’t, instead they will have random mobs + Seraph variety of the boss before, and what I did was I would save before it and just strafe jump to the Retractor, TRY to avoid enemies and damage, and as soon as you touch Retractor, bag will open, use Teddy Bear, teleport to other restock zone (church, prison etc) and save immediately. You got your Retractor without wasting your life and nerves. It may take few attempts to get the Retractor, because that Seraph can either start cast lightning, which based on RNG can either melt you or totally miss you, or he can spawn next to your a*s, block your movement and he will backstab you in a split second and melt you. But I mostly had no issues and did in 2-3 attempts. It’s really not worth it to try and kill them all, because there will be mix of snipers and Seraph, and that’s a 99% chance of dying.
11. Try to make backup saves in multiple slots every now and then, just in case something happens that will kill your progress or you put yourself in impossible situation. Game is really not that terrible before L’Eclipser, it’s just a matter of being persistent and willing to die over and over and continue on. It’s after L’Eclipser that it gets really hard, because you only have 1 save per level and if you die, it’s game over.
I think that’s mostly it. Just be patient, it will be really hard, at some parts it may seem impossible. It made me almost quit, but I carried on and completed the game, without any tips and tricks for this difficulty, because well it just came out.

My Thoughts

Phew, it was a challenge, to say the least, but unfortunately, one of those “lets just pump up everything in numbers to make it artificially difficult”. It was not so bad at first, but once you get to Asylum, things start to get bad. Enemies shot faster, they have longer range, they can even sometimes kill you through walls (if you are close to them from the other side of the wall), they even sometimes start shooting even before you came into room.
But ok, I can get used to all that, I mean gameplay was mostly… Die-respawn-makesomeprogress-die-respawn. Rinse and repeat. But after L’eclipse, game changes drastically and you need to be super aware and focused, no more bs’ing around. It almost broke me, but I went on.
Gonna give few short sentences on the bosses:
1. Yort – Meh, not so bad but still tricky because of how undergeared you are.
2. Seraph Queen – Absolutely terrible boss. So boss has lightning strike that if you are in the open, 99% chance CAN’T be avoided and it can almost one shot you. It disappears constantly and can spawn on your back and knife you to death. If near you, it explodes and does AOE damage, it can call lightning storm upon you, has a chance to hit you few times. I can accept all that. What I can’t accept is the ridiculous amount of HP it has. I ran out of ammo constantly, I would die, BACKTRACK to it, restock with ammo on the way, and I did that like 3-4 times until I killed it. Te-rri-ble!
3. Milton Pike – Not too bad, because you have big arena and you can keep range, but the helicopter is super annoying and you need to jump around all the time. Kinda spongy, but not even close as the Queen. He has barely any abilities so that’s good. TIP: Ignore chopper and just focus on him, chopper won’t die when you kill him, so collect your soul and fragment and GTFO!
4. Avery Marx – Easy, it’s actually great that before all of the serial killers, there are barely any enemies, so you can do the whole level in single run and before boss you save. Avery is easy, just jump around and melt him with SMG and Violator.
5. Marco Cruz – Now this one was the worst!!! Why you ask? Take a guess… really, you’ll never get it why. GAZILLION HP! I mean what the hell?! I thought he bugged for a moment, so I restarted the level, but no. Boss has single mechanic: run around and shot, and sometimes he will shot few bullets that bounce around. But man, it took me 600 rounds of Violator, 250 rounds of SMG, at least 2-3 bars of Tete De Mort, spamming Shadow Gun AND finally he died. I was shocked honestly, I hope it gets fixed soon. Cancer
6. Jack the Ripper – Super easy, got it first try. Pretty simple, no need to explain.
7. Victor – Oh boy, boss is really easy, but the hardest part is getting to it… Enjoy the ride.
8. Legion – Surprisingly easy, first phase he goes down super fast, second phase just strafe jump and shot. It takes some time, you will run out of ammo but it will go down eventually, not even close as Marco tho lol
Oh right, the Trueforms… So, they are faster than you, they shoots homing missiles, they can blast random beam out of their a*s and almost one shot you, if they get near you, they claw you to death in an instant or do AOE damage with shatter… Yeah they suck so hard it’s not even funny. How I killed them? Aggro them and run back where you came from, they will be stuck on the door to follow you, but can’t go through, occasionally opening doors and revealing themselves. Try to peek out of cover, shot them, cover back. Rinse and repeat. Beware if you get out of cover too much, they can attack you. Literally how I did it, it’s that stupid. It may take some time, but better safe than sorry, especially when there are 2 of them at the same time. Here’s a video example, even though this is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ example because for some reason doors didn’t open here when he was near, while every other did. Still managed to kill him though lol – [] 
That’s all for now, it was really tough, but not in a good, satisfying way. Glad it’s finally over.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Save file

If you really don’t want to shorten your lifespan and want to avoid all the stress, negativity, swearing, back pain from long sittings etc. ignore everything above I said and just use this save file!
You will be right before the last boss, Legion. Fight is pretty simple, strafe jump all the time and just shot. Here’s video of me doing it, it was a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ attempt with mistakes and I still got it. – [] 
Here’s a save file: – [] 
Put the save file here: %USERPROFILE% \Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Shadowman EX\saves
Let me know if the file works!

Written by CorpseGrind.

This is all for Shadow Man Remastered The Horror Achievements + Save File hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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