Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay 6 -
Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay 6 -

Guide for Military and advanced tips.


As mentioned previously you will likely reduce your military in the beginning. You can disband expensive, crappy units such as the Foederati or send them to death on the frontline. The first step is important beause you start out fighting with several factions that can be taken out very quickly before they can explode out of control. These factions are your first points of entry.

  • Alemanni
  • Berbers
  • Celts
  • Sarmatians

Don’t bother with the Berbers Their army roster is abysmal, and you’ll need to be extremely competent to lose Carthage to them. The Sarmatians will sign a peace treaty at the start of the campaign (and sometimes, they will even pay you for it); therefore, you should send a diplomat there immediately. This leaves only the Celts and the Alemanni.

The good aspect about these guys is: they’re not able to turn into one! If you choose to take their final settlement, even if they have family members on the map, the faction dies anyway! The Alemanni have only one settlement, and you begin with many troops close by, so they can be killed in 3 turns. Move the army that you start out with, standing nearby their capital to get the job done. You can expand the legion ranks with troops from Augusta Vindelicorum if necessary.

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay - Military - E33976E

The legion that will be taking on Vicus Alemanni. A few units from Augusta Vindelicorum have been added.

The situation is the same for the Celts. You can take Dal Raida within 3 turns. There’s only Tara left. There’s a fleet in Gaul that cannot be disbanded immediately and you can make use of that to quickly hop your army across to Hibernia and end the Celts. Then, you can move the legion from Britannia to battle for other important regions.

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay - Military - DE97170

The legion will be taking Tara and Dal Raida. Some units from Londinium were moved to Eburacum so that all units of the legion could leave the city.

Be aware: There’s a 99.9% chance that the Celtic diplomat in Hadrian’s Wall will offer to bribe Eburacum for the end-turn in the event that your General leaves! This is a hassle, but it’s better to fight the Celts and take down the group rather than have the general and the majority of the legion wasting their time (and your money) sitting in Eburacum because of this one diplomat. If you are bribed, take Dal Raida and then double back to retake Eburacum. The Celts will not have the time to strengthen the city fast enough and it’ll also give time for your fleet to arrive from Gaul to transport your legion to Tara.

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay - Military - E87FDF5

It has been 3 turns and the Alemanni are dead. Turn 1: Assemble the legion and move it. Turn 2: Set up a siege and construct rams. Turn 3: Attack the city and kill it.

The formation of early legions

As I mentioned earlier, you can quickly get some units together to take on Alemanni and the Celts. At the beginning of the campaign, this is vital, since the majority of your cities aren’t sufficient to allow you to train your most effective (or even the most basic) units. Even if they were, your economy wouldn’t allow it, meaning that for the majority of the beginning of the campaign, you will need to Use what you have! It is therefore important to build garrisons for cities that are populated by peasants. Any unit that is greater than peasants in any way is valuable and is used 10 times more efficiently when in the frontline fighting wars than when it is sitting in a random settlement, spending a lot of denarii every single day for upkeep. Look carefully where troops can be pulled from and then assemble some legions to fight the wars!

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay - Military - 700D28B

A legion made up of troops from Italy. Many towns, including Syracuse, have large garrisons that can easily be relocated to other locations. Find these troop concentrations and make them move to the front!

Troop quality

While building your economy you can also gradually build up higher-quality soldiers. As mentioned earlier, Foederati suck! They are expensive as all hell and aren’t performing at all! While the Western Empie has some great units, they are costly and require sophisticated barracks/tables. In my opinion, the top units of the Western Empire you should be aiming for are:

  • Auxilia Palatina
  • Carriage Ballistae
  • Comitatenses
  • Comitatenses First Cohort
  • Equities Sagitarii
  • Sarmatian Auxilia

This is where it’s at!

Advanced tips

Although most cities in the empire are in poor condition, this is not the case for certain barbarian settlements along the border. By using the methods that we have discussed above, you can obtain not just a little additional territory, but some cities in which you can (re)train Comitatenses and Sarmatian Auxilia which are right at the border, where they are needed the most!

Rome: Total War Military Advanced Tips and Gameplay - Military - FFFABE2

A legion of Comitatenses under the direction of a good general will keep the empire’s borders in check for a few years.

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