Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide

Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide 4 -
Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide 4 -

Basic information for the campaign mode.

Public Order

This is the most crucial aspect to consider at the beginning of the campaign. It doesn’t matter how big your settlement is, if it always rebels. Spend the money you do have on public order structures. Do not be afraid to drop taxes. A settlement should earn a little less than no settlement at all.

Some settlements will experience riots right from the beginning. Although some can be prevented it will cost a lot more. These settlements are

  • Avaricum
  • Lepcis Maga
  • Nova Carthago
  • Salona

All other cities can stop rioting easily by dropping taxes and, in some instances (like Mediolanium), also by holding the games.

It is possible to salvage Nova Carthago/Salona after just one round of rioting. However, it all depends on luck. If you want to save them, then you will need a garrison. It is important to keep your fingers crossed the rioters don’t damage these settlements’ arenas. If the arena becomes damaged by rioting, it’s too late! The city will revolt.

Dealing in cities that WILL revolt

Avaricum & Lepcis Magna are lost cases, and Nova Carthago & Salona can with a little bit of luck join this group. It is good to know that these settlements will be revolting because there isn’t much you can do. If you know there will be a rebellion, you can prepare well for it to ensure its minimal impact. Once it does, it will be under your control within no time.

Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide - Public Order - A5591A7

Public order in Avaricum before the campaign began. A revolt here is impossible to prevent, even with peasants working in the que.

To prepare for an impending revolution, you must identify the troubled cities (listed below) and do the following. You will need to remove all troops from these areas, increase taxes and demolish any military buildings. The riots are accelerated by imposing very high tariffs. It also makes it difficult for the city to make money before it revolts. Destroying the military buildings will give you a little extra cash, but more importantly, it will allow you to retake it with ease once it has resisted.

Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide - Public Order - 0770920

After preparations are made for the revolt, Avaricum is now open. Taxes have risen to an alarming level, the garrison stands nearby and the military buildings were demolished.

The Western Roman Rebels will receive a randomly generated army in the event of a revolt. Peasants will be their only access, as they have destroyed all military buildings before the revolt. Apart from the leader of revolt, the only unit you will have access to is a family member. These battles can even be resolved by the large garrisons that Nova Carthago and Avaricum have. It’s easy to get the city back.

Rome: Total War Public Order Campaign Guide - Public Order - 75693C0

Avaricum after the ‘controlled revolution’. Only peasants could deal with it.

Take back the cities and exterminate all the residents. You will get more money and the public order is guaranteed to be in control for the near future. The garrison can then be moved away to fight the battles (especially Avaricum, where there are many Comitatenses).

Advanced tips

To prepare for the next, it might be a good idea detoy the temples in these places when you’re destroying military building. If you want Christianity, it will remove a building that promotes it. However, it can also benefit you if Paganism is desired. There are temples to Mithras found in these cities. Sol Invictus temples have more law, which is good for public order and less corruption. If the settlement rebels, it is best to use this time period to get rid the temple and rebuild it as Sol Invictus. (Or build a Christian church if you choose to follow Christianity). Because there are only a few people left, you can either convert them to Christianity or switch to Sol Invictus.

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