RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide

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RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
You thought style was cosmetic? Preposterous! This is Rimworld, EVERYTHING can be min maxxed! Mwaahahhahhaaa!!!

Also, a little bit on Rituals.



Warning: Humor ahead. I’ve done my best to avoid offense. 
Warning: Unnecessarily gratuitous minmaxxing ahead. 
Warning: Possible balance patches could render this entire guide outdated at any time. 
Warning: Many aspects of Ideology are poorly documented and not yet fully understood. 

This Only Affects Symbols – It Does Not Affect Gameplay

Structural symbols are indeed cosmetic. They don’t impact gameplay. JK, of course not. This is rimworld, EVERYTHING can be min maxxed! 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 
Four of the ideological symbols come with a ritual. This benefit is minuscule. All of these rituals are nearly identical to eachother, are inferior in most respects to the rituals that are already unlocked by default, and can all be unlocked with memes later. 
This does not change the fact that objectively speaking, there is no difference between <REDACTED FOR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS> and furries. 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 


RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide - Styles 
Click on image to enlarge. 
Note that all “wood” floors added have the same stats as stone, including 0% flammability. The Morbid carpet is just as flammable as regular carpet. The stats of floors are otherwise identical to vanilla fine flooring, including the 20 resource cost, 3 beauty (4 for carpet), with the only addition being a Style Dominance of 1. 
All 3×3 and 4×4 floor decoration items have 0% flammability, even the carpets. 
The 3×3 costs 100 resource, adds 30 Style Dominance, and 15 beauty. 
The 4×4 costs 150 resource, adds 40 Style Dominance, and 30 beauty. 
Like Grand Sculptures, they only add beauty to a single tile closest to a pawn. The beauty bonus of floors, floor decoration, and statues can all stack on the same tile. 
Being near objects with style make pawns happy (+2) and not being around them is annoying (-1). Therefore, the more items you can plaster your style onto, the easier life will be. 
Note that style is a separate and unrelated choice to your Symbol. Even if you select a Christian symbol, for example, you can right click on the Christian Style to remove it or swap it out for a different style. 
There are three S tier styles. Each offers something no other style does. 
Spike is the only style to improve Dusters, and is the only way to add style to metal floors. 
Techist is the only style to improve Plant Pots, Shelves, and Autodoors. 
Totemic is the only style to improve Dining Chairs. Improving wooden floors is a nice bonus. It also improves Power Armor, Slabs (beds for ascetics), and Statues, making it arguably the best of the three S Tier styles. 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 
Morbid is a barely acceptable alternative to Totemic… if you don’t mind highly flammable floors and missing out on Dining Chairs, that is. 
Animalistic is worse than Morbid, as it can’t improve Columns, tables, or light sources. They have a niche role in no-research tribal playthroughs due to improving the War Mask. 
Rustic is just plain bad. It’s only draw is highly flammable rugs of awkward dimensions. 
NOTE: You can right click on any Style to remove it or swap it out with a different style. Your choice of Structural Symbol does not restrict your Style choice in any way. 

Rituals 101

RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide - Rituals 101 
I recommend removing the Funeral ritual with the right click menu. It gives a lousy mood buff, no special benefits, and can only be performed if you have a freshly dead colonist AND a grave. 
(ToDo: Do funerals have no cooldown timer? Can they stack? If so, they might be viable under special circumstances. Bypassing the “unburied colonist” and “colonist died” debuffs would require some creative problem solving. More research needed.) 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 
There are two kinds of rituals: “Any Time” rituals and “Scheduled Holidays”. They each have pros and cons. 
“Any Time” Ritual 
Pros: You can trigger this ritual at any time, such as during a psychic drone. You’re only limit is that each ritual has a cooldown of 20 days. This cooldown is NOT shared across rituals. If you have 3 Social Festival rituals, you could trigger one of them every 8 days to experience a constant mood buff. After 8*3=24 days, the cooldown on the first ritual would have already expired. 
“Scheduled Holiday” Ritual. 
Cons: This ritual can only occur once per year (one year is 60 days). If the date of the holiday arrives and the ritual cannot be performed for any reason, the colonists will be unhappy. 
Note that most rituals can be copied. You can have 6 Drum Party rituals if you really want to, though 3 Drum Party rituals is sufficient to maintain a permanent +16 mood boost. The rituals that can’t be copied have no cooldown (claim not tested). 

Rituals 102

RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide - Rituals 102 
Click to enlarge. 
Much is unknown about rituals, so I will refrain from subjecting them to a tier list. It should be fairly easy to draw your own conclusions just by looking at this chart, but bear in mind that much is unknown about which mood bonuses do and don’t stack. 
“Reward” refers to the choice of reward you can choose when editing your rituals with a right click. It is recommended to have at least one ritual offering each of the rewards you are interested in, and multiple rituals with a reward that you are likely to want more than once every 20 days. 
Rewards require that the quality of the ceremony is “positive” or one of the two best outcomes. These are synonymous, as only the best two outcomes are positive. When performed with the help of a ritual leader, a room of 120 impressiveness or more, and all prerequisites, the odds of a good outcome are nearly guaranteed. 
Rewards consist of the following: 
(F) None. Why would you choose this? 
(C) Nearby Faction Goodwill. Improves goodwill of the closest faction by +20. 
(A) Recharge Psyfocus. Recharge the psyfocus of all participants to full. 
(A) Random Recruit. A random recruit that shares your ideology will join the colony. They are similar to a “wanderer joins” event. 
(A) Discover Ancient Complex. Discover a nearby ruin. 
(A) (Plant Meme) Gauranlen Pod Sprout. A Guayawhateva sprouts nearby. 
(A) (Animal Meme) Farm Animals Wander In. What is says on the tin. 
(D) (Tunneler Meme) Insect Jelly. Summon 20 insect jelly. 
Faction goodwill is a questionable reward when it’s so easy to gift large quantities of junk. Insect Jelly is likewise questionable, generating a mere 20 jelly every 20 days is kinda sad. 
You will probably want at least one ritual that discovers ruins, and at least one that recruits colonists. Other than that, all of the rewards are good. What is best depends entirely on your playstyle. 


You have the option of making certain clothing “desired apparel” to all colonists. “Strongly” desired apparel grants +2 mood with no downside. “Relaxed” apparel grants +1 mood with no downside. There is no penalty for not wearing preferred apparel. The bonus from wearing multiple types of preferred apparel does NOT stack. Wearing both one strongly and one relaxed apparel DOES stack. 
Under precepts you can either set colonist to prefer wearing clothes, being n*de, or having no preference. If you have no preference, there is no penalty. There is no benefit to guilt tripping your pawns if they aren’t clothed. 
Burkas are incompatible with power armor and helmets, Robes are incompatible with outwear like dusters and parkas, so that leaves the Buttoned Down Shirt as the best clothing. Set it to Strong for +2 mood at all times. 
All hats are incompatible with Power Armor Helmets and even Simple Helmets, but if you don’t have those yet you can choose any of the hats. Set it to Relaxed for +1 mood at all times. 
Lastly, Robes count as Outerwear so you might as well make them a preferred clothing as well. If you can’t wear shirts for some reason you can set them to Strong, or in the more likely case that you wear helmets instead of hats you can set it to Relaxed. 
Cowboy Hat – Best heat insulation alongside the Shadecone, but comes with a 10% social buff. 
Tuque – Best cold insulation, less funny looking than the flophat imo. 
Tailcap – Best heat armor. 
Steel Visage Mask – Best Blunt and Sharp armor, covers entire face. 
Bowler Hat – 15% social buff (NOT trade, only works on pawn interactions). 
Veil – 5% pain resistance. 
Authority Cap – 10% suppression power. Makes wardens better at keeping slaves in line. 
Blindfold – If you want to the most challenging meme to play, you might as well get a mood buff. 
Torture Crown – If you want to put up with pain for a mood buff, you might as well go all in. 
There is the option of giving Roles, including Specialist Roles, REQUIRED apparel. This is not the same as PREFERRED apparel, if you’re special pawns don’t wear these clothes they will get a mood debuff. There is no benefit from wearing required apparel. 
It is best to remove all required apparel from your ideology. 


RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide - Buildings 
You can have up to 6 buildings, with only ONE of them being mandatory. You must have seating. 
Seats are used to make colonists comfortable while they attend rituals. You have three choices: Pew, Kneel Sheet, and Kneel Pillow. They all have pros and cons. 
Pews made from stone are nonflammable, but are too heavy for caravans and slow to build. 
Kneel sheets are flammable, but 2.5kg to seat 6 is great for caravans. 
Kneel Pillows only seat one pawn, so they get the best beauty per area/material ratio. 
A Normal Devilstrand Kneelpillow provides 32 beauty, and is the most efficient way to turn Devilstrand into beauty. Like all Ideology seating, it can be placed at workstations like a normal chair, provides 5 Style, 0.6 comfort (right between stools at 0.5 and chairs at 0.7), and prevents the dreaded “ate without table” debuff. 
(Warning: If you put a kneeling sheet next to a table, there’s a chance a pawn will eat at a corner that isn’t adjacent for the table, and thus trigger the debuff.) 
All rituals can be performed at a Ritual Spot. If your ideology does not have an Altar (“remove” it in the ideology screen) you can still perform all rituals. If you can have an altar, and choose to build it, your rituals started there have a greater quality. If your ideology has an Altar, but you don’t build it, you will get a mood -4 debuff (which is ignored at low expectations). 
There are 4 kinds of altars to choose from. 
You have the option of adding statues to your ideology. If you want the statues and don’t have them, there’s a mood debuff. If you want the statues and do have them, you get… nothing. Starting to see a pattern here? To make things worse, once you add a statue, your colonists will insist on ALSO having COLUMNS. Whiners. 
Ideograms are 3×3 floor decorations. They cost 50 metal, do not impede movement, provide 10 beauty, 20 style dominance, and are nonflammable. The difference between the 10 ideogram styles may seem cosmetic, but it is not. In fact, each is associated with a style. From left to right, top to bottom, they are: 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 
Hindu, Hindu, Christian, Christian, Islamic, Islamic 
Buddhist, Buddhist, Morbid, Morbid, Totemic, Totemic 
It is unknown if your ideology overwrites the ideograms for the purposes of Style calculations, but the presence of seats would likely outweigh the calculation in any case. 
RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide 
Instead of Ideograms, you have the option of Altars. They are not standable, but can be mounted and crossed just like barricades, provide 50% cover, have 0% flammability (even wood) and come in sizes ranging from 3×3 to 1×1. 
1. Style dominance, 10 beauty. 
Small Altar. 1×1. 50 steel. 50 HP if steel. 
Medium Altar. 1×3. 100 steel. 
Large Altar. 2×3. 200 steel. 250 hitpoints if steel. 
Grand Altar. 3×3. 300 steel. 350 hit points if steel, 595 hitpoints if granite, 980 hitpoints if plasteel. 
For comparison: 
Barricade. 1×1. 5 steel, 300 hitpoints, 840 if plasteel, 55% cover, do not block line of sight, mountable. 
Sadly, I have yet to find a use for altars. They appear to be useless. You are better off with Ideograms, which won’t interefere with colonist movement and are thus more space efficient. 


I have not fully tested this feature, so I don’t know much about the benefits. I do know that having 3 relics is better than 0 relics, that all weapons have 100 hp, and that you are only one grenade away from losing a literal one-of-a-kind item. 
For that reason, I recommend NOT choosing a weapon for your artifacts, and don’t even think of making them one-time consumables. By the time you go hunting for relics, you’ll have plenty of both anyway. No, you want all three of your relics to be Plasteel Items. I like cubes, but boxes, hilts, arks, and the rest all have the same 560 hitpoints and 1.5kg of weight. 
If you make them out of steel, that’s 200 hitpoints. Too fragile for my tastes. 


You can choose to have a Noble-Despised pair of weapons. The former grant a mood buff – especially after a victory – while the latter grants a small -5 debuff as long as it’s held and a further -5 if it’s actually used in combat. 
There are five pairs to choose from. Note that most weapon pairs can’t be used together, since theircategories overlap. For example, Ultratech vs Neolithic and Melee vs Ranged both impact Zeushammers, so they can’t be used together. 
My favorite compatible pairs are the following: 
Ranged vs Melee 
All tech levels have access to ranged weapons, most pawns should be ranged anyway, ranged weapons can be used in melee with no penalty, bionics can be used in melee with no penalty. The only downside here is using bonded persona weapons in combat gives a -10 debuff total, not something you want to deal with during a raid. 
Melee Blunt vs Melee Pierce + Short Shots vs Long Shots 
Clubs for mood buff, transition to Heavy SMGs and persona zeushammers. This is the best option if you don’t want to be soft-locked out of persona weapons. 
Melee Blunts vs Melee Pierce + Ranged Heavy vs Ranged Light 
As above, but the list of noble weapons expands to LMGs, miniguns, and heavy explosives. 
Sadly, expands the despised list to include charge rifles and small bows. 
(Tip for tribals: Pila and greatbows are exempt) 
Ultratech vs Neolithic is not recommended. Persona weapons are late game only, tribal weapons are early game only, so either way there is no impact on the 90% of a playthrough you will spend in the mid game. 
See below for an explanation of my thought process. I’m no expert, so feel free to draw your own conclusions. 
Ultratech (vs Neolithic) 
Eltex Staff, any high tech melee weapon. Plasmasword, Monosword, Zeushammer. 
These make terrible noble weapons, as you won’t see them until the late game when mood buffs are less precious. Sadly, only melee weapons are on this list, so outside of melee-only playthroughs I don’t see the point here. 
Neolithic (vs Ultratech) 
Any Tribal weapon, including all bows, knives and clubs. 
Very valuable early game, as making tribal weapons is cheap and easy. That said, plenty of other weapon pairs include cheap tribal weapons, and tribal weapons rapidly become outdated, so I don’t recommend this one either. 
Melee (vs Ranged) 
All melee weapons. ALL of them. 
Terrible, unless you are doing a melee only playthrough, in which case go right ahead. 
Ranged (vs Melee) 
All ranged weapons. ALL of them. 
A decent choice, as most players prefer to shoot people before they can engage in melee. That said, this weapon pair is incompatible with all other weapon pairs, and there are many circumstances where melee will be your best option. 
Luckily, thwacking people with a gun does NOT count as a melee weapon! High quality, high tech guns can deal a surprising amount of damage. Bionics don’t count either! 
Ranged Heavy (vs Ranged Light) 
Sniper rifles and larger, includes grenade launchers, doomsdays, and even greatbows. Heavy SMGs, LMGs, and Miniguns are the VIPs on this list. 
Heavy SMGs are one of the best craftable weapons in the rim, right behind assault rifles and charge rifles. Launchers are also good to have, as they are basically just upgraded grenades. 
Ranged Light (vs Ranged Heavy) 
Pistols, small bows, charge rifle. 
Aside from the extremely rare and sought after charge rifle, all of these weapons are pretty awful. It’s such a shame that this weapon pair makes you choose between charge rifles and heavy SMGs. 
Long Shots (vs Short Shots) 
Bolt action & Sniper Rifle. For whatever reason, Charge Lances aren’t on this list. 
Decent guns, but rarely used past the early game. The sniper rifle in particular is a utility gun. You use it to snipe turrets and provoke raids, but that’s about it. You never carry it around routinely, so it’s a great despised weapon. 
Short Shots (vs Long Shots) 
Machine Pistol, Shotgun, Chain Shotgun, Heavy SMG. 
Chain Shotguns and Heavy SMGs are some of the best weapons period, outperforming even their high tech brethren when used by unskilled pawns in close quarters. This is possible the best and safest noble weapon choice. 
Melee Piercer (vs Melee Blunt) 
Any sharp weapon, including swords. Oddly enough, the breach axe counts. 
The most powerful melee weapons, especially against unarmored humans. You want to shoot unarmed humans, not melee them. Knives are cheap if all you want is a mood buff. 
Melee Blunt (vs Melee Piercer) 
Any blunt weapon, including zeushammers. Oddly enough, the regular axe counts. 
One of the few times you will resort to melee is when dealing with centipedes. For centipedes, you want blunt damage. If all you want is the mood buff, clubs are cheap. 


Up to +5 mood if the bodyweight of animals outweighs the colony by ~8 times, if I’m reading the tooltip correctly. In exchange: 
-5 mood from the death of any tamed or self tamed venerated animal. After 3 deaths, caps at -9 mood for 3 days. 
-8 mood from eating a venerated animal, does not stack, lasts 3 days. 
-You cannot slaughter or hunt a venerated animal. 
If you’re the sort of person who likes Bonded Animals, you’re gonna love venerating animals. Have fun! Did you know that you can venerate up to 18 different species of animal? 
Jokes aside, there are ways to make this work. Having lots of grizzly bears gives +5 mood, losing one grizzly bear is -5 mood. “Accidentally” walling an animal inside a 2×2 room that was “accidentally” built over a steam vent takes care of things after just a few hours. 
You can then butcher said bear and make it into kibble at no penalty. As long as you don’t actually eat the meat, there is no harm and no foul. 
Grenades get the job done much quicker, but you have to be careful if you don’t want to destroy the corpse. They are also the best way to “accidentally” kill venerated animals before they have the chance to self tame. This does not cause a mood penalty! 

Precepts: Execution, Slavery, Organ Use, Cannabilism, Clothes.

It’s easy to be distracted by the shiny memes, but there are plenty of OP precepts that don’t care about which meme you picked. Here is a breakdown of all the memes and why they do (or don’t) matter. 
(Note: Some precepts will add more options or lock out others. Some precepts won’t appear on the list by default, and will have to be added with the “add precept” button.) 
Don’t Care. 
Executing prisoners gives no buff or debuff. (??? can you arrest and imprison a colonist to kill them at no/low mood penalty?) 
Respected if Guilty. 
Kill raiders right after you capture them for a +3 colony wide mood buff, +10 mood on the executioner and a free +15 opinion on whoever did the execution. This can save the reputation of ugly or abrasive colonists and save the mood of depressed colonists. 
If you don’t kill a prisoner at least once every 30 days, -3 mood. In exchange, you get a mood buff not only from formally executing prisoners, but also from shooting them during prison breaks, shooting them manually, starving them to death, etc. You also get a colony wide mood buff from executing guests. Combine with the SkyLantern festival for an endless supply of happiness. 
Horrible. Abhorrent. Horrible if Innocent. 
Mood debuff if you do the wrong thing, in exchange for… nothing. 
No mood buffs or debuffs from owning, selling, or buying slaves. 
-2 mood if the colony has no slaves. In exchange, +1 mood for EACH slave in a colony, colony wide +2 mood buff for enslaving a prisoner or selling a slave, and +10 opinion on anyone that sells a slave or executes a prisoner. 
Disapproved, Horrible, Abhorrent. 
Mood debuff if you do the wrong thing, in exchange for… nothing. 
Organ Use: 
You can harvest, buy, sell, and use organs at no penalty. 
No Harvest, No Harvest or Sell, Totally Abhorrent. 
Mood debuff if you do the wrong thing, in exchange for… nothing. 
You can butcher, cook, and eat humans at no penalty. 
Preferred. (Cannabilism meme NOT required, but it does let you upgrade to Strong or Ravenous.) 
-2 mood if you haven’t eaten a human in 8 days. In exchange, +2 mood from eating humans, and +1 to +4 mood for wearing human apparel. Note that the +2 mood from wearing human pants and shirt is enough to offset the mood debuff, even if you are wearing power armor instead of duster+hat. 
Male/Female Clothing: 
No Rules. 
No mood bonuses or penalties, regardless of what your colonists do or don’t wear. 
N*de, Pants/Shirt/Hat/Face Covered. 
Mood penalty if you do the wrong thing, in exchange for… nothing. 

Precepts: Blindness, Corpse, Fungus, Bigotry, Apostasy, Charity, Insect Meat.

Blindness: Cannot be changed without the Blindsight meme. 
-2 mood if someone in the colony got blinded by a ritual. 
Corpse: Cannot be changed without one of Pain is Virtue, Cannibal, Supremacist, or Raider memes. 
-4 mood from observing a corpse, -6 from observing a rotting corpse. 
Fungus: Cannot be changed without Tunneler meme. 
-6 mood from raw fungus, -3 if cooked. 
Diversity of Thought: 
No mood penalty. +1 mood from having colonists of other ideologies and +2 mood from having style of other ideologies. 
Intense Bigotry. 
-80 opinion on those of other ideologies (including traders, guests, and bestowers) , mood penalty if other ideologies are invited into the colony. In exchange, +3 mood if all colonists are believers and +5 mood from having style of your ideology around. 
Neutral, Moderate, Mild Bigotry. 
Bonuses and penalties that are inbetween the two extremes. Not worth it IMO – you either go all in, or not at all. 
Exalted. Requires Individualist Meme. 
+3 mood for having colonists of multiple ideologies, +4 mood from diverse styles. A net +4 mood compared to Appreciated, I can’t justify sacrificing a precious Meme slot to get this. 
Global Certainty Loss Factor is x40%. In other words, the rate at which Ideology is lost is halved. Losing Ideology isn’t normally a problem, but it might be an issue under extreme circumstances. In exchange, -50 opinion on those of other ideologies and -80 opinion of any colonist who gets themselves converted. 
Horrible, Disapproved. 
As above, the benefit and penalty is milder. 
-12 to -8 mood for refusing to aid others, including being unable to reach POIs, downed transport pods, refusing to let depressed pyromaniacs join the colony. In exchange, +4 mood each time you help someone. (ToDO: is the cost of banishing a colonist still -3? If so, you should accept all refugees THEN banish them instead of rejecting them outright.) 
Worthwhile, Important. 
As above, but the penalties and bonuses are less extreme. 
Insect Meat: 
Loved. Does NOT require Tunneler meme! 
+6 mood from eating insect meat, cooked or otherwise. 
Being a picky eater has no upsides, only drawbacks. 

Precepts: Love and Marriage

Physical Love: 
-30 mood if a pawn ever succumbs to temptation. Additionally, -80 opinion ensures they will spend a lot of time in the hospital if not get killed outright. (ToDo: Allegedly prevents pawns from sleeping in the same bed, so I don’t know how they could break the taboo in the first place. Not tested, but I suspect it prevents marriages or at least breaks them up before they get serious.) 
No upside, unless you really hate marriage for some reason. To be fair, the “spouse died” debuffs are pretty nasty, so I could see an argument for trying to prevent spouses. 
No restrictions on love. Pawns can sleep together at will, or even be forced to do so by manually assigning beds. This is the easiest and fastest way to get the “got lovin” buff to colonists. (ToDo: In exchange, do you miss out on the “opinion of lover” buff?) 
Free Lovin. 
As above, but +10 opinion on whoever initiates “lovin”. Given that lovin ideally happens every night, that’s a free +10 opinion on EVERYONE. (ToDo: does it stack? Does it bypass gender preferences on pawns? Does this prevent pawns from falling in love and wanting an exlcusive relationship? Based on the tooltips, I’m not seeing any downsides here.) 
Spouse Only (Mild). 
A mere -5 mood and -10 opinion from succumbing to temptation. If you don’t want the chaos of free love but don’t want to kill your pawns if they do something outside our control, this is the best middle ground. 
Men’s/Women’s Spouses. 
One Spouse. 
A bed can only fit two pawns, so if you have an odd number of spouses someone is going to get left out. 
Unlimited Spouses. 
On the one hand, you can get the “Opinion of Lover” multiple times. On the other hand, the logistics of making sure everyone has a bed with someone they want each night is going to get pretty chaotic. 
Marriage Name: 
Keep (Last) Names. 
Nice, simple, keeps things from getting confusing. Change this if you want of course. 

Precepts: Nutrient Paste, Research, Scars, Skulls.

Nutrient Paste: Cannot be changed without the Transhumanist meme. 
Very Fast. 
150. research speed. No penalty. 
Not Allowed, Extremely Slow, Etc. 
Slower research speed, in exchange for… nothing. 
-2 colony mood if you perform the scarring ritual. Scars from combat don’t count. 
Mild mood penalty if a pawn hasn’t been scarrified by a ritual. 
+1 permanent mood for being scarified once. 
+7 opinion for being scarified once. 
Large mood penalty if a pawn doesn’t have enough scars. 
+3 permanent mood from having 5 scars. 
+20 opinion from having 5 scars. 
WARNING: Setting this precept to Minor or higher unlocks the scarification ritual as an OPTION, but you still have to click ADD RITUAL to add it as a ritual! 
+1 to +3 mood from having skullspikes in sight. 
Skulls are obtained by clicking on a human corpse and selecting “remove skull”. Can be performed on those who died of natural causes and accidents at no penalty. 
-1 to -3 mood in exchange for… you guessed it, nothing. 

Precepts: Add Precept

These precepts won’t show up by default, you have to manually add them using the “Add Precept” button. 
Slaughtering Animals: 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for killing animals in exchange for… nothing. 
Autonomous Weaponry: 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for using turrets in exchange for… nothing. 
Body Modification: 
At Moderate expectation or higher, -3 mood for not having a bionic and -10 opinion. 
+1 mood for having at least one bionic. 
Abhorrent, Disapproved. 
Penalty for using bionics in exchange for… nothing. 
Drug Use: 
Medical, Social, Prohibited. 
Penalty for using certain drugs in exchange for… nothing. Remove this precept with right click if you can. It’s better to have the option of using drugs in an emergency, you can always stop drug use by changing the colonist settings during the game. If you can’t remove this precept, be warned that Medical or Social Only doesn’t let you use or administer “hard drugs” 
Killing Innocent Animals 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for killing non-berserk animals in exchange for… nothing. (ToDo: Do accidents count?) 
Lighting: DOES NOT require the Darkness meme. 
Darklight Preferred. 
+4 mood from darkness, -4 from indoor light and -8 from outdoor light. 
Combat in Darkness: DOES NOT require the Darkness Meme. 
Massive bonus to shooting and melee in darkness, massive penalty to shooting and melee in light. 
Meat Eating: 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for eating meat in exchange for… nothing. 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for mining in exchange for… nothing. 
Cutting Trees: 
Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved. 
Penalty for mining in exchange for… nothing. 
+10 mood for having trees around, -10 mood if a tree dies, even to an accident or friendly fire. 
-6 mood if no raid in 25 days, +6 mood if raid in 25 days, +3 mood from participating in a raid. -8% global work speed. Not worth it IMO. 
As above, but -12 debuff, +12 debuff, +6 buff, and -18% global work speed. Having a net +18 mood buff if you do back to back raids is pretty handy, but can’t compete with the work speed penalty IMO. 

Precepts: Add Meme.

All other precepts require a Meme. Usually, if a Meme requires a precept, is is either OP and you want to take it to it’s logical extreme, or it’s a penalty that you want to minimize as much as you can. Either way, discussing memes in detail is beyond the scope of this guide. 

Written by RedPine

This is all for RimWorld Useful Tips in Ideology DLC Style Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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