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RimWorld Dub’s Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
A guide on on getting started with Dub’s Bad Hygine mod.



When I first got Dub’s Bad Hygiene I had a lot of trouble finding resources on it. For some the task of setting up all the plumbing may seem a little daunting, but once you know everything’s purpose it’s not difficult at all. So I decided to whip together this guide to getting started, plus a little extra information on some of the cool things the mod adds. 
Before we start I’d like to clarify something. The goal of this guide is to get you started with Dubs Bad Hygiene and teach you how to set up the various systems at play. This guide won’t be teaching you how to troubleshoot any bugs or create addon content or anything like that. 
Good? Let’s get started! 
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Link to mod:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836308268&searchtext=dub%27s+bad+hygiene 


With this mod comes new needs, mainly Bladder and Hygiene. This means your colonists will have to periodically use the bathroom and wash themselves, respectively. 
There is also an optional “Thirst” need that can be enabled in the mod settings, however this need can be fulfilled at any water source, which you will already have to fulfill your colonists’ hygiene needs anyway. 
In the early game, colonists will fulfill these needs by bathing in the nearest water source, such as a lake or a river, and going to the bathroom out in the open. This is not ideal, as you cannot pick where water sources are on your map (also groundwater can be contaminated, something we’ll visit later in this guide), and your colonists get a mood debuff from going to the bathroom in the open. 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
A colonist washing in a river. 
To remedy this, you can make increasingly effective buildables that will fulfill these needs. Later ones will require research, and the very latest ones are so luxury that they actually provide a mood buff when used (outside of the normal mood buffs like “clean”). 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
Pictured are the different structures you can build to fulfill colonist needs. At the top are the most basic and at the bottom, the most advanced (with the exception of the bathtub and basin). 
The latrine and water tub do not require a pipe system and function manually. Once in a while your colonists will have to manually unload fecal sludge from the latrine and fill the water tub with water from the nearest source by hand. 
The later builds do require a pipe system, but will pipe away ♥♥♥♥ and pipe back water automatically, 
making it easier on your workload. 
All builds connected to a pipe system may occasionally become clogged and require a colonist to go and unclog it. 
The smart toilet and power shower both provide mood buffs when colonists use them, but are expensive and require further research than the others. 


RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide - PLUMBING 
Different buildings that can be used in plumbing systems. 


To put it simply, a good plumbing system needs: 

  • a water source (well) 
  • water storage 
  • a pump 
  • water filtration (like a septic tank or sewage outlet) 
  • a boiler and hot water tank (optional)

For more detailed information, read on! 


These are what connect all the components of your pipe system together. They work pretty similarly to power conduits, except they transport water. A map of your pipes can be viewed by selecting them in the architect menu, the same way you can with power conduits. They even have an equivalent to the power switch: the Plumbing Valve. 
Modules placed on your plumbing network do not need to be in any particular order. As long as they’re attached they will work. 


To run your system you will need either a water source, or water storage, however ideally you’ll have both. Water sources range from the primitive well to the deep well. 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
Water map displayed when placing a well. 
When placing a well you will be shown where all the water on the map. This includes normally visible water like rivers and lakes, as well as groundwater. By ensuring the radius of your well (if applicable) covers as much water as possible, you can maximize the water drawn by the well. Note that when placing a deep well, the map is different. That’s because it is drawing from a deep water source which does not correspond with rivers and lakes, and cannot be polluted. The deep water well can draw far more water than the others, but takes more research and resources. Like the regular water well, it is powered. 
The primitive water well is the cheapest and requires no research, but has no radius, only drawing water from a single square. It also cannot be connected to a pipe network, meaning your colonists will have to manually carry water from the well to whatever appliances require water. 


Water storage is self-explanatory. The most basic is the Water Butt, which requires no research to make. All water storage buildings can be connected to a pipe network. If a pipe network does not have water storage, it will draw directly from the well. Think of these as being similar to batteries in a power network. 


Pumps are required for a pipe system to work. A system without one will not be able to transport water between appliances. The most basic is the wind-powered pump, however, like the wind turbine, it is unreliable, and pumps at varying speeds or sometimes not at all. The other pumps are more powerful and reliable, but require electricity, research, and resources such as steel and components. 


If your colonists are having massive disgusting diarrheas and pisses in your water system, you will need a form of water treatment. Otherwise, your drinking water will become contaminated and your colonists will drink/shower in their own ♥♥♥♥ and piss and get extremely sick and unhappy. 
There are two main ways to prevent this. The first way is to use a Sewage Outlet. This will dump all the waste into an area around the pipe, expelling it from the system. As you can imagine, this has terrible beauty and cleanliness ratings and is disgusting to colonists, and it can contaminate water sources, so be sure to pipe it far away. Waste on the ground can be collected and turned into fecal sludge, the same item harvested from full latrines or from draining a septic tank. Although a waste product, other uses for it can be researched, such as composting it into fertilizer or refining it into chemfuel. 
The other method is to use some sort of purification building. The most simple is the septic tank, but for larger systems you will need a water treatment, and later on a sewage treatment. These purify the water without expelling waste, but can still be drained for fecal sludge if desired. 


Although not vital, water heating makes showers warm, which your colonists prefer, and is needed for hot tubs, a high-tier recreational activity. It can also be used to heat your buildings with radiators, something we will cover later in this guide. 
To heat the water in your system you will need at least one hot water tank to store the hot water, as well as your boiler of choice. There are three kinds of boilers, a log boiler (runs on wood), a gas boiler (runs on chemfuel), and an electric boiler. These will fill the hot water tank(s) over time with water from the connected pipe system. 
There’s also a solar heater (not pictured), which uses the sun to heat your water over time. 


Here are some examples of working plumbing systems at different game stages. Yours doesn’t necessarily have to look like any of these, as your colony’s needs will differ based on your environment and resources, but you can use these for reference. 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
Example of a primitive setup. 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
Example of a mid tier setup with a washing machine. 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 
Example of a high tier setup with a hot tub. 


RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide - EXTRA STUFF 
Along with the basics, Bad Hygiene adds a lot of extra buildables. Most of these have decent in-game descriptions, but here’s the rundown of each one. 


There are two kinds of sprinklers, irrigation sprinklers and fire sprinklers. Irrigation sprinklers, as the name implies, are for helping crops grow by increasing soil fertility. Throughout the day they’ll go off, fertilizing all dirt in their radius. Fire sprinklers are activated by fires or high temperatures and will attempt to put out all fire in their radius. 


Litter boxes reduce animal filth by giving small animals a place to poop instead of just on the floor. 


Washing machines remove the “Tainted” effect from clothing that pawns died in. This, as you can imagine, is extremely useful, though they do require research to make. You can load five in at a time by selecting a colonist, right clicking on it, and clicking “Load Washing Machine.” Colonists will automatically unload clean clothes. It will only wash tainted clothing, so you don’t need to make a separate stockpile for tainted clothes unless you’re trying to speed up the process. 


Putting fecal sludge in a biosolids composter will slowly turn the waste into fertilizer for farming. It operates similarly to putting hops in fermentation barrels. 


Kitchen sinks require a plumbing connection and will increase the cleanliness of the room they are placed in. Good for labs, hospitals, and of course kitchens. 


Radiators heat rooms using the hot water from your pipe system. There are two kinds of radiators, small and large. These can be controlled by a thermostat. 


The ceiling fan cools rooms and takes up no space, allowing furniture to be placed under it. Requires a power connection. 


Burn pits are for burning fecal sludge to get rid of it. If you haven’t researched any uses for fecal sludge, this is a useful way to get rid of the ugly and disease-ridden substance. Be sure to build it a good distance from your base and water source. 


The air conditioning system is largely unrelated to the water system and is sort of just there to complement the radiators. They use their own pipe network, similar to plumbing or power conduits, called “air-con pipes.” Air conditioning systems require an outdoor air-con unit to pipe in air, and either a walk-in freezer unit or indoor air-con unit to release it into the desired room. 


Stall doors are an extremely useful door type added by Bad Hygiene. They block line of sight so that pawns in a stall won’t be embarrassed by people seeing them do their business, but they do not create a separate room, meaning you don’t have to set up a new temperature system just for that stall. 


The drinking fountain is very similar to the basin, but is a cool RP tool for base design, especially if you have thirst turned on. It can be used for both drinking and washing. 


The swimming pool and hot tub are two recreation builds that require water to be piped to them. Pawns will take off their clothes and swim around for a bit, socializing with any pawns doing the same. This also cleans the pawns in the process. 


So hopefully that should give you everything you need to know. There’s a lot of information in-game but no real holistic instructions on making a system, hence this guide. 
If I got any details wrong, let me know because I probably did! I’m just one guy who made this thing in a day lol. Hopefully this helps you get started with your save, and good luck! 
RimWorld Dub's Bad Hygiene Mod Guide 


Here’s where I’ll put any new information suggested to me by readers. 


-Apparently the burn pit can burn more than just poop! It also works like a crematorium can for disposing of bodies. Note that unlike the crematorium, the burn pit doesn’t require electricity and is much cheaper, making it good for tribal starts. 
-In addition, you can go into the Dub’s Bad Hygiene mod settings and turn on hydroponics integration. This will make hydroponics run on water, so as long as you have water flowing through your system they will continue to function. 
-Thanks to u/froznwind on Reddit for the information! 


-Thanks to Captain Schettino in the comments for reminding me about this next one… 
-If you have a prison you need to include some kind of toilet and a spot for prisoners to wash themselves (even just a sink or water bucket will do) or the prisoners will get a huge mood debuff over time from having to live in their own filth. 
-People in medical beds, be they in a prison or hospital, can be washed by any pawns capable of caring, and will periodically spawn bedpans on the floor which will relieve them of their toilet needs, but need to be cleaned up. This can be done the same way you clean any mess like blood or trash, even though they look sort of like items. They also have a higher cleanliness than if a pawn just took a raw dump on the floor while walking around. 
-ONLY people in hospital beds can spawn bedpans or be washed by a carer. If a pawn is moving around freely indoors, they NEED access to facilities or they will quickly cover the floor in unspeakable pawn juices. 
If you have any corrections or additional info that’s not in the guide, let me know in the comments. 

Written by Pyrous Red

Here we come to an end for RimWorld Dub’s Bad Hygiene Mod Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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