Rain World Saint Pebbles Route

Rain World Saint Pebbles Route 2 - steamsplay.com
Rain World Saint Pebbles Route 2 - steamsplay.com

Rain World Saint Pebbles Route Guide


1 – Grapple Momentum

To start off, Saint can grapple in three ways: diagonally left, diagonally right, and up. You must hold left or right to get a diagonal grapple. Holding diagonal inputs will result in an up grapple due to some reason. If you want to go faster when grappling, it is best to make use of diagonals and then jump directly prior to becoming perpendicular to the ground. You can continue to grapple with chaining more speed. This is a challenge in rooms with lower ceilings.

2 – Lantern Usage

Lanterns generate heat and slow down the rate of your body getting cold. They can be held or scavenger lanterns that are in the background. Saint is more comfortable when he or she is close to more than one lantern. Although I’m still not sure the efficacy of a lamp placed close to Saint, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

3 – Quick Five Pebbles Route

Five Pebbles The ruins of Five Pebbles are ma*sive. It is therefore, understandable that it can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to reach him. The video below shows the fastest route from the Shoreline side of the Five Pebbles structure.

https://youtu.be/iKeNVMFNRKA – [youtu.be]

4 – Farm Arrays Deer Skip

Since yeek (frogs) are common in Farm Arrays during Saint’s time, you can use them to avoid the deer sections. The fastest method is going to the Outskirts section of Farm Arrays getting a yeek and then jumping through the worm gra*s to the left. I wouldn’t suggest going to Subterranean via the Sky Islands side because you have to pa*s through a scav toll while juggling the yeek. The video below shows the route.

https://youtu.be/C_6nG9GRF78 – [youtu.be]

5 – Popcorn Plants are bursting Popcorn Plants

This is a small tip for quality of life. However, you may need it on return journeys to Five Pebbles and Moon. Saint’s

Ascension powers you can open popcorn plants.

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