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Rain World Tips about this game 1 - steamsplay.com
Rain World Tips about this game 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide is about everything I learned about rain world that seems unique and probably never heard about. (Sorry for bad english)


1. Passing a scav toll without a pearl nor causing aggression.

Have you ever tried passing a scavenger toll without a pearl? 
Did your world ever ran out of pearls to trade? 
Don’t worry! 
Passing scavenger tolls by paying with your items works like paying 1 pearl. 
Each item has it’s own value to scavengers and I have an image from the Rain world wiki that shows each item value. 
You have to give scavengers everything until you reach the value of 10 in order to pass a toll.Rain World Tips about this game 

2. Healing a tamed lizard.

Did your tamed lizard ever got into a fight and got injured? 
Tamed lizards can be healed by sleeping in a hibernation pod with them. 
(I knew this when I used a mod that shows creature health.) 
Please note that you may have to sleep with it multiple times for it to fully recover and remember to feed it so that it doesn’t accidentally bite you. 

3. Be scared of a red lizard more than the red centipede.

Eh, everyone probably knew about this but it’s a tip lmfao. 
Since all centipedes can only sense movement, a red centipede will never know where you are unless it bumps into you. 
You can jump over a red centipede without dying unlike red lizards that has a very good reaction time. 
Even if you move slowly, a red centipede only follows you step by step. (until it randomly decides to grab you which idk when) 
Killing a red centipede is also easier to kill than red lizards just by having 1-2 spears and remove 1 piece of armor on a head then you can stunlock it by spamming grab and throw. (Beware that a red centipede will still try to kill you as it’s dying and is faster.) 
Fun fact : green lizards can survive a red centipede shock and never die. 

4. Crippled lizards.

You can disable a lizard’s limb when you throw a spear/rock at a certain spot. I used a mod that gives you a spear that heals a creature since they will die first before you even disable all 4 limbs. When all 4 limbs are disabled, the lizard will still try to chase slugcat by crawlling like a worm that it can’t even get over terrains and is very slow. a crippled blue lizard will only make the lizard levitate without using it’s own limbs to “crawl” on background walls. 
Not only lizards can be crippled but vultures too! (and brother/daddy long legs) 
if a vulture is injured enough, it cannot fly as it can only look at slugcat with it’s pleading eyes and had to watch them slowly stab vultures to death. 

5. A pole plant can be eaten by monster kelps.

Not really a useful info but it’s surprising that monster kelps can eat pole plants even though they can’t be found together in a playthrough. 
While talking about monster kelps, they can be fed with other things like grenades, blue fruit, lanterns, jellyfish, etc. 

Just showing some pictures of creatures that I find fascinating.

Rain World Tips about this game - Just showing some pictures of creatures that I find fascinating. 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 
Rain World Tips about this game 

6. Reusable snails

Even if the snail is dead, it can pop 1 last time. You can make the snail pop more than once while it’s dead by throwing it and wait for a creature to walk over it. 

7. A green lizard is the best pet to have as a bodyguard.

I think green lizards is the best pet to have as a bodyguard since it is immune to a few creatures and can survive longer than most lizards. 
Green lizards live longer because it’s immune to : Centipede shocks, a normal vulture, a brother long leg, and a worm grass. 
It can also win a fight against red lizards as I watched a green lizard fight 1, he didn’t even lose 1 hp. 
But remember, green lizards cannot go to some places because of it’s mobility. It’s slow and cannot climb poles. You may as well tame multiple green lizards in different locations since tamed greens will fight each other. 

8. Mole lizards are so blind that they sometimes don’t know what animal are you.

When not moving too much, a mole lizard never knows a slugcat is in their territory and will think you are another mole lizard. They would brush against you and turn around but there will be a random chance that they will still bite you. Sometimes 1 mole lizard will be suspicious of 1 slugcat’s movement while the others will ignore slugcat. 

9. A miros bird can eat every creature.

A miros bird can snip and grab any creature that causes it to stay paralyzed, the miros can delete that creature’s existence when it runs off screen with the creature successfully. [even a leviathan but that’s too heavy] 

10. Which creature is the most dangerous?

Choices are : 
1. Leviathan 
2. Daddy long leg 
3. Proto Daddy long leg 
4. Red lizard 
5. Red centipede 
6. Miros bird 
7. Worm grass 
A strange mechanical creature with kelp covering it’s body, can delete any creature with 1 chomp. 
=Daddy long leg= 
A creature made by five pebbles that can devour anything exept leviathans and grapple worms. 
=Proto Daddy long leg= 
Multiple daddy long legs stuck on a wall but can eat leviathans and grapple worms. 
=Red lizard= 
A fierce lizard type with good reaction time and speed, can kill you with 1 bite. 
=Red centipede= 
A centipede that crawls fast and investigates sounds, can kill everything exept leviathans and green lizards in 1 shock if successful. 
=Miros bird= 
Can eat anything and run off with it. (as mentioned from previous section) 
=Worm grass= 
A stationary plant that can kill anything but leviathans and green lizards within 5-30 seconds. (Depends on creature size.) 
I think leviathans are the most dangerous since they can delete anything, a proto daddy long legs could be more dangerous but it is stuck to walls anyway but what do you guys think is the most dangerous predator? 

Written by SanityBox3120

Hope you enjoy the post for Rain World Tips about this game, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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