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Rain World The monk Achievement Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Rain World The monk Achievement Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Some advice on how to get the monk achievement. tl;dr: go to Garbage Wastes and eat corn.



The Monk achievement / passage / path in Rain World is unlocked by going 5 cycles while only eating fruits, vegetables, or fungi. This only refers to eating; killing other creatures has no effect. Dying subtracts half a cycle of progress. 
This is hardly a complete guide, but fortunately, this achievement is easier to get than, say, The Dragon Slayer. 

Go to Garbage Wastes

The easiest way to get this achievement is to go to Garbage Wastes. It is an area available relatively early in the game. Garbage wastes has a large food supply and is relatively safe (it has almost no lizards). Garbage Wastes can be accessed in multiple ways so I will just be leaving the Wiki page link rainworld.fandom.com – https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Garbage_Wastes
Garbage Wastes is also a good place to get some other achievements like The Saint and The Chieftain. 
Map stolen from the wiki: 
Rain World The monk Achievement  

Eat corn

This section describes how to survive and be vegetarian in the Garbage Wastes. 
Eat corn and bubble fruit 
rainworld.fandom.com – https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Bubble_Fruit can be found all over the Garbage Wastes. When you submerge them in water, they turn into edible bubbles. 
rainworld.fandom.com – https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Popcorn_Plant can be found mostly on the surface of the Garbage Wastes. You can throw a spear at them and they break open. They provide infinite food, but only for one cycle. It takes them a while to regrow, so only eat them if you can’t find bubble fruit. 
Rain World The monk Achievement  
The main threats in the garbage wastes are: 



I ripped the images in this guide off the Wiki. Specifically, rainworld.fandom.com – https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Garbage_Wastes and rainworld.fandom.com – https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Popcorn_Plant

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