Fear & Hunger Recruitment + All Endings

Fear & Hunger Recruitment + All Endings 1 - steamsplay.com
Fear & Hunger Recruitment + All Endings 1 - steamsplay.com

Fear & Hunger Recruitment + All Endings Guide

A horror dungeon crawler called Terror & Hunger takes place in the gloomy, desolate dungeons of fear and hunger. The game is a fusion of the survival horror and dungeon crawler genres, with Silent Hill and Nethack among its influences. The game has roguelike components as well as a strong j-RPG core.

[Recruitment Spoilers] Pick Your Party Comp Before the Time

This guide is easy to follow to Le’garde so you might be tempted to select your team’s comp early to get them to Le’garde.

Child [Entrance]

  • Lock the cage

Moonless [Cavern]

  • In combat: Talk option for Meat

Cahara [Prisons/ Lower Mines]

  • Open the prison Cell with the Doll
  • He is to be forgiven at the entry of mines at lower levels.

Enki [Library Inner Hall]

  • You may meet him at Hydra books But don’t force him to stop talking to you.
  • You can get the Eclipse Talisman from a Yellow Mage by talking to them.
  • Level 7 Don’t give it to him straight now, but ask what’s inside it for you.

Ragnvaldr [Backyard]

  • Exhaust all dialogue options outside and inside the Thicket
  • (To skip the Le’garde interaction at Ma’habre use the Cube Pedestal hidden in the entrance)

D’arce [Upper Mines]

  • Cave Dwellers

Nas’hrah (Corpse Elevator Room)

  • REQUIREMENTS: Eclipse Talismen + Entered Ma’habre + Cube
  • Combat: Talk and respond correctly during.


After having completed the steps

You are now free to explore the Endings, or you can leave the S ones in the dust.

  • Ending A Ending A

    Find the girl, then complete the Gauntlet with her alive

  • Ending B –

    Do not encourage the girl to complete the Gauntlet

  • Ending C Ending C

    All Ma’habre related things can be accomplished using Le’garde

    Ending C II

    Instead of fighting, kneel down before him

  • Ending D Ending D

    Same as C without Le’garde

  • Ending E –


This is the end of my journey that led me to Save Files in Fear and Hunger.

This is not the most efficient option. It’s what I think is right for me.

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