Pummel Party 100% Achievement Guide

Pummel Party 100% Achievement Guide 2 - steamsplay.com
Pummel Party 100% Achievement Guide 2 - steamsplay.com
Help with some of the achievements that I stumbled with at first.


Easy Ones

While you play solo or with friends, these will likely just pop for you without too much trouble. 
The First of Many! 
So Shiny 
You Are The Winner 
These mini game specific ones I found to be easy as well. Chances are someone in your group will just manage it and that will count. Once of twice a bot got it for me! 
Lighting Rod 
Thread the Needle 
Light Foot 
Quick Reactions 
No Diamonds 
Move Quick 
Chopped to Bits 
Rolling Master 
Altitude Achiever 
A Daring Devil 
Floor is Lava 
Steal From the Poor 
If you have trouble with any of these ones above, just put a bot on easy and set a rule set for the game that only includes the mini game you need the achievement in. Or better yet, if you have two controllers, just win against yourself! 
These ones may not pop automatically depending on you and your group but they are easy to get because you just sacrifice yourself. 
You Made a Mistake 
Too Slow 
Fatal Slip 

The Trifecta & Extra Meat

So I’m not sure the *best* way to do this but I played on the Rusty Ruins since it seems to be the smallest map and there is a decently small loop near the beginning of the map. 
Pummel Party 100% Achievement Guide 
I used a custom rule set to only allow eggplants, rockets and portals. I set the amount of turns to the max and then I just tried to get good luck with the positioning. 
For The Trifecta you need to hit 3 other players with one eggplant grenade. You have 10 seconds to move it so make sure you’re not too far, but you can go farther than you usually think. I hit 3 players with a space between them by detonating in the middle space. 
For Extra Meat you need to skewer 3 players with one rocket item. The rocket can go 10 spaces but only damages players on the first 9 (not counting anyone who is on the same space as your when you start). If two players are occupying the same space or were previously, one player will be off to the side and won’t get skewered. Also, if I player is on a junction (can go two different directions) I found that the rocket would skip them too. Additionally, if the rocket passes a junction it will travel towards the goblet. 
These can be a little time consuming if the dice rolls aren’t on your side but eventually it will line up! 


So over 50% of people have this so it was probably just a me problem but I needed to have a bunch of bots for this to trigger. 
I couldn’t figure out how to launch anyone. I just played a game with 4 easy bots and it happened almost instantly! 

Dodge This

So this is a bit of a tougher mini game but it helps when you know you can double jump! 
Make sure to bring multiple hard bots with you or a friend who is good at this game because the mini game will instantly end if all other players die 3 times. 
Couple tips: 
– I found that staying near the middle at the beginning helps to dodge the double 3 bullet patterns. You can jump both at the same time. 
– When the bullets start the spinning pattern just wait until one comes close and adjust to be in the hole between two bullets. I found that the spin pattern stayed the same for two spins meaning that I didn’t need to move immediately. 
– The 3 bullets, space, 3 bullets are tough! Try to time your double jump in between the bullets and move to one side to slip between them. 
– If you lose a life, you’ll be invulnerable for a short time window. You can use that to skip an obstacle usually but don’t rely too much on it as it’s hard to tell when you lose it. 
Practice helps a lot with this one if you’re finding it tricky. 

Minigame Master & Unlucky

These ones would likely happen eventually if you play enough of this game but in case you don’t want to wait, here’s the best way to do this. 
Minigame Master requires you to win each and every minigame once – over multiple games. 
Play locally with a easy bot, a friend who likes losing or your own 2nd controller. Play in minigame mode and use rule sets to remove minigames once you’re sure you have won them. I found that doing quicker games of only 10 minigames was best because then you can adjust the minigame options inbetween to avoid repeats. 
I achieved this with the 1st player controller, but I think as long as a player character wins it would count. Games against bots count. 
Unlucky is the same as Minigame Master except you need to lose (last place finish if with more than 2 players). Because I did a lot of my games with local players, this one happened right after I got Minigame Master. 
Generally the culprit for this not popping is that you’re missing a game. Just meticulously go through the list until you’re sure you’ve played them all. 

Seeing Stars

This one gave me so much trouble because I was both confused about the number of players and what counted as a knockout. 
For this achievement you just need to punch 10 players. They can be bots or or characters and you can punch the same character multiple times
I recommend that you load a bunch of bots into the game and just keep punching them. I’m not sure if it needs to all be in the 30 second timer of the bomb but it popped for me on my first try after punching 10 times just before the first bomb exploded. 
Special thanks to ShadY who explained this one for me! 

Written by SuperKimbit

This is all for Pummel Party 100% Achievement Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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