ELEX 100% Achievement Guide

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 52 - steamsplay.com
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 52 - steamsplay.com
This guide is for players that want to complete the game 100% and preferably in one playthrough. The guide may contain spoilers.



ELEX is a nice game when you get around level 20+ and can explore Magalan more freely. Before that, prepare to die and reload a lot because even a nak*d overgrown turkey will be your worst enemy. The game will be hard even on easy and don’t be ashamed to play on that difficulty if you want to enjoy the game without losing your mind. 
Check the Hints section if you need some tips for the game. 

Quests Achievements

The Main Story achievements are unlocked through story progression and they aren’t missable. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Survival 
Unlocked after completing the first mission. It’s better if you follow Duras to Goliet in this quest because enemies are hard on early levels. Also help Duras kill the Rotboars. 

Fencing master

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Stolen Equipment. 
Main story achievement. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Origin The Power of the Center. 
Main story achievement. Ray also mention Origin when you’re progressing on his companion quest. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Tramp Confederacy. 
Outlaws quest. When you find Rat and he asks for 50 shards it is better to give him because he will reward you when the quest is complete. Also you need to complete this if you want to join the Outlaws. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Decaying Powers. 
Main story achievement. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Chaos of Emotions.E86 
Main story achievement. The “E86” must be a typo. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Zardom’s Battle Plan. 
[Secret Achievement] 
Main story achievement. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Started a relationship. 
**Can be missed** 
You can romance either Nasty (Outlaw) or Caja (Berserker) in Chapter 3. If you complete their companion quests then their affection level would be enough unless you decreased a lot through dialogue. Nasty likes when you’re emotional / chaotic and Caja likes when you’re good. You only need to talk to them when the parameters are met and then give your answer. 
What you need to complete is: 
Affection level: Idolized 
Chapter 3 

Sewer Rat

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – The Claws. 
This is like a Thieve’s Guild quest. First you need a member’s claw and for that you need to complete either Rat (Outlaw) or Katta (Berserk) quest. If you completed the quest Tramp Confederacy them you have received Rat’s Claw. Then go to the Domed City and talk to Vito, the barkeeper, and he will give you a key. You can now follow the quest to enter the sewers and find the group of thieves. Also Alois is searching for the group and you can snitch them. 

Turned the world upside down.

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Old Obligations. 
Main story achievement. 

Thicker than Water

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed – Showdown with Kallax. 
Main story achievement. 

Balance of Power

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Sealed the fate of Abessa City. 
This is not only a single quest, but a group of quests. There are two faction that group together in the city when the ♥♥♥♥ hits the fan and they are Clerics / Berserkers and Outlaws / Separatists. To reach an outcome you need to exaust all the Domed City quests and always choose a side or you will arrive at a stalemate. 
If you you’re in a stalemate after all quests are completed then you can try killing Alois (Cleric) or Rorik (Berserker) and wait a few days. You will receive a message “You choose a side…” after killing one of them. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed 300 missions. 
It will take time to complete 300 quests and it is better if you do all possible quests before joining a faction. 

Ending Achievements

Instead of playing the game 3 times for all the endings it is better to be find a way to do all of them in a single playthrough. For that you need to lower your cold status throughout the game before reaching the last boss (Hybrid). If you don’t do that then you need to start the game again and play ALL the way to the end. The cold status can ONLY be decreased through dialogue and there is no other way unless you find a way to cheat that. 
Before the fight with last boss you need to have the cold status on purely emotional or expressive (0 – 10). Then you will need to buy at least 950 natural elex. If you need money then you can hunt for monsters and sell their loot. If you have the animal trophy 3 then you will get more items and make much more money. I usually got around 40k per sweep. 
When you reach the Hybrids chamber door, make a save file and go for the first fight. 

Pure Rebel

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Sided against the Hybrid. 
[Secret Achievement] 
**Can be missed** 
When talking with the Hybrid, choose the emotional choices. 

The Third Way

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Fed Mana to the Hybrid. 
[Secret Achievement] 
**Can be missed** 
Reload your save before the Hybrid and drink the natural elex until you reach the neutral cold status. It’s around 450-500 natural elex and after that go for the second fight. When talking with the Hybrid choose the neutral answers. 
Before the fight you might want to make another save because on the next fight you need to drink all the natural elex. 

Beast of Xacor

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Served the Hybrid. 
[Secret Achievement] 
**Can be missed** 
Reload your save again and then drink all the natural elex. You will have the “ice cold” status after this. When talking with Hybrid choose the cold answers. After the fight you will get the Elexetor Armor, the best armor and the only way to get it is through this ending. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Completed ELEX. 
Awarded for finishing the game. 

Cold Achievements

Cold can be decreased only through dialogue and can be increased through dialogue and drinking elex potions. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Cold is 10 or lower. 
**can be missed** 
Have cold status 10 or lower. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Cold value has reached 90 
If you reached ice cold drinking elex potions then you might need a dialogue for it to register and unlock the achievement. 

Faction Achievements

Before joining a faction, it’s better to prepare a way to complete any skill tree in the game. For that you will need lots of money (shards). Explore all the places you can for loot to sell. Depending on your level you might need at least 120k to spend on making elex potions. The skill Haggler can help get lower prices. 
The recipes por making Elex Potion and Strong Elex Potion can be bought in Goliet. Make a save file for this and choose a skill tree that you want to master. Create 20 Strong Elex potions and 100-150 Elex Potions. Next find the teacher of the skill tree and unlock all the skills you can. Just add points on the attributes that you need. Once you get the achievement you can reload and master another skill tree. 
Keep in mind that drinking elex potions will raise your cold. If you raise it too much you might lose one of the endings. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Joined the Berserkers. 
**can be missed** 
I don’t know if you can lock yourself from joining the Berserkers because you need pledges. Be careful of the missions you do. 

Nature Lover

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all Berserker skills. 
**can be missed** 
Master the Berserk skill tree. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Joined the Clerics. 
**can be missed** 
Awarded for joining the clerics. 

Beacon of faith

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all Cleric skills. 
**can be missed** 
Master the Clerics skill tree. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Joined the Outlaws. 
**can be missed** 
Awarded for joining the Outlaws. 

Master criminal

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all Outlaw skills. 
**can be missed** 
Master the Outlaws skill tree. 

Skills Achievements

These are achievements that need a skill unlocked and also achievements that master a skill tree. Check the Faction Achievements about completing all skill trees achievements in one playthrough. 
All skills achievements can be farmed. Ex: If you unlock a chest and reload, it will be counted towards your progress. The same with other skills. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Cracked 50 safes 
You need the Hack skill if you don’t have the safe code. Also check the place you’re in because the safe code can be written on a wall, desk or other object. Having the code also works towards the achievement progress. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
50 successful pickpockets 
Get Pickpocket skill then sneak and steal. Works better on dark places and if the target is sleeping. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Modified weapons 20 times 
Not only modify but also upgrade counts. You need Upgrade Weapon skill and also faction skill that modifies the weapon damage. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Picked 100 locks. 
Requires the Picklock skill. This is one achievement that need some farming. Good luck trying to find 100 chests the “honest” way. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all fighting skills. 
You need 85 Strength, 85 Dexterity, 90 Constituion, 50 Intelligence and 40 Cunning to master it. This is the hardest of the skill trees to master. 

Natural Survivor

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all survival skills. 
To master it you need Strength 55, Constitution 85, Dexterity 45, Intelligence 55 and Cunning 60. 

Flexible friend

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all dexterity skills. 
This is the Craft skill tree and you need Strength 60, Constitution 40, Dexterity 85, Intelligence 60 and Cunning 55. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Learned all character skills. 
Personality skill tree and you need Strength 53, Constitution 40, Dexterity 45, Intelligence 70 and Cunning 85. 

Explorer Achievements

These achievements can be done when exploring Magalan. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Killed 50 people 
[Secret Achievement] 
Any human npc count, even reavers. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Teleported 20 times 
Teleports are like fast travels in ELEX. They are very useful. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Reached level 20. 
If you reached this level then you really like this game. 

Pack leader

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
5 companions 
[Secret Achievement] 
Awarded after recruiting 5 companions. Check the map for locations. 
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Fallen to death 20 times. 
Just dive to your doom 20 times. 

Honorary Citizen

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Played 80 hours of Elex. 
Only gameplay counts. If you’re in the menu it won’t count. Also if you iddle the game then it returns to the menu. 

The Big G / Shard hoarder / Big Earner

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Earned 1000 / 10,000 / 100,000 Elex shards. 
Animal Trophy make these achievements easy to get. 

Up and Away

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
First jet pack flight 
On the fist area of the game you get this. Also the first achievement we get in this game. 

Picture Album

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Collected 20 pictures. 
You must collect those numbered photos that are scattered on Magalan. There are some guides here on Steam that shows were to find them. 

Hunter / Slayer / Big Game Hunter

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Killed 20 / 300 / 1000 monsters. 
You get this achievement easy late game when monsters are easy to kill. Early game you can kill rats to fell powerful killing a creature in one blow. They also count. 

Friend or Foe

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Killed 20 Albs. 
You will get this easy playing the game. 

Thief taker

ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Killed 20 bandits. 
This will also be easy if you explore the map. There is a lot of Reavers out there. Go to the lighthouse in Tavar for a funny scene with them. 


ELEX 100% Achievement Guide 
Found Calaan 
You can receive this as a quest from Eva at the Hort. In her first quest she asks you for a book in the Cathedral library. Then later she will give you the “Road to Calaan” quest. The written clues named “The Four houses” are for the code to the door were you find Calaan and the photos are the location of the next clue. There are 9 in total. 
If you’re lost then there are guides for the Calaan achievement. 

Hints & Tips


  • Find a companion as soon as you can. 
  • Save before a dialogue and explore it’s options. 
  • Quests can wait to be completed, it’s safe to get more levels and return. 
  • Some quests can be completed by other means like pickpocketing an item. 
  • Get Animal trophy ASAP to get money. 
  • Melee can be a killer when you do longer combos. The damage will increase and also stun the enemy. 
  • Explosives weapons and grenades are good if you’re in a safe place. 
  • Upgrade your weapons for better damage. 
  • Do not modify the damage of a weapon if it can be upgraded because when you upgrade a weapon you lose the modifier. 
  • Eat food to regain lost health out of combat, save potions for when you really need it. 
  • Good Eater perk doubles the healing effects of food items. 
  • Do not sell Elex potions and natural elex. They are too much valuable. 
  • Small Elex Potions are worthless, combine them to make Elex Potions.


Final Words

Thanks for reading the guide. I hope it help with this game because it can be hard when we start to play it. Later you can get your revenge on Magalan’s creatures. 
I will update the guide when something new shows up. 

Written by Garion X

This is all for ELEX 100% Achievement Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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