Town of Salem The Ultimate SK Guide

Town of Salem The Ultimate SK Guide 1 -
Town of Salem The Ultimate SK Guide 1 -
SK is hard. It’s solo killing and you’re on your own. But is it really that difficult?




  • You WILL struggle if you are attacked N1 as it limits what you can claim significantly. 
  • You will not be visiting anyone for the majority of the game, LO’s can easily become your enemy. 
  • You will not always be able to stay hidden as long as you’d like. 
  • You’re practically a spectator the majority of the game

Other than that, this strategy is pretty good. 

Your Bff: The Cautious Button

The cautious button is now your best friend. 
The main goal of hitting the cautious button is to remain hidden. You don’t want the mafia to know that there is a SK for as long as possible. If they don’t know there is an SK the town will focus on the mafia and the mafia to focus on lying. Notice how neither group is looking for you and this will become your biggest strength. 


Now that we have gotten the most important part out of the way we need to focus on our strategies for when people inevitably ask for our role either by vfr-ing (vote for role) or invest revealing us. There are a couple of ways to go about this. 

The default

This is normally a burden to claim as SK but since we haven’t killed yet no one has any reason to sus us. This is becoming harder though as more mafia are realizing that town doesn’t like to hang doc claims unless there’s an SK and the player base won’t tolerate this for long (right now it is safe though). Just keep the below in mind and you will be good until you reveal 

  • You will not post everyday, you aren’t visiting anyone and if LO is on the same person that you say you were on you’re ♥♥♥♥♥♥. 
  • You will more than likely be attacked after claiming. This is the only time you will put self in your will. 
  • On the off chance that a high value target comes out such as jailor or bg and dies town is going to ask why you didn’t heal them. You’re excuse will be that consort RBD you. Find the first person that refutes this and push them as mafia HARD (exe style). Hang them if they seem like mafia and if they seem inno tell everyone to inno and they’ll usually let you live one more night since you innod them.


Hi I’m “Exe”

I have already written a guide on exe so I will copy and paste my favorite method from there here and tell you the pros and cons to claiming exe. 
Pros: You explain your defense, no one with sense will waste an invest on you/interrogate you, you can not say anything the entire game without comments, you’re “confirmed” (you can’t be too against dying) 
Cons: You’re doing an exe play. This can backfire on you and result in you getting hung. 
The method: 
pick any of the below roles: 
or any role that doesn’t need info to be considered correct 
Now you just plug it into this will format: 
Thank god! Doc saved my life 
N1 [Rando that isn’t target] NS/GF (you saw [target number] set up an ambush) 
Now it’s just as simple as push that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ as hard as you can. 


You can always gamble that an invest won’t find you out. On the off chance that they do just resort to claiming doc and trying to hide your TP status. 

When to kill/Push people


When to kill


It is important to note when you start killing you do not use the cautious button and don’t stop killing 

  • When the mafia is about to get a majority 
  • The mafia is dead 
  • The majority of mafia is dead 
  • There is 6 or less players (with at least one mafia)

The general idea is to start killing when town is absolutely winning and you have confirmed yourself to the best of your ability. Priority targets are usually TP (especially transporters). 

When to push people



  • If you find defense we are on defcon 1. Nuclear war is happening. You need to do everything in your power to make them seem sus. Did we ever confirm x? What did x claim again? X seems kinda sus. The biggest issue with this is we have waited so late in the game it is dangerous to wait another day to avoid the SK not killing issue. You can certainly try it but it’s up to individual decision. 
  • Someone’s will is iffy or hard to verify. Everyday a town is hung is a day you aren’t


Winning the game (Last Day)

Sometimes winning the game will be as simple as killing a town. Other times you can risk creating a stalemate if your opponent has defense. In this case there is one tactic that I have to tell you about before I end this guide. Counting people and kills. You want to keep, ideally, 2 towns alive the last day to vote off the person with defense. If you were to kill in a situation with 3 town and 1 mafia then there would only be 1 left and he would decide who would win, potentially putting all our hard work in the trash bin. If we keep 2 town alive the animosity between them and you (who is in theory “confirmed” as not sk) will allow you to sway them to vote the role with defense off. 
This part is probably written very poorly but I need to get this point of when to not kill after killing in your head. The goal is to prevent a stalemate or a situation where 1 town decides the fate of the game. 
Thank you for reading and good luck sk-ing 

Written by Co(o)r

Hope you enjoy the post for Town of Salem The Ultimate SK Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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