PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Map interaction 1 -
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Map interaction 1 -

This guide is meant to help you getting the most when interacting with your map in game


Since the FP2 transition, new players came in touch with PUBG: Battlegrounds videogame. However, despite its best efforts towards this direction, PUBG lacks of clarity in some vital aspects among which there is interaction with map.

Using the map

To begin with, you should access the game settings, switch to “KEY BINDINGS” tab, scroll down to “UI” section and delete both the “Mark my Location” and “Quick Marker” labels to prevent any possible conflict with the map interaction. For fasting deletion of aforementioned labels, you should bind a random key to both of them and, at the end, you should bind that random key to its original label (you might want to use the “M” button which, at the end, should be rebound to “Map” label).

  • TIP: you can use this trick to clear the whole key bindings list of all unwanted and/or duplicated entries so that you will keep it neat and tidy. In this case, don’t forget to save your settings in the PUBG cloud by clicking in the bottom right button so that you can retrieve your custom configuration at any time after a fresh install of the game. Such operation will save not only your key bindings but all other things as well (graphics, audio, control and gameplay) and it will spare you a lot of time.

You are now ready to learn “hidden” commands related to map usage. You might basically perform three actions:

  • Spawn a simple marker: just press and release RMB once anywhere in the map. This will spawn a marker on that point on map and, if it is not much far from your squad mates, they should see it on screen. This is the same as pinging location by pressing the Radio Wheel Message button.
  • Spawn an advanced marker: just hold RMB anywhere in the map and it will open a wheel menu in which you can choose among many icons to set up a specific kind of marker. You can choose among: Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, Vehicle.
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    Just drag your mouse pointer over the desired icon and it will spawn a marker of that type in that point of map but please bear in mind that your squad mates will see these markers in the map only.
  • Draw lines to create a path: whilst holding ALT button, just RMB anywhere in the map for marking point A, then RMB again elsewhere for marking point B and so on until point F. By doing this you can draw a polygon made of up six vertices and five sides. If you are in need to fast delete such path for any reason, just do as following: hold ALT button, RMB anywhere in the map (as if you would mark a new point A), release the ALT button. As soon as you release ALT button, both the path and the new point A will disappear.


Bonus content (hidden game functions)

We would like to provide some hidden game functions that everybody should be aware of:

  • DYNAMIC PINGING SYSTEM: since the map interaction and the pinging system are strictly connected together, we would like to spend some words for such relevant aspect that, if wisely used, might bypass the language barrier among all squad mates and, ultimately, replace the lack of vocal communication with squad mates. As matter of facts, PUBG features a dynamic pinging system that allows player to instantly reveal a generic point on screen or specific game elements (vehicle, crate, weapon, equipment etc.) to all nearest squad mates. You just need to aim at desired location or item and press the “Radio Wheel Message” button (default key is “F3”): this will spawn an on-screen marker visible to all nearest squad mates (this is the same as putting a “simple marker” in the map as explained in previous paragraph). Once the marker ceased its function, it can be deleted to clean the screen up.
  • HANDING-OVER ITEMS: when accessing the “Radio Wheel Message”, players can shout they are in need either of cures or of specific ammo for the current wield weapon. This goes beyond a generic shout because nearest squad mate might really toss some of requested items to friend in need just by pressing the interaction key when both of players are in a reasonably short distance. This can be done even if players are running and without needing to stop, access the inventory and dropping the requested item on the ground. Not only this action is useful but it also brings some cinematic feeling in the midst of a gunfight.


Final considerations

If you read this guide so far, you are now acquainted with the best usage of map in PUBG game and you are also acquainted with some “hidden” game functions that are not enough explained by Developers. We hope we turn your squad gaming experience into something more enjoyable than before.
Credits aknowledgement: even if it is an hobby, writing guide in an accessible way to everyone is not an easy task and requires time and energy. If you liked this guide, please consider rating it in order to let us know that our work is useful at least to you. If you are in need to reproduce this guide in any document of yours, please consider giving a credit to us by referring to this Steam guide. Thanks.

Written by Doktor Headshot

This is all for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Map interaction hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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