People Playground Table of Content and Pink Syringe Guide

People Playground Table of Content and Pink Syringe Guide 1 -
People Playground Table of Content and Pink Syringe Guide 1 -
This guide will mainly be utilizing the liquidentifier, a machine added in the update day before yesterday (6/19/2021), it likely won’t be updated unless someone tells me to (I have a terrible memory), It will cover the names, uses, effects, and sources of serums, poisons, and other liquids.



This guide will mainly be listing the effects of the pink syringe. 

Table of Contents

Here I will be listing the liquids (I won’t add anything except pink syringe effects unless someone tells me.). 
Bone eating Poison 
Circulation Poison 
Crushing Poison 
Combustion Agent 
Durability Serum 
Distortion Poison 
Enhancing Serum 
Freeze Poison 
Inert Pink Liquid 
Instant Death Poison 
Life Serum 
Muscle Poison 
Mirrorising Agent 
Mass Agent 
Numbing Poison 
Regeneration Serum 
Transparency Agent 
Tissue Deconstruction Agent 
Ultra Strength Serum 
Vestibular Poison 
I personally can’t really find anything else, so I’m just going to explain them now. 
Also if you find any super high concentrations of effects like above 50% please send them to me. 


Bone eating Poison 
It breaks every bone in the victims body. 
Circulation Poison 
It makes the victims limbs detach after a few seconds, arms, legs torso, head. 
Crushing Poison 
The victim bursts. 
Distortion Poison 
Distorts the victims size, eventually turning them into an abomination that should be burned to death. 
Freeze Poison 
It stiffens the victim aggresively 
Instant Death Poison 
It instantly kills the victim. 
Muscle Poison 
I’m not exactly sure, it probably does the same as the bone eating poison except it doesn’t break the bones. 
Numbing Poison 


Durability Serum: 
It seems to get rid of rot, and make a person’s integrity go really high. 
Enhancing Serum: 
It’s unclear what it does. 
Life Serum: 
It can completely heal most wounds. 
Regeneration Serum: 
It seems to just be life serum, although it may have other effects. 
Ultra Strength Serum: 
Makes them more durable and can cause immortality, if the concentration is higher than 35%. 


Combustion Agent: 
For some reason, combustion agent is not very volatile in fact unless it’s 10-20% or above, it doesn’t seem to do anything, by the way, combustion is the process of something burning. 
I just recently found out that for some reason certain other effects will completely cancel out the effects of the combustion agent, but it works even at 0.5%. 
Mirrorising Agent: 
It seems to make the victim flail about. 
Mass Agent: 
While I don’t completely know, since I never get more than 4% of this, I’m pretty sure it reverses the victim’s gravity. 
Transparency Agent: 
I don’t know. 
Tissue Deconstruction Agent: 
It’s absolutely killer, no matter the concentration It will rip and tear, any human will completely collapse into a pile of limbs. 

Written by Syncrios

Here we come to an end for People Playground Table of Content and Pink Syringe Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Transparency Agent makes lasers go through the subject.
    Mirrorising Agent does the opposite, making them reflective to lasers.
    Numbing poison makes them numb.
    Based on your description I would guess Muscle Poison disables the subject’s muscles.
    There is also a new Poison, Vestibular Poison.

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