People Playground Armour Information Guide

People Playground Armour Information Guide 4 -
People Playground Armour Information Guide 4 -
This guide is all about armour!


Items you can use.

Number 1 you want an item list for your armour. The thing about all the different items is they all give different penetration values. The items i would recommend is
1. Bullet proof plate
2. metal rod
3. Stick

Ive done these in order of most protective and most heavy that means If you use bullet proof plates you will get some of the best protection but at the cost of the plates being heavy. Now you could remove the weight of the items but the problem with this is that the human will act really weird I.E Wont fall properly and could get blasted back by bullets. Dont get me wrong using weightlessness is good if you use it on a few different parts but you still need weight.

Now again this list of items you should use can be Anything! Ive heard of the 2ft Poles and the large pistons being used as armour, And you dont need to use my list but thats just what ive come up with.

People Playground Armour Information Guide

How to put the armour together.

Now you could make armour that just slots onto a person but that’s not as fast as assembling it on the person. So what i would do is grab your items you were going to use and place them up to the chest. If they are too big resize them to the persons chest and then freeze time. From here grab whatever connector you want AKA having the armour be destructible and non destructible and attach it to the top of the persons body. No where else just the top. This will stop a lot of different problems from arising Such as but not limited to the persons spine neck and legs all snapping.

For the helmet just make a helmet shape and attach it to the head. Simple as that, Shape it so it goes over the head and then wire all the parts together and then wire to the head unless you want to take off the helmet sometimes. I would be careful about having the helmet not strapped to the persons head But only if your using heavy items.

Now leg armour is one of the hardest things to do because you cant have it stick to the legs, if you do then you need to turn off collisions and if you do that the bullets go straight through. No you need to make almost a kilt and it would help if you use something not heavy. Grab your components and rope them together so they can still rotate then rope them to the bottom of the chest piece. There you go You now have made the leg armour

People Playground Armour Information Guide


This also goes for Tanks and other vehicles that you would like to make Alto i would use a real car/tank tutorial if i was you.

And the way you can get arms to go through the armour is by disabling colliers on them.

The tests you should do are
1. The shot test. Use the squares in the background as a measurement, They are 1 meter per.
2. The blast test. Again use the squares in the background as a measurement and place bombs closer and closer in till the person cant survive the blast anymore.
3. The fall test is just chucking them from increasing higher and higher places.

People Playground Armour Information Guide

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