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K-Lev does nothing, so there is a solution.

Desperate times require desperate measures!

If you have problems with "The Last File", section (, where K-Lev should be making a beeping sound or his tale must react, Move your cursor towards the right folder But, for some reason, nothing happens regardless of what you do). Here's how to end this episode the other direction.
The file Lumi searches for is essential for the walkthrough. In the event of its deletion, the game crashes.
All you have to do is delete the folders (from the main folder,), one by one. Keep their names in mind and you'll soon find the correct one. (The game will crash if you don't delete the correct folder.)
Update: This puzzle can be solved in a much simpler manner – comment below.
(Shortly, check the sizes of the folders one by one. There is one folder that is larger then 0 bits. Continue this process in every other folder until you have the file that is greater than 0 bits).
Spoiler for those who don’t want to do it all themselves:
To locate the file Lumi needs, you can open the next folders.
Next, drag the file into the last folder to Lumi.


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