Prototype How to Remove FPS Limit

Prototype How to Remove FPS Limit 1 -
Prototype How to Remove FPS Limit 1 -

This –
Change the path to match yours.
If you open this game with your monster computer and wonder why it runs at 25 frames per second, it's because it listens all HID devices that burden the CPU (is a BS if it asks me:)
Currently, there are 3 known workarounds.

  • Copy input8.dll and then be pissed at the fact that it hasn't changed (. It injects an XML, which I suppose should change the security restrictions of) in terms of listening to HID device).
  • By going to the device manger manually and disabling all devices referred to as "HID compliant consumer control device", you may lose some functionality (or time).
  • Use my lil script:D to disable any HID-compliant devices. Then run the game and then enable all HID device in the background after a three second delay.

This is a powershell PS () script. Please use Windows Vista or higher (.)
You will need:

  • A file containing the actual script, (.ps1 extension:).
  • This shortcut will run the script with Admin permissions. You can create a mock game shortcut to run the script (. It is not for powershell but it will work.

Both files are available in
This link – []
If you are skeptical, I have also added the code directly below.
First, the shortcut. I used the prototype game icon as the shortcut and entered the following information in the Target field:

C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -noLogo -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -file "C:\Users\yourUserName\Desktop\script.ps1"

You should run the shortcut as admin. You can set it as administrator under Shortcut->Advanced.
The script is complete.

#Requires -RunAsAdministrator

$gamePath = X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Prototype\prototypef.exe <----Enter your game path here and don't paste this comment

$hidDevices = Get-PnpDevice -FriendlyName 'HID-compliant consumer control device' -status OK

Disable-PnpDevice -Confirm:$false -InstanceId $hidDevices.InstanceId

$gamePath | Invoke-Expression

Start-Sleep -s 3

Enable-PnpDevice -Confirm:$false -InstanceId $hidDevices.InstanceId

If you need to use a Batch file, you can convert the script using some PS wizardry.
This blog linkedIn – []



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