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NIMBY Rails Real Rail Resources 1 -
NIMBY Rails Real Rail Resources 1 -
A collection of resources for those re-creating real life rail networks. Mainly UK focused at the moment.



I wanted to start to put together a list of useful resources for those wanting to create real life networks. At the moment this will mainly be UK focused, but if you have suggestions on websites to add then please put them in the comments and I will endeavour to add them. 

General Sites

General sites for railways worldwide include: – based off of openstreetmap (the source of Nimby Rails map) but with a rail focus. Has information about location of actual tracks, line speeds and detailed signal information for Germany and Finland. Does contain inaccuracies though, worth using alongside other websites. 
Google Maps– Not the most useful but satellite view can give you some idea on line layout. – Some very detailed maps of various places, mainly France but also London, a few other European cities, Dubai, LA and some Canadian networks. 
Wikipedia – Certainly the pages for the UK rail companies have good information on routes/lines run by each operator. 

UK Resources – Very detailed information on train running in the UK. Can be useful to:

  • Look at services from a particular station 
  • Look up exact details of routes including which platform or line a route uses 
  • Look at future timetables to get a clearer picture.

In my own game I am trying to re-create off-peak UK services, so use RTT set with the times between say 1100 and 1200 next Monday to see what would typically be running, and use that to set up line routes and timings. Nimby can’t change routes/frequencies during the day at the moment, but it is still useful. RTT can also give you an idea of how long a train stays at a particular station, and how long real trains take to run the whole line. – A real time schematic of where every train in the UK is. The “map” is useful as a way of double checking where openrailmap is missing crossings/switches etc., but doesn’t really give you much help as to where things are in relation to the Nimby map. Also has detailed information on the location of real signals, but I add a big caveat that real signal systems are far more complex than what you can build in Nimby at the moment. – another source for similar information to RTT and raildar, just in a different format. 

Written by Julexus Quandem

This is all for NIMBY Rails Real Rail Resources hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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