Red Solstice 2: Survivors Basic Guide and Information about Medic

Red Solstice 2: Survivors Basic Guide and Information about Medic 1 -
Red Solstice 2: Survivors Basic Guide and Information about Medic 1 -
Primary Role – Healz
Secondary Role – Healing

Gapfill – Support



The medics primary focus will be on supporting the team by keeping everyone alive. Its not a bad idea to have a couple of medics on the team. You will need the support of your teammates to stay alive. It is not recommended for a new player to solo at all with this class. Many games the team will spread at wave 1 to get objectives. Medics should go with whoever is going tot he main objective. stay withing sprint range of them and loot stuff, or tackle the main yourself. I don’t like doing that as medic because you could look up and they got distracted by a shiny and are no longer in place to support you. 
Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] 

  • Lots of armor resistance, Cant have a medic going down. 
  • Lots of movement speed, Medic has a hard time taking sprint so a 4.5 base movement helps you get to teammates that need help 
  • Lots of heal options, this build has 3 heals and 1 revive and a SELF heal. Your self heal acts as a combat modifier as well, so if your team is doing well put points here. also on early stages you may want points here

The basic medic is able to do all the things that an advanced medic can, just not as well. Some more experienced medics will scream at me for not having cleanse ailments to which i will tell them to make their own guide. If you feel that strongly, just remove First Aid and add it. There, easy, Some people (even myself) will scream because there aren’t 4 skills, but basic medic doesn’t have 4 skills i can recommend taking. go with 3 and get the extra armor. As soon as you unlock heal drone i would add that to your bottom list. or chem bomb added to your middle list if you want more offense stuff. 
Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] 
1. Points in the Skill Tree 

  • Heals Heals Heals Heals 
  • 1 point in HealGun and HealDrone Keep you away from danger 
  • Not nearly as tanky as basicbuild BUT you don’t HAVE to be on top of the person you need to heal 
  • Harvest Acts as a ranged heal as well, cast it and let the bullets heal your teammates as they shoot. 
  • Clear trash mobs and hurt big baddies with flamer to keep allies alive. Frostbite does the same thing but with stuns so is more focused on big baddies.


Advanced Builds

Life Alert 
Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] 

  • Playing with a bunch of grandmas that keep falling down. 
  • Literally it, no reason to play this unless the group your playing with dies every 15 seconds. But when someone suggest lets do a harder difficulty… your gonna need some revives.

Second Medic 
Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] 

  • Chem bomb (or swap for tissue scanner) get most of my points here 
  • Loot and run around like assault. your focus isnt healing so much until your grouped up. 
  • Still have a lot of healing

I’m An Assault 
Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] 

  • Lots of team support skills 
  • If your first medic is very very good at healing this gives you a lot of support. 
  • Lots of secondary choices to meet your teams needs. Obviously don’t take extender if your taking frostbite. Missile swarm is good, save your decomposer stacks and swarm missiles to instagib a big baddie.






This is your primary Gun skill. Reload Time, damage, overwatch. Pairs very nicely with the breach shotgun. 
Medical Steroids 
This is paticularly good if you know your team is going to use a lot of energy. It can buff the regeneration of energy for the entire team to about DOUBLE when your on the move. HP regeneration and MV Speed make this a classic choice for a second medic. 
Smoke Grenade 
Nice low point low investment skill that you can use to make your team run faster. If you slow mobs behind you then its easier for the people in the rear to catch up. This skill requires a very HIGH level of team coordination to use effectively and only gives you a moderate return for investment. 
AKA Tank helper. It does a burst of damage to clear trash mobs and lowers the damage dealt by the big baddies. Due to cool down you have to build your medic around this skill if your taking it because your going to want 5 points into it. 



Chemical Bomb 
This one is a Great trash clear, I take it a lot on single player, because you tend to get waves of enemies when you get to an objective. don’t use it as much on multiplayer because you tend to have dedicate trash clearer 
I don’t like this skill, but you can play pokemon with it or something 
Tissue Decomposer 
This takes some skill to use properly, Basically you run around and hit green icons on your screen, then pop your active skill on a boss to make it easy to gun down. 
Tissue Scanner 
This one makes monsters take more damage after being scanned. great support skill 



It uhh, heals? And your playing medic? why is this not on you? 
Heal Gun 
When you really need to reach out and touch some one to save their life. 
Guardian Drone 
This one is interesting. You can cast it in front of you when trying to run through biomass. I see it having some decent applications for high infestation games but its not something you would take with a game with little / no coordination 
Instantly gets your buddie up. If a tank or a critical damage dealer goes down, this could be useful. most of the time its high energy cost makes it a bit restrictive for primary medic 
Heal Drone 
I like this but most of the medic mains i play with do not. Its kind of a cast and forget skill. I tend to leave it on the tank most the time. not the greatest healing but its heal over time is pretty useful cause i don’t have to think about it. 

Written by Lord Poodle Moth

Here we come to an end for Red Solstice 2: Survivors [Medic] hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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