Mon Bazou Useful Tips

Mon Bazou Useful Tips 1 -
Mon Bazou Useful Tips 1 -

Helpful ideas.

The Tips…..

1. When transporting gas can always keep it in the cab of your truck.
2. Sugar Shack site is located down the trail behind your trailer ( must cut down pine trees to build it).
3. To gain access to scrapyard you must be at 25 friendship with Jacques.
4. Buy all the protein!!! It’s worth it.
5. Spending money to get sugar shack running is well worth it.
6. If you do not like the grey seats in Konig DON”T buy new ones. Just get black spray paint and paint them black works- all the same.
7. The small boat at the dock has a little gas in it, so don’t buy the boat right away. Take it for a test ride (Just not for too long) :).
8. Do not drive Konig fast on dirt because you will wreck.
9. The old race car in the junkyard is almost out of gas, so don’t drive it anywhere until you fill it up with gas form the gas can.
10. Rust under the Konig is not fixable. So just buy new parts.
11 There are tires in the scrapyard. They are hidden in the tire pile.
12. Always have your gas can filled up.
13. If you want to lift your car up in the garage to see under it better, stick the old rusty tires under the front or back.
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