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Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide 1 -
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide 1 -

Trees, what are they good for anyways? A lot in the game, and this guide will give you some good tips and uses for trees!

The Humble Tree

Trees, they are a plant with many uses. You can use them to build a house, use as firewood, sell the logs or firewood for money, and much more! Knowing how to properly use trees is important, as it will help you make choices and decisions about how and when to use your bark-covered assets.
This guide will go over the tree types, their optimal uses, and other strategies and planning tips!


This is a HUGE mistake I see all the time: USE THE PRUNING LOPPERS!
Trees are NOT renewable, they do NOT grow back on their own. You need to purchase and use Pruning loppers to cut off a bit of the tree that you can use to regrow it. Get them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to prevent irreversible damage!
Here is what they look like for a reference:
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide - USE THE PRUNING LOPPERS! - 881991B
Using them, you may cut down as many trees as you wish, just use the loppers on the tree before cutting it down!

Types of Tree

There are three types of trees available for use:
Birch, Pine, and Maple
Each tree has a different general use case and value. Each tree will be covered in its own section. Each section will have a general basic use case for each tree, the value of the logs and of the firewood, and such other facts.
Each tree gives a specific amount of logs and each log splits into 2 pieces of firewood. In the prices for logs and firewood, the parenthesis () indicate how much is earned if selling the whole tree as that type.
All trees grow at the same rate, in about 2 weeks regardless of weather conditions, position, or type of tree.

A note about firewood

Firewood, no matter the type all burns for the same length of time. A Birch firewood burns as long as a Maple does as long as a Pine one does.

Birch: The Paper Tree

Number of logs dropped: 9
Log Value: 8$ (72$)
Firewood Value: 5$ (90$)
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide - Birch: The Paper Tree - 9EF33BD
Birch trees are by far the least-cost effective tree. They give a low payment compared to other options and are generally best used as only firewood for burning not for selling. However, they grow pretty fast and don’t take up a lot of space, meaning with a dense enough configuration you could theoretically make some money with them. Generally however… they are best used for burning.

Pine: Big n Sturdy

Number of logs dropped: 6
Log Value: 15$ (90$)
Firewood Value: 7$ (84$)
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide - Pine: Big n Sturdy - F78E1BF
Pine trees are big trees, however they are only big vertically, making them great for dense setups. However, the logs they produce are VERY large and hard to transport. Due to the pine’s strength however, the logs are the most valuable, so valuable in fact cutting it for firewood is by far the worst choice you can do. Pine’s strength lends it for being used to build small shacks or houses, so sell the logs directly or use them for building rather then for firewood.

Maple: Money makers

Number of logs dropped: 14
Log Value: 10$ (140$)
Firewood Value: 8$ (224$)
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide - Maple: Money makers - E6B1545
Maple trees are by far the best money makers to use. Using maple trees to sell for firewood nets you massive profits due to the high price and sheer number you get, however maple trees have another money making use. Maple trees can be tapped for their maple water, which can be evaporated away and made into Maple Syrup which can put you into a very tough position. Chopping them down is a good source of instant money, however the Syrup can be sold for a more consistent income.

Using maple for syrup reasons

Maple trees main use is for making Maple Syrup via evaporation of the water contents away. This can be a hard process to do, it can be time consuming, but the potential profits that can be made are eye-watering to say the least.
It may be tempting to just tap the trees where they stand right away, but DO NOT DO THAT. It is a massive waste of space, money, and time. It is a much better idea to simply lop off maple trees to replant them, cut and clear the area you wish to grow in, and replant them in a much more efficient pattern, such as this:
Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide - Using maple for syrup reasons - 2A16951
With the blue dot representing the vacuum pump, and the black dots representing trees. A zig-zag pattern nets you the densest configuration for the most optimal space efficiency, and also means you don’t need to buy costly piping stands for long-distances.
They are not T-Shaped! They have 2 Attachment points, one on the side and one straight out.


Birch: Good for firewood, and nothing else
Pine: Good for selling the logs raw, don’t use for firewood
Maple: Overall a very good money making tree
Thank you for reading this quick guide! Hopefully it gives you some knowledge and insight!

Hope you enjoy the post for Mon Bazou Tree uses Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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