Mon Bazou Stock Konig + Bolts Info & Modified Konig

Mon Bazou Stock Konig + Bolts Info & Modified Konig 1 -
Mon Bazou Stock Konig + Bolts Info & Modified Konig 1 -

literally what it says on the tin, this is as of 0.256 and is subject to change. thumbnail mostly unrelated

Why Did I Decide To Make This?

I made this guide because i thought it’d be interesting, now onto the actual guide part

Stock Konig

The stock Konig has quite a few bolts, lets list them all here
-2 on the bumper (if you’ve installed it)
-4 on the hood/bonnet
-4 on the trunk/boot
-4 for the doors, 2 per side
-8 on the seats, 4 per seat
-1 on the steering wheel
-20 on the wheels, 5 per wheel
-8 on the brakes, 2 per caliper
-20 on the shocks, 5 per shock
-4 on the rear A-Arms, 2 per A-Arm
-6 on the front A-Arms, 3 per A-Arm
-6 on the exhaust manifold
-2 on the exhaust pipe
-2 on the exhaust muffler
-8 on the differential
-2 on each swaybar (front and rear)
-4 for the air intake
-4 for the engine
-4 on the wheel hubs, 1 per hub
69 (nice) 12mm bolts and 4 20mm bolts

Modified Konig

the main difference in the stock and modified konig that change the number of bolts are as follows
if the passenger seat is removed take 4 bolts off the total
if the ITB or turbo intakes are installed remove 1 bolt that used to hold in the air filter
if the turbo kit is fully installed add 2 bolts for the intercooler
if the spoiler is added add another 2 bolts for it (it used to be 4 bolts but Santa Goat changed it)
other than that all performance components use the same amount of bolts as their stock counterparts
so our total now comes out to
68 12mm bolts and 4 20mm bolts

Written by Tom

Hope you enjoy the post for Mon Bazou Stock Konig + Bolts Info & Modified Konig, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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