MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries List if All Mods in Game

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries List if All Mods in Game 1 -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries List if All Mods in Game 1 -

If you want to get MW5 looking, playing, and running all a little bit better, but you dont know where to start and you dont want to drastically change anything, this non exhaustive list of mods are ordered starting from most useful to simply optional, based on yours truly’s experience.
Some of these are available on the Workshop, but for convenience I only used Nexus Mods links.

  1. XenoPax Optimize 2.5 – [] 
    “Attempts to correct optimization issues found in PGI’s mesh files, to produce a smoother, better-performing experience in MW5.”
  2. Battle FX Enhanced – [] 
    “Battle FX Enhanced is a visual overhaul of many of the games visual elements: Weapon effects, impact effects, explosions, materials, new and improved cockpit glass, color grading and more.”
    This mod is the only I’ve found that reduced weapon impact effects, and does so while improving many other aspects of the game, cutting out the need for several other mods.
  3. Better Spawns – [] 
    “Changes spawn behavior of mechs, tanks, helis, turrets, and vtols.”
    This makes the spawning system in the game slightly more efficient, among other things.
    A 3rd version is in the works but doesnt seem to work currently.
  4. Global Lighting Enhanced – [] 
    “A mod which reduces the indirect global lighting and increases direct lighting from the sun and emitters.”
    Running this with Raytracing on and Raytraced reflections and shadows turned “off” on supporting GFX cards is reported to give a performance boost, as well as looking great.
  5. Star Map Mouse Over Mission Logos – [] 
    “Adds the Contracting Party logo, OpFor Logo, Difficulty rating and Max tonnage to the mouse over on the Star Map.”
  6. In The Pit – [] 
    This fixes a lot of camera issues, among other things.
  7. Improved Mech Shader – [] 
    “Tweaks the material of all the mech paint to less uniform more dirty and the metal darker like in MWO.”
  8. Mech Lights – [] 
    Adds a hotkey that allows you to cycle between 3 external light modes.
  9. Sounds of the Succession Wars Audio Overhaul – [] 
    “A total audio overhaul of MW5 with emphasis on power, immersion, industrial with hints of realism.”
  10. Precision sights (Unofficial Update) – [] 
    “MindlessVictim’s Precision Sights mod updated to work with the new patch. All credit goes to MindlessVictim”
  11. Salvage Percent Max (Almost) – [] 
    “…because if you kill it, it should be available.”
  12. Scary Tanks – [] 
    “Changes existing and new tanks to have structure, armor and turret components, volumetric rescaling and optional AMS. Adds new tank and VTOL variants.”
    Along with adding some variety with some obviously absent vehicles, the meat of this mod is that it makes vehicles tougher, in line with the tabletop version of Battletech, where vehicles have facings (such as front armour, turret, etc.) and a vehicle is only destroyed after it loses any one facing.
  13. Staying Tank Wrecks – [] 
    “Destroyed tank wreckages will not disappear, and with fire crackle sounds attached to the wrecks”
    Comes with a version specifically to support Scary Tank.

    At this point were clearly into the optional mods.

  14. No Dialog HUD – [] 
    “A simple edit that removes/hides the (rather annoying) NPC comms image/txt dialog box that popups above your targeting redicule eveytime there is spoken dialog.”
  15. Remove Green Pickup Zone Ring – [] 
    “Removes the green pickup zone ring”
  16. Co-Op Rewards – [] 
    “Gives rewards to clients in co-op.”
  17. Hatchetman Battlemech – [] 
    Adds the Hatchetman to the game, well made, fits into the lore, nuff said.


The List

Well the list is here obviously.

Written by Canniballistic

This is all for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries List if All Mods in Game hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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