MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Mods list

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Mods list 1 -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Mods list 1 -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries modlist



Originally posted by Nicholas Kerensky:

True warriors do not follow paths, they make them. It is not just their desire, it is their nature.



Updates the AI of both enemy mechs and your Lancemates AI to perform better in combat. New behaviors and logic to seem more human, and jumpjets enabled. No more circle of death. This combines both the prior EnemyAI and LancemateAI mods into a more efficient less bug prone package. 
Volumetric Re-scale for Mechs and Tanks 
Re-scales the mechs across the board to become more consistent with how mass and volume work, which is also close to lore proportions. 
Overhaul of the game using some rules from Battletech handbooks. 
No Friendly Fire 
Removes friendly fire from allied mech units. Non-mech allies and enemies can still receive damage from their teammates. 
Better Spawns 
Changes spawn behavior of mechs, tanks, helis, turrets, and vtols. 
Better Negotiation 
Increases negotiation points and how many can be spent in each category. 
More Mech Salvage 
Changes the values of mech chances of becoming salvage, generally more mechs will appear in salvage window. 
Reputation Level Cap Increase 
Increases reputation level cap from 15 to 30 and provides better rewards at the higher levels. 
Configurable Contracts 
!! Now with difficulty rating adjustment! !! 
Allows players the freedom to customise their own mercenary experience. Adjust Salvage Shares, CBill rewards and shares, tonnage, negotiation points, difficulty rating and reputation by scaling the in game values. Make it more generous or scroogey, more random or less random, whatever suits you. 
MW5 Mercs Reloaded 
This mod aims to first and foremost bring back the much needed detailed mech customization to MW5, along with new gameplay features. 
MW5 Inverse Kinematics for legs 
Puts new functions in place to enable dynamic Inverse Kinematics for legs 
Hangar Spawn Location 
This mod will spawn you at the top on the walkway. Also moves Fahad so you don’t need to go down to talk to him. 
In-Game Timer Overhaul 
Applying some fixes to the in-game timer so it doesn’t take years, if not decades, to get things done. 
Jump Tactics 
AI jump jet combat tactics. 
Increases the acceleration curves for mechs. This makes the first step a little slow but then they are much faster. Locust in vanilla takes ~5.5 seconds to reach max speed of 130kph from a stop. By adjusting the curves I have that down to 3.7 seconds. This lets light mechs avoid periods in which they are slow and easy to shoot. 
Conflict Zone Difficulty Mod 
Missions generate from 5-100 difficulty in all conflict zones, tonnage increased to 400 for all generated missions, and a custom pilot and ‘mech reward are added to the mission Last Man Standing. 
Hireable Pilots At Industrial Hubs Changes 
Choose either Hireable Elite Pilots At Any Industrial Hubs or Better Progressive Hireable Pilots 

Visuals and Graphics

Weather Improvement Mod 
1.3: Nights are actually dark, weather is now realistically harsh (extreme snow is a blizzard), and the ridiculously fast cloud speed is slowed down. This mod is compatible with all known mods. You’ll also experience crystal clear days where you can admire the beauty of the maps. More time of day options added to some biomes. 
Randomly generated biomes will have random weather effects 
Randomly generated biomes will have random weather effects. Note that each biome loaded can have only 1 weather effect happen at a time. (e.g. clear skies, cloudy, raining, hailstorms, electric sandstorms and the such) 
Bigger Critical Explosions 
Substantially increases the size of a Mech’s reactor explosion. 
Leopard Expanded Interior 
This mod Expands the Interior of the Leopard Dropship, adding in new Facilities and Rooms allowing for Players to explore their Dropship Fully. 
Biome Heat Effects 
Despite occasional lancemate dialogue to the contrary, mission environment in vanilla MW5 does not affect heat dissipation. The mission climate will now change how quickly heat dissipates for all mechs. This is a beta release as it needs fine tuning, looking forward to feedback! @Sketch on the official MW5 discord channe 
Ultra Visual and Weatherl 
Improvements to the visual (Volumetric fog, AO, shadow, lighting and post processing) and more extreme weather effects 
Source HD Texture 
Replace some of the textures by higher resolution one from the source file of the game 
Prime8’s Distinct WeaponFX 
Visual changes of weapon FX, to make them more distinct. 
Improved Laser Beam Visuals 
Gives laser beams a make over. More visibility and higher intensity. 
Clear Night Vision 
Clear Night Vision changes the in-game night vision to have better clarity. Versions include infrared monochrome green or enhanced color similar to color CMOS security cameras and modern NV systems. 
Prime8’s Botanic Splendor 
Biome vegetation overhaul. 

Music and sound effects

MechWarrior2 Music Reimagined 
Music replacement mod that combines the music of Mechwarrior 2 / Mercenaries / Ghost Bear’s Legacy with the game’s music engine, allowing for smooth transitions of music during gameplay. Old-school ‘mech tunes to merc’ to! 
DeadxEye’s MW2 and MW2 Mercenaries Betty Mod 
This mod replaces nearly all existing MW5 Betty voice dialogue with MW2 and MW2: Mercenaries Betty dialogue, game sounds, and voice acting when necessary. Plus, a few optional cockpit sound changes. 
Mech Commander 2 REMASTER Sound mod and Overhaul 
A sound mod that replaces stock sounds with weapon sounds from Mech Commander 2 and more! 
Kh0rn’s Sound Overhaul Mod 
A almost complete sound overhaul of the game, from destruction to weapons to the hanger and beyond every sound has been changed and expanded upon to bring the savage sounds of the succession wars to MW5, Once just a sound mod it has now become a total sound overhaul. Built with power and immersion in mind, strap yourself in and unleash some hell. 
MedsMod Audio Upgrade and Sound Replacement 
Simply the BEST sound upgrade for Mechwarrior 5 (tried em all, trust me). – Professional Quality – . Clarity and depth at all volumes. Immersive-ness of game multiplied. .This is war. Not a merry stroll through lollipop land. And I believe it should sound like a damn war. All Systems Nominal.. 
Cockpit sound overhaul 
A fully built from the ground up audio mod focusing on making one feel as if they are inside of the mechs cockpit rather then the exterior of the machine, entirely new audio from weapons, mechs, environments, UI, Music and a whole lot more, intended to drive the feeling of immersion, so grab your neural helmet and strap your self in! 
Burt’s Sound Mod 
Changes some of the sound effects and music from previous Mechwarrior and Mechcommander Games 
Mork’s Sound Redesign (1.0) 
Sound Overhaul with many additional mechanics aimed at providing a more visceral and immersive experience. 
Tim Seal’s MW2 remastered Mod 
A music replacement mod with Tim Seal’s remastered MW2 music. 
Mork’s Sound Redesign (1.0) 
Sound Overhaul with many additional mechanics aimed at providing a more visceral and immersive experience. 


Yet Another Mech 
Adds all missing mech variants, weapon hardpoints, new color schemes and advanced IS weapons to the game. 
Yet Another Reloaded Mech 
Adds missing MWO Mech variants to the Reloaded mod. 
Scary Tanks 
Changes existing and new tanks to have structure, armor and turret components, volumetric rescaling and optional AMS. Adds new tank and VTOL variants. 
Increased Load out options 
Any weapon in any Slot of the same type, they are now ballistic, laser and missile slots. Second version with a less drastic change, restricts slots to only the next size up. 
Mech Special Abilities 
Adds no Friendly Fire and special abilities to Mechs – Headlights, Cool Shot, Artillery Strike and Bullet-Time with HUD support. 
Hero Mech Hard Points 
Adjusted the hard points of many of the hero mechs to more closely reflect MWO. 


Yet Another Weapon 
Advanced Inner Sphere weapons and equipment. Compatible with Reloaded (works without). Global weapon rebalance by config file. 
Yet Another Weapon Clan 
Adds Clan weapons to the game. 
Phelan’s IS Equipment Pack 
This is an add-on pack that brings in missing IS weapons and equipment (See list of included items in full description). 
Phelan’s Clan Equipment Pack 
This is an add-on pack that brings in Clan weapons and equipment (See list of included items in full description). 
Obscure IS Weapons 
Adds some of the less known inner sphere weapons, like the Magshot Gauss Rifles, Thunderbolt Missiles, and NLRMs. Works with Reloaded’s mechlab. 
TimberWulf’s Apocryphal Weapons pack 
A weapon pack that introduces many apocryphal versions of existing canon weapons AND straight up apocryphal weapons from previous Mechwarrior titles and Mechcommander. 
Thunderbolt launcher 
Adds the Thunderbolt launchers in game (Thunderbolt 5/10/15/20). Available since 3055. 
Lost Colony Tech 
This is a complete overhaul of Raven’sNest but introducing new weapons and also new rare weapons. (uninstall Raven’s Nest to use) 
Reaper’s Civil War Weapons 
Adds a number of post-invasion weapons, tuned for balanced and fun gameplay. 

Pilot Avatars

Revamped Avatars 
This modification contains complete displaced female/male pilot Avatars and revamped generic pilot & employee Avatars for Mechwarrior 5 Mercenarries 
Ryana’s Original Portrait Mod 
Ryana’s portrait is replaced with the original portrait that can be seen in older gameplay videos such as the MechCon 2018 demo. She looks like a true commander in this portrait. This mod is not known to conflict with any existing mods. Special thanks to PGI’s Alex Iglesias for providing the original artwork for this mod. 
Custom Anime Pilots 
Replaces standard Mech Pilot portraits with Anime girls from Kantai Collection / Azur Lane (from Garfield001’s World of Warships mod). 
Radio only (No portrait in mission) 
Remove portraits during mission dialogue 


Precision Sights 
Improved HUD reticules for open sighting and precision aiming even at 1x zoom. 
Compass Heading Numbers 
Adds heading numbers to your compass gauge 
Cockpit Glass 
This mod adds mech cockpit windshield to give a feeling of some barrier between you and the world outside of mech. 
Windshield is influenced by weather effects. Such as rain and ice. 
3D Holographic HUD. 
Enhanced HUD (with Advanced Zoom) 
Enhanced HUD for MW5 with a bunch of new features 
Classic Mechwarrior HUD Layouts 
Hud re-arrangement to look closer to Mechwarrior Online and previous titles. 
Enchanced IS HUD 
My attempt at a HUD change mod. Layout is akin to the MechWarrior Online Inner Sphere HUD. 
Immersive HUD with a more military feel and actual glass panes complete with scratches and smudges. Also provides graphical feedback on both overheating and cockpit damage. Adds new functionality to the HUD with new data and feedback including enemy heat scale. Attempts to recreate the difficulty of managing an overheating Battlemech. 
SMMod Complete Visual Audio and Warzone Upgrade and Love 
Super Upgrade. THIS is the complete War Package for the visual and audio upgrading of MW5 easily.TRUMPS HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONEx10.. NEW LIGHTING.NEW EXPLOSIONS. MISSILES now look MEAN.. MMgun hit effects and muzzle flashes tuned. MECH EXPLOSIONS JUICED. Various other visual upgrades and changes for more a more proper war look. All systems nominal. 
CRT Helmet Visor Vision 
IMMERSION MOD: Recreates the effect of looking through a mech pilot’s helmet visor. 

User Interface

Expanded Weapon Tool Tips 
Displays Damage Per Second and Optimal Range for Ballistics/Energy weapons 
Improved Weapon Tooltips 
Adds helpful stats to weapon tooltips. 
Fixes Rate of Fire calculations for tooltips and the mechlab equipment panel. 
Marketplace Equipment Viewer 
View all ‘Mech equipment in the Marketplace. Know before you buy! 
Better Mech Descriptions 
Better ‘Mech descriptions when browsing the Marketplace. Over 200 hand-edited variant-specific descriptions! 
Mechlab Detail View by Default 
This mod forces the mechlab to default to the expanded details view. 
Star Map Mouse Over – Mission Logos 
Adds the Contracting party and OpFor Logos to the mouse over on the Star Map. 
Better Mechbay UI 
Adds extra buttons and some new functionality to the main Mechbay UI for convenience. 
Hero Mech Icons 
This mod adds new customized icons for every single hero ‘mech in the game. Any hero ‘mech you have in the Mech Bay or in cold storage, and any hero ‘mechs you come across in markets, will now be unique and differentiated by their own custom designs. Each ‘mech’s icon has been carefully painted and adheres as closely as possible to its lore. 


Coyotes Mission Pack 
Adds new procedural mission types into the game 

Save files

Post Tutorial Save Game 
A simple saved game for MW5Mercs which is post tutorial. This has nothing fancy, no extra guns, no modded tech. Just a save to skip the tutorial. 
MW5 Mercs Save Editor 
A utility to edit save files for MW5 Mercs 

Сolor schemes and paint

Unlock Hidden Color Schemes 
Unlocks Black Inferno, Comstar, Independent, Outlaws, Periphery and Taurian Concordat color schemes based on existing skins. Also unlocks the Hero skins for all variants of the same model, and Colddawg’s camo patterns for all mechs and biomes. 
Paint Theme Saving 
Quickly and easily save paint themes to apply to any ‘Mech. 
No more writing down Hex codes! 
Hidden Camo Patterns 
Unlocks hidden camo patterns 

Cheats and difficulty

Heat SInks and Double Heat Sinks are more efficient, more expensive, and provide “antigravity” weight effects. 
Jump jets for every weight class are more expensive, jump higher, refuel faster between jumps, and provide “antigravity” weight effects. Jets for heavier mechs are more expensive and remove more tons than jets for lighter mechs, but basic jump stats are all the same. 
Pilot Boost 
Start a brand new campaign with Mason, Freeman, Shenzeng, and Fenstrom at maximum weapon and piloting skills. Shenzeng and Fenstrom will need to be recruited from their high reward quests, and will then join Mason at maximum level. 
Max Tonnage 
Every mission and contract is given a 400 ton drop limit. All 21 campaign missions, all randomly generated contracts, and all high reward quests. 
MW5 Mercs Casual Mode 
This Mod is basically an easier difficulty mod for players who want a more relaxing playthrough, want their lancemates to not get shredded all the time and don’t want to have to min/max and only use the best mechs. 
Damage Reduction 
This mod reduces damage taken by the player and lancemates with options ranging from 40-75%. 
Stronger Arms 
This mod increases the max armour values of all mechs arms in the game to be at the same max value of the mechs left and right torso. 
Lore Style 1 Day Armor Repairs 
Hi Guys, I created this mod because, from what I have read in the books they where almost always able to get the armour patched up in a single day of hard work, even in adverse conditions in some cases, and we should be able to as well. 
Cheaper Traveling Costs 
Makes traveling much cheaper 
Ammo Weight System 
A mod that reduce ammo weight in game. 
Better Markets 
Major Increase of the chance that Industrial zones will have a Hero Mech and/or rare weapons. All Rare weapons are also set to Max tier. 
Orbital Drop Support 
Adds Orbital Drop Beacons that summon allied units. Feel overwhelmed? Call in an Assault Lance from orbit! 
Happy Factions 
Reduces faction standing loss when completing contracts against a faction. 

Global mods

Mechcommander Mercenaries 
Mechcommander: Mercenaries mod converts the gameplay experience of Mechwarrior 5 into a real-time strategy game. 


Remove JumpShip Animation 
Removes the JumpShip animation that plays every single time when you travel. 
AI Objective Capture 
Allows AI lancemates to trigger most objectives and extraction zones. Also includes PGI’s bug fix for scenario generator unit availability. 


MW5 Mod Load Order and Activation Manager 
Load order and activation manager for MW5 Mercenaries. 
New Game Plus Save Generator 
Tool that resets quest and campaign progress of an existing save file so they can be replayed with all your gear, mechs, pilots etc. 


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