Generation Zero® How to spawn a Reaper

Generation Zero® How to spawn a Reaper 1 -
Generation Zero® How to spawn a Reaper 1 -
How to spawn the rival called “The Reaper”


Spawning “The Reaper”

The Reaper counts as a Rival. Therefore, when trying to get it to spawn, there are a few things to consider: 
-A region must be level 21 or higher in order for the Reaper to spawn. 
-A region can be leveled up by killing machines in it. 
-You can check the region level by opening your map and hovering over the region you want to 
spawn it in. In the bottom right, a small window with information about current region level and the 
amount of rivals currently assigned to this region. Note that rivals are able to wander around and 
will not always physically be in the region they belong to. 
-Killing any rival will decrease the level of the region it is assigned to. In order to level up the region 
effectively, rivals must be avoided. 
-Good regions to spawn a Reaper in are the Mountains, Farmlands, North Coast and Himfjäll 
Island (Alpine Unrest DLC required). These are large regions, which makes it easy to avoid 
existing rivals, while spawning high class machines, which level up the region fast. 
-After hitting level 21 on a region, every rival spawned has a chance to be the Reaper. This chance 
increases with every further region level, peaking at the current maximum level of 25. 
-The maximum amount of rivals that can spawn is 8 per region. That means if there are already 8 
normal rivals in the region, the Reaper will not spawn. 
-There can only be one Reaper per session. After one spawned, it needs to be killed before another 
can spawn. 
-There is a 1 hour cooldown per region between Reaper spawns.

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