Generation Zero® Ammunition Reference Guide

Generation Zero® Ammunition Reference Guide 1 -
Generation Zero® Ammunition Reference Guide 1 -
This is a quick reference ammunition list to help new and current players identify what weapon hardware accepts each ammunition type and size


Ammunition Reference List

FMJ = Full Metal Jacket 
HP = Hollow Point 
SP = Soft Point 
AP = Armor Piercing 
ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol 
SMG = Submachine Gun 
BMG = Browning Machine Gun 
32 ACP – Hollow Point (HP, FMJ) 
Moller PP Pistol 
44 Magnum loads – (HP, FMJ) 
44 Magnus revolver 
9mm (FMJ, AP) 
N9 Pistol 
Klaucke Pistol 
9mm (SMG) 
M/46 “Kpist” 
5.56mm ammo loads (FMJ, /AP) 
Automatgevär 5 (AG5) Assault Rifle 
Kvm 89 Squad Automatic 
N16 Assault Rifle 
7.62mm ammo loads 
Automatgevär 4, AI-76 
Kvm 59 Machine Gun – light machine gun 
N60 Machine Gun 
Experimental AG 
243 ammo loads (SP & HP) 
Meusser Hunting Rifle 
270 ammo loads 
Winchester Hunting Rifle (SP, FMJ) 
Älgstudstäre hunting rifle 
50 Anti-Tank Rifle (BMG FMJ/AP) 
12 Gauge Bird shot, Buck shot, or Slugs 
12 Guage Shotgun pump-action & semi-auto 
Sjöqvist Semi-Auto 
High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (HEDP) / EMP / Smoke 
Granatgevär M/49 (Recoiless Rifle – Rocket Launcher) 
RLG-7V HE Round 
Recoilless Rifle 

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Here we come to an end for Generation Zero® Ammunition Reference Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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