Magicka How to Cast Magicka – WIP

Magicka How to Cast Magicka – WIP 1 -
Magicka How to Cast Magicka – WIP 1 -

Introduction to Forbidden Magick

Amazing wizards are made of perseverance, strength of character, and experimentation.
The path to reaching your true potential as an spell-caster is one that allows you to recognize the limits of your growth. However, it's the breaking down of those limitations that separates legends from the rest.
Experienced wizards are careful not to dwell too deeply in the darkest aspects of magic. However, for those who have found this guide and are curious (or foolish) enough to join me on my journey to document the secrets of Magicka…
Here are some of my spells, categorized as "Forbidden Magick".

Magick Animation Cancelling

Magicka How to Cast Magicka - WIP - Magick Animation Cancelling - 2BD7FBBOriginally discovered by The Great Wizard, Danchi [ – []
Magick Animation Cancelling – or MAC for short – allows the host cast Magicks rapidly with virtually no interruptions. This is in contrast to regular casting animations which would usually follow. You can ignore your animation and your character will only be as fast as you can write your spell.

How to Cast

This ability can only be used if you are able to time it well.
The key is to Cast Magick’ at any time throughout the duration or later in your Enchant Melee’ animation.
Step by Step:
1. Write an existing spellbook (.
2. Use the spell to enchant your weapon.
3. After you've started enchanting, press your "Cast Magick” button (SPACEBAR
Keyboard Inputs:
If done correctly, it will work 100% of all the time.
If you are experiencing a failure, please ensure you have the Magick to cast the enchantment. Also, don't press spacebar BEFORE the enchantment is cast. It must be DURING the animation that you are enchanting your weapon.
WARNING – This ability is only available in multiplayer. If you are not the host, however, you can still perform MACs. However attempts to do so in rapid succession may not register, or even lead to a crash.
I have found that Spray of Judgement is particularly susceptible to this.

Spell Stocking

Magicka How to Cast Magicka - WIP - Spell Stocking - 8DE2FD5

Elemental Paradox


Elemental Paradox (melee Enchant Edition)


Instant Shield Charge Up

Magicka How to Cast Magicka - WIP - Instant Shield Charge-Up - 409339B

Overhead Push

Magicka How to Cast Magicka - WIP - Overhead Push - 40DD63B



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