League of Maidens Farming and Gear Stats Information Guide

League of Maidens Gears and Information + Farming Guide 2 - steamsplay.com
League of Maidens Gears and Information + Farming Guide 2 - steamsplay.com

An explanation of stats, gear, what to farm, and how to farm it.

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Use Death Invitations for +15, farm Freedom City Strongholds to get two sets of gear:
Main set with ATK as secondary stat for combat
Backup set with INT as secondary stat for crafting
Upgrade grinder and convert all unused gear to Dark Cubes


LoM is in very early development, so all of this information is subject to change. I’m also not completely sure I have everything correct, and comments, corrections, and feedback are all welcome.

General Stats Info

There are six character stats in the game:
Attack (ATK), which affects all damage done with every skill, including melee, ranged, and spells.
Defense (DEF), which gives you damage reduction.
Critical Chance (CRIT), which determines how likely you are to deal bonus damage with each attack.
Health Points (HP), when this hits zero you die.
Magic Points (MP), when this hits zero spells no worky.
Intelligence (INT), which (I believe) only affects permanent upgrades of skills after skill level 10, and forge upgrades of gear.

General Gear Info

Gear will drop as either Tier 1 or Tier 2, and regardless of tier, as Common, Rare, or Epic quality. Tiers can be upgraded up to Tier 3 by spending Dark Cubes at the Forge, but quality cannot be improved.
Every gear piece has a primary bonus that affects one stat:
Helmet (DEF)
Armor (HP)
Gloves (ATK)
Greaves (CRIT)
Ring (MP)
Pendant (INT)
Forge upgrades will add a small improvement to the primary stat.
Higher quality gear will also provide a random secondary stat. As of this writing, ATK is by far the best secondary stat regardless of class or play style. The primary stats from your gear will be enough to keep you alive as long as you’re able to dodge enemy attacks, and a high ATK score will make speed runs and boss fights much easier. Gear that drops as Tier 2 will have a higher secondary stat bonus than gear that drops as Tier 1 and is then upgraded to Tier 2 [citation needed].
Forge upgrades DO NOT improve the secondary stat, even when going to the next tier.
While it doesn’t help in combat, having a set of INT gear will help when using the Forge and when crafting skills above level 10. It’s not necessary, but it’ll save a lot of currency and crafting materials.

General Class Info

Regardless of quality, every class gets a set bonus for having all six gear items of the same tier. Assassins and Warriors get ATK as part of their set bonus, while the other classes’ set bonuses simply aren’t as effective. Having said that, every class will do just fine in a full set of Epic Tier 2 gear with ATK for the secondary stat.

Farm Info

There are plenty of ways to farm in LoM, but I’ve had the most success by using Death Invitations at +15 and running Freedom City Strongholds. Gear drops are relatively rare, but I do get Tier 2 Epics and it’s a decent farm for Gold and especially Shards. I would prioritize upgrading your Forge to Level 5 (max), and grinding all excess gear into Dark Cubes, which you’ll need for upgrading gear.
Death Invitations can be purchased from Rare Item Vendors:
Ako (Lobby, upstairs)
Haley Ryan (Freedom City, Eastern Resistance Camp)
Rare Item Vendor (Underground Sewers)

Written by Fish

Here we come to an end for League of Maidens Farming and Gear Stats Information Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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