League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden!

League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 11 - steamsplay.com
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 11 - steamsplay.com
This guide is a simple basics 101 to help get you on your feet that might be a bit confusing and overwhelming first coming into the game.


Introduction and Interface!

League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! - Introduction and Interface! 
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Welcome to League of Maidens!

Welcome into The League of Maidens! This guide will cover the overall basic necessities and clear up some very confusing mechanics in the game that might end up leaving you frustrated as well. So I hope that this guide will be very helpful on clearing up most of the confusing mechanics and get your way on grinding! 
Currently in the game you have three different currencies that being Gold, Shards, Maiden Diamonds shards and gold is the in game currency you earn that can be used to, upgrade, vendor, and much more stuff. Maiden Diamonds are IRL currency that you have to spend to buy things from the costume shop. 
Some things interesting tips that you might’ve not known or might be wondering how to use. 

  • I key for inventory 
  • L will bring up Quest Log 
  • F7 will open up Motion 3D 
  • Space will glide if you have wings when in mid-air 
  • Y will open up the skill pages 
  • Tab will pull up your phone 
  • V will call your mount if you have one own 
  • H.J.K will trigger keybinded emotes 
  • Ctrl will open your mouse giving you access to change your chat and interact with tips at the bottom.



League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! - Menu 

Main Menu

So the first thing you can see is that the main menu is cluttered with a lot of things. Some of the things in the menu might come of as a mobile p2w mechanics but there simply just free mechanics in the game that is giving out free things that wont require you to take cash outa your wallet! This section will cover over mainly everything on the menu 
Starting off when you start the game you’ll see your maiden in the bottom right which you’ll need to awaken to begin leveling up and gaining experience which are light cubes that will convert into GP(Guardian Points) or AP (Awakening Points). Depending on your option Awakening Points will level up your maiden that you are currently on where as Guardian Points are used to level up your account level. 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
Atonement Drop 
Atonement Drops are a Daily Character Limit of ten a day per Maiden anything after ten is gear drops rather then boss loot. No matter which boss you kill they all count towards the ten limit. 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
Time-Step Awards 
Time step are rewards that you can earn by going across the board every 15 minutes you’ll get a spin that will land in between 1-6. With Maiden Plus you get two spins every 15 minutes after completing your board you’ll be prompted a new board to be able to gain more rewards! 
Battle Pass 
Daily Rewards 
Daily rewards is playing a game of three card monte but all of them have a different reward! Just free goodies that can vary from material, cosmetic’s and emotes. 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
Daily Challenge 
Dailies are is your typical challenges you complete before the day end rewarding you with resources to help speed the process of your game! 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
Weekly Challenge 
Weeklies are rewards that you get by completing all your Daily Challenges. Be sure to check your weeklies after completing all your challenges from your daily for a free rewards after completing your seven dailies streak you’ll get a weekly reward from the option of three items you can only pick one. After completing and getting your first reward you’ll repeat this cycle with new options for your weekly reward. 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
So this game does have loot boxes but they are free and don’t offer anything in great value or huge as they are simply just resources boxes that you can get. The exceptions goes for the epic crate as you can get cosmetics, gun mods, and emotes however most of that stuff can be obtain as well through vendors and step rewards. When opening a crate you are given three options to open them 2 methods being free which is getting a key that can be earned by drops or bought at the vendor with shards for a cheaper price. The other free method is just using shards to unlock them which is a obtainable currency in game that can be earn. Lastly the Maiden Diamonds which is a bought currency to open these crates but should only be a last resort as Diamonds can be used for various things as well. 
Costume Shop 
Costume shop is just your standard player cash shop for outfits which are account bound and not character bound as of right now! 
Pose3D is a modeling feature that lets you pose your character and move around for photoshoots giving the ability to make some nice photo editing! 
This tab is how you swap to your other maiden. Which ever maiden you pick and set as your default is the maiden you’ll relog into when first starting the game. This is also where you would create your other maidens as well. 



Settings interface

Getting in the settings this stuff is fairly simple but there is some fairly unique things but this is how you customize and edit everything to your comfortability 
Adult Filter 
Adult Filter is how you edit anything that is 18+ 
Difficulties can be changed in the setting if you would prefer a harder or easier difficulty this option is mainly for going hard for achievement and easy just assisting your gameplay. This will not change the difficulty of the mobs themselves as that is used with D.I (Death Invitations). 
Cheat codes 
Cheat codes are activated here and can be bought in the store shop in order to get access to the cheats. 
Motion 3d 
Motion 3d is like a photo studio but the scene being where ever your currently standing. you can take photo in the middle of your game by clicking f7 which will bring you into a cinematic like photo. 

Leveling System


Leveling System

Leveling system in League of Maiden can be a bit confusing when you first get into the game as their are three different systems being Guardian Level, Awakening Levels, and Interim Levels, a lot of people can be very confused by Interim Levels and how they work in the beginning and might have mixed feelings about them. This should help you get the jist of how they work. 
Guardian Levels 
Guardian Levels is your account level that’s above in the top left corner showing you x/15 as of the game current state. You can’t go pass or prestige this level and the current way to level up your G.L is by running mission trainers to see your progress you’ll see in the bottom left that there is a x/x wins which means how many wins you need before unlocking the next rack. Don’t worry about going over. 
Awakening Levels 
Awakening Levels is the main level for your maiden that you level up capping at 15 then leading into prestige. The first prestige will unlock cosmetic color change for your skills as of right now. 
Interim Levels 
By far this one is what confuses a lot of new people as this is the level that resets every time you log outa the game. Interim level are temporary skill boost levels that will increase the damage of your weapons and skills. The level caps out at 20 on a maiden. When swapping maidens the interim level won’t reset but you will have to level the interim levels on that maiden. The only time the reset kicks in is when you decide to get off the game. 
As frustrating interim levels can be they provide a very useful boost to your skills and will also have to reset after every logout. Awakening and Guardian Levels is super important as well this will play a factor into your gear tier as they locked out at certain levels. 

Multiplayer / Versus

League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! - Multiplayer / Versus 


This gamemode is intended to be like a pvp mode but against ai in the current state this game mode will use its own interim level and balance out the game. Pretty much this is like Smite going down a lane and trying to win the fight however you will get to choose what troops you spawn by bringing up your mouse and clicking which unit on the left bottom side of the screen. This type of unit will spawn the next around when clicking upon the troops. 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
Troop Types 
Troop types are very simple you have your land infantry, ground tanks, air force jets, navy warships, and lastly sentry turret. 
When starting versus you will spawn by yourself, duo , or trio depending on your match queue. at the start of the game your team will be sent down a lane with the opposing team who ever wins destroying the tower will give the winning team a chance to attack the opposing team base. Some lanes will have objectives that can aid your lane to victory like destroying a crystal to summon a dragon. 


We will keep this post updated on versus as there can be many changes with this game mode. 


Fairly pretty much everything I have went over so far should cover the overall basics of that the game has to offer at the moment. If you looking for something more in-depth that has a whole guide dedicated check the following below and if this has helped you a lot go ahead and give it the love and support it needs ^-^/. 
Other Guides 
League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! 
If you like to join to keep up to date on the latest information you can join us on Katsu Island 18+ https://discord.gg/DRUQZQXAU3


Yuuki – Editor 
AngelEyes – Editor 

Written by Katsura

Here we come to an end for League of Maidens Katsu Guide 101 Becoming a Maiden! hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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