Idle Research Diamond Glitch Farming

Idle Research Diamond Glitch Farming 1 -
Idle Research Diamond Glitch Farming 1 -

Small glitch that allows for infinite but slow gain of diamonds.

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To trigger this glitch, you must first reach the map and tubes.
First, make sure you have daily solitaires on both the tube and flask.
Map to Tubes is a great way to get free diamonds. You can use daily solitaires to get them.
After solving solitaire, you are returned to the menu screen and not to the game. Therefore, you will need to load Tube Save, not Flask.
After you have loaded Tube Save, go to Flask via map
You can use solitaire to get 5 diamonds for free, or you can play to get all.
After Solitaire once again load Tube save.
Return to flask via Map
You will now be able to see that daily Solitaire is still accessible so you can go back to earlier steps for infintie.
If you feel like supporting a developer, you can buy diamonds or use this method.
Have fun.


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