Idle Research Auto-crafting & Gameplay Tutorial

Idle Research Auto-crafting & Gameplay Tutorial 1 -
Idle Research Auto-crafting & Gameplay Tutorial 1 -

A guide has not been created by anyone else, so here are some tips and tricks from an experienced Adventure Capitalist player.

The Importance And Value Of Auto

Auto-crafting can be a lifesaver. It takes away the stress of clicking those bottles and guarantees a seamless transition between craft types. It’s the most important thing you can buy early-game. You have the opportunity to explore the UI, and learn about other features that will help you grow.
A good business person knows that the best business isn’t the one that makes most money, but the one you enjoy the most.
Auto also continues its diligence until you close the game. This is where you make the big profit and can claw your path to the next big upgrade.
As you increase your prestige, auto becomes more important. It will manage your early game admin tasks, such as researching flasks or buying slots. These important upgrades can be bought with fire.

The Fuel Farm

Fire will provide you with the best upgrades. Fuel gain is slow. A quick glance at the system reveals that the only way to obtain fuel is through prestige and research. All you have to do is maintain as much prestige as possible.
All flasks that are possible in a very short amount of time should be researched. The wall is where you will quickly find yourself waiting longer to research, e.g. While it may take 40 seconds for you to research up to blue and purple, it could take as long as half an hour. You should aim to reach your wall by the end of the 1 minute prestige cooldown.
Prestige and keep prestigious, gathering as much fuel to your waiting time as you can.
Side note: The upgrade that makes it burn faster costs 10% more than 250 fuel. This means you should wait until you have 2500 to buy this upgrade.
You shouldn’t lose more than 10% fuel to make a 10% gain.

Optimal Prestiging

Above is the best strategy for fuel growth prestige. Adventure Capitalist features the best economic growth prestige strategy. It uses the angel investor mechanic. This mechanic is very similar in concept to the golden flasks earned from prestige in this video game.
Ad Cap grants you a 2% boost from each angel investor. Each flask provides a 10% bump.
Ad Cap is best to reset once you have doubled your investors.
If we multiply that, it means that you should reset once there is a 20% increase in flasks. There are many factors that can influence the best prestige ratio in this game.
I’m not sure what the best action is here. I don’t even know the maths.
Prestiging has been working for me when I’ve doubled my flasks. While it may not be ideal, it’s worked pretty well. I’ll update this post if anyone has better ideas.

The Diamond Shop

Upgrades cost more. You can use the reset upgrades button to adjust your multipliers as necessary. It’s a great idea to invest in firegain early to make strong upgrades. Also, you can get your diamond flasks returned if you have a need for a prestige multiplier or other purposes.
I keep my diamond flasks in the extra-energy upgrade. Some are in upgrades such fire or prestige gain. It is a huge straight-up multiplier, and the cost doesn’t scale.
Remember that money not spent is money lost. Always keep your flasks filled with something.
You can always play daily solitaire for your diamond income. Solitaire is also pretty fun.

The End (or just beginning)

As I learn more about the game and play more of it, I’ll add to these points.
Good luck to all my fellow gamers.


Written by Trusty Montford

Here we come to an end for Idle Research Auto-crafting & Gameplay Tutorial hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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