Garry’s Mod Ground Control Redux Manual

Garry’s Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 1 -
Garry’s Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 1 -
Rundown of the content added in Ground Control Redux as well as basic guides on adding new content (gamemodes/maps/weaponsets) for your server.



This is a (hopefully) comprehensive guide to the Ground Control Redux gamemode and how to tweak it to your server’s liking. 
If you don’t know what Ground Control is, it’s a multiplayer team v. team, round-based gamemode akin to Counter-Strike or really sweaty Call of Duty. You customize your loadout, kit up and blast dudes. 
Ground Control Redux is a personal fork of mine that does a lot of refactoring behind the scenes and also adds a bunch more content for people to use out-of-the-box. 

Health and Armor



You start with 100 health. Whenever you get shot and there isn’t any armor to protect you, you start bleeding. Bleeding drains a point of health periodically and lasts until you either stop it with a bandage (USE key) or die. 
Your arms are an additional special case: if one or both of them soak up too much damage, they become crippled. You drop your primary weapon and are stuck with your secondary. 


You have access to multiple tiers of body armor and helmets. They are tracked separately – if you get shot in the head, you better hope your helmet is enough to stop the bullet because your plate carrier isn’t going to do anything. Let’s take a look at the stat breakdown for a piece of armor. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
Both helmets and body armor have the same stat fields. In the top right corner of the Altyn’s icon you can see its point cost, in this case 10. The tooltip also gives you a bunch of information: 

  • Weight: Self-explanatory. 
  • Max penetration value: This armor will stop rounds with penetration up to this number. 
  • Blunt trauma reduction: Percent of damage stopped on a non-penetrating hit. The remainder is eaten by your health. 
  • Penetrated damage reduction: Percent of damage stopped on a penetrating hit. The remainder is eaten by your health. 
  • Protected areas: Hitboxes that this armor covers. 
  • Durability: How much damage this armor can soak up.

Unlike in some games, (cough Insurgency cough), armor is intended to be very effective at stopping the rounds it’s rated for, at least until it breaks. That means there’s no Welrod one-hit-kills through your milsurp PASGT helmet. 

Loadout Menu

One of the main draws of the gamemode is to run wild with whatever gun you want and (mostly) have it be viable. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
This is the loadout menu. You access it by hitting F2. I’ve highlighted the interesting bits in colored rectangles. 
The yellow section gives you your currently selected loadout at a glance. You’ve got your primary/secondary weapons, their stats, your selected armor, your bandage/spare ammo count, and the current cost of your loadout in points. 
The red section is the list of primary weapons you can select from. Each card shows the weapon name, the point cost, the caliber, and the magazine size. On mouse over you get a more detailed stat tooltip. 
The brown section is the list of secondary weapons. Same info as the primary weapon list. 
The blue section is the list of tertiary weapons. Out of the box this is just grenades. In the future there might be more things added – medkits, gadgets, etc. 
The tan section is the list of traits, or perks. They give small passive bonuses. 

Weapon Modding Menu

When you click on one of your equipped weapons in the top section of your loadout menu you’ll be greeted with this. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
To the left is a menu that lists all mods that can go onto your gun. For this VSS, I have an array of sights available, as well as some conversions to turn it into an AS VAL or SR-3, among others. Simply left-click on a mod to attach it and bring you to this next screen. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
This shows your open slots. Order doesn’t really matter here. In both screens you can right-click to remove a mod. 


Let’s go over each sub-gamemode. 


Respawns: No 
The attacking team tries to capture a single objective point while the defending team keeps them from doing so. 
There aren’t any limits on capzones, technically, so it’s entirely possible to set up a map that has 10 capzones to spread the defending team around. That would suck and probably be bad for gameplay though. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
In the above image you can see the two zones, A and B, denoted under the round timer. Also on your HUD you can see a marker showing where zone A is. The bar on the marker and the top icon will slowly fill as the enemy team caps the zone. 

Urban Warfare

Respawns: Yes, wave-based 
Two teams fight over a single contested point. Each team begins with a number of spawn tickets that scales with how many players are in the server. 
A wave ends when the point is captured by one of the teams, or one team is completely dead. At this point dead players on both teams respawn. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
The gamemode HUD is largely the same as for Rush, with the exception of ticket tracking at the top for both teams. Also notable is the center progress bar while capturing the zone. The more buddies you have on the zone with you, the faster the zone caps up to a point. 

Ghetto Drug Bust

Respawns: No 
The SWAT team needs to raid a location and seize some drugs to bring back to a secure point while the gangsters need to stop them. The SWAT team is outnumbered, while the gangsters have random sidearms and no body armor. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
Both teams know where the drugs spawn, as shown by the HUD markers. Once they’re picked up, the marker disappears. The SWAT team only needs to secure one drug package to win. 

Intel Retrieval

Respawns: No 
Both teams are tasks with finding a computer and bringing it to their team’s capture zone. When on the ground, the intel emits a quiet beeping sound. When picked up, the sound stops. 
The intel position also updates on the HUD periodically. This includes while it’s being carried, so the carrier must be guarded or risk getting ambushed alone. 
Garry's Mod Ground Control Redux Manual 
This gamemode was heavily inspired by Capture the Ghost in NEOTOKYO. Unlike NEOTOKYO, when carrying the objective you’re not forced to drop your primary, and you don’t get any wallhacks. 

VIP Escort

Respawns: No 
The VIP team must escort the VIP to an escape zone or kill all ambushers while the ambush team needs to kill the VIP. 
The VIP is set to a unique playermodel, is given a weak armor vest and spawns with a random sidearm. He is not expected to be helpful in a firefight. 

Adding New Weapons

At the time of writing (2021-05-08) the gamemode only supports weapons coded on the CW 2.0 base. The original gamemode is deeply tied to it and uses a bunch of functions from the base as well. 
Weapons are loaded from simple tables that look like these: 

local g3a3 = { weaponClass = “cw_g3a3”, — base classname weight = 4.1, — kilograms pointCost = 32, penMod = 0.05, — Multiplicative factor damage = 9001 — Number replaces original damage } GAMEMODE:RegisterPrimaryWeapon(g3a3) — GAMEMODE:RegisterSecondaryWeapon(g3a3) — use this function for registering sidearms local spareGrenade = { weaponClass = “gc_cw_frag_grenade”, weight = 0.5, amountToGive = 1, skipWeaponGive = true, hideMagIcon = true, description = { {t = “Spare frag grenade”, font = “CW_HUD24”, c = Color(255, 255, 255, 255)}, {t = “Allows for a second frag grenade to be thrown.”, font = “CW_HUD20”, c = Color(255, 255, 255, 255)} }, pointCost = 5 } — weapons can have a special postGive() function attached to them function spareGrenade:postGive(ply) ply:GiveAmmo(self.amountToGive, “Frag Grenades”) end

You should be able to call these in sv_config.lua. If it doesn’t work and I’m being an idiot, put them into a neat function and then call them in sh_loadout.lua:postInitlEntity(). 

Setting Up Maps


Written by brekiy

This is all for Garry’s Mod Ground Control Redux Manual hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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  1. Is this still supported and is there anyone out there that could help me out I have a group of people that would like to play this but we are stuck on some of the technical aspects of the game.

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