Garry’s Mod Crafting List for Zombie Survival

Garry’s Mod Crafting List for Zombie Survival 1 -
Garry’s Mod Crafting List for Zombie Survival 1 -
Shows the entire list of craft weapons/props/tools/etc. that you can make in Zombie Survival!

Disclaimer: Some only works on specific servers and let me know if I missed some so I can edit them. I’m also planning on adding visual images in the future to identify or help specify which props/materials are needed to craft.

Source of information: bestwithrice (add me on steam so I can add you to contributors list)


Craftable Props

Large Wooden Box: 
Small Wooden Box + Small Wooden Box 
Explosive barrel: 
Gas Can (has to be red) + Oil Drum (available in transponder) 

Craftable Melee

Mega Masher: 
Sledgehammer + Explosive Barrel 
Axe + Saw Blade 
Double sawhack: 
Sawhack + Saw Blade 
Electro Hammer: 
Carpenter’s Hammer + Car Battery 
Quantum Hammer: 
Electro Hammer + Car Battery 
Plank + Breen Bust 
Chromium Hook: 
Meat Hook + Paint Can 
Sledgehammer+ Radiator (available in transponder) 
Brass Knuckles: 
Fists + Cinderblock (specific type required doesn’t work on all blocks) 
Power Fists: 
Fists + Car Battery 
Tesla Knife: 
Butcher Knife + Car Battery 
Electro Baton: 
Battery + Baton 
Cash register: 
Shovel + Cash Register 

Craftable Weapons

Redeemers Dual Hand Guns
Peashooter + Peashooter 
Waraxe Pistol
Axe (melee weapon) + ‘Crossfire’ Glock 
‘Zombie Drill’ Akimbo Deagles
Desert Eagle + Desert Eagle (buy 2 in the shop or buy one while currently holding a deagle)  
‘Raziel’ Med UMP (Med SMG)
Med Pistol + Reaper UMP 
‘Imtiyaz’ Saiga 12 (Med shotgun)
Med Rifle + Ender Shotgun  
Jackhammer Autoshotgun
Ender + Oil Drum 
Dragons Fury
Sweeper Shotgun + Gas Can 
Joule Rifle
‘Adonis’ Pulse rifle + Gas can 
Predator Rifle
‘Destroyer’ Sniper Rifle + Gas can 
Fusion SMG
Tosser SMG + Car Battery 
Promethium Magnum
Ricochet Magnum + Car Battery 
Ampere Trigun
T4 Magnum + Car Battery 
Photon Crossbow
Impaler Crossbow + Car Battery 
Wicked Boomstick
Boomstick + Car Battery 

Craftable Others

Stone + Explosive barrel 
Glass bottle + Newspaper 

Written by Royal Reaper

This is all for Garry’s Mod Crafting List for Zombie Survival hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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