FPS Chess How to play the game – Beginners Guide

FPS Chess How to play the game – Beginners Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
FPS Chess How to play the game – Beginners Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

How to play different matchups, what each piece does and how to use the chess aspect of the game to your advantage!


FPS Chess is a game combining both the strategic element of Chess along with the precision skills needed to play first person shooter games. In FPS Chess at the start of every game you have an option to move your units, the exact same as you do in every other game of Chess. When you attack a unit you initiate a fight against the unit in a FPS style 1v1. Each unit has different weapons and special abilities they can use to fight.
King – Short range sword, ability to jump into the sky and land into a targeted ability, can also pull all chess pieces near him and deal large amounts of damage.
Queen – Fast shooting machine gun, can fly in the air and can grab pieces that can be used to block bullets for her or launch it at an enemy to one shot them.
Rook – Slow shooting sniper rifle with the ability to zoom in, one shot all ranges. Far reaching hook and the ability to create a wall to block enemy bullets.
Bishop – Slow shooting shotgun that deals large amounts of damage up close, can use a bomb to damage enemies outside of his range, can glide.
Knight – Bow that can one shot all ranges, horse charge that can be used to reposition or damage enemies, arrow that can change direction to lock onto enemies.
Pawn – Slow shooting medium ranged musket, can sprint and summons other pawns from the board to fight for them.

Important information

Like in normal chess when your king dies, you lose the game.
The rook and the knight can one shot you from all ranges if they land a headshot
You can climb all walls in the game by holding space
You can break the windows to go outside of the map, touching the water kills you
The queen can one shot you if she throws the piece at you and it hits you
The Bishop can launch himself in the air with his own bombs and he won’t take damage
You regenerate very fast
Use tempo

What’s the best piece?

It honestly depends on the person, but overall I’d say that the Rook is easily the best piece in the entire game, with the ability to almost instantly reposition across the map, and the one shot kill with the sniper instantly make him high priority for you to defend later in the game.

Matchups and Weaknesses

Some pieces naturally have a easier time dealing with others simply due to weapon strengths mobility and range. The image above has the best matchups in the game, you should be trying to play around getting matchups in the green and avoiding ones in the red if you want the best possible route to winning the game.
The Rooks long rang and ability to instantly position with no damage drop off allow him to easily destroy people with poor mobility or a lack of range. The only unit that can really defeat the rook easily is the knight, considering he can do the same thing.
The pawn isn’t very good overall, hes mainly used to protect the king or other high value units such as the rook. The immense damage drop off of the pawns musket makes it next to useless against knights and rooks who will try and kill you from across the map. The knight lacks good mobility so the pawn has a chance to kill him at the start of the game. The Bishop will one shot all of your clones and the bomb at the beginning will make it hard to move between chess pieces and his bomb is on a fairly short cooldown.
The knight is just a worse Rook. He lacks the same mobility as The Rook and his bow is harder to use at long range. The only upside is that he is slightly better in closer range compared to the Rook, but all the same things still apply.
The Bishop isn’t very good against Knights or the Rook, but is very good against Pawns and the King, making it very good for defending. He lacks good mobility, and the glide is insanely slow and easy to snipe out of the air. Outside of insanely niche situations it doesn’t really perform.
The Queen is very bad against the Rook but is good against all of the other units. The slam makes it very easy to get quick and sudden wins and requires good movement from your opponent to outplay. Her gun isn’t very strong but if you can consistently shoot someone for a solid 6 seconds or go she will stop them regenerating health. Very good in lower skill matches, not as good in high skill levels or else you’ll get sniped out of the air.
The King is the most important unit on the board. You must protect the king against the Rook or else you will lose the game, he does insane damage up close and his pull in ability makes him hard to play against. he fares well against most units but the Rook. He has pretty good mobility but is also a large piece and can always be shot down and kited.
https://imgur.com/a/F2ySgGe – [imgur.com] 

Tips for each unit

Rook: Use the wall to glitch outside of the wall or to block off a king from attacking you
Pawn: Use the clones to prevent enemies from regenerating
Knight: Horse Charge + Lock on arrow will leave your enemy one shot
Bishop: Throw your bomb under you to launch yourself in the air to get on the table
Queen: Use your fast shooting machine gun to prevent regen
King: Don’t get yourself out of bounds lawl

How to use the chess part of the game to your advantage

Using the matchup list, you want to force bad matchups for the enemy while maximizing your advantages, an example of this would be blocking off a Rook that’s trying to attack your King and using a knight to take it out.
Do not play mindlessly aggressive, a lot of units can quickly move across the board and you can end up losing the game in only 4 turns if you do a bad start. If you play aggressively you lose the option to get into good matchups.
Don’t be afraid to use the king later into the game if you know its a good matchup, the king is a strong unit and not taking advantage of it till its your last unit is a waste.
Trick your enemies into thinking you’re going to make one move and then counter with another unit, the good ol bait and switch. Learn how all of the units are able to move and when they can attack.
https://imgur.com/a/F2ySgGe – [imgur.com] 


Here we come to an end for FPS Chess How to play the game – Beginners Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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