FINAL FANTASY Walkthrough Gameplay + Game Information Tips

FINAL FANTASY Walkthrough Gameplay + Game Information Tips 1 -
FINAL FANTASY Walkthrough Gameplay + Game Information Tips 1 -
This is a scuffed walk through of Final Fantasy 1. This won’t go into detail about the specifics but it will tell you the order of events you must complete for Final Fantasy. This also won’t go into the story much.


Land of Cornelia

The first section of Final Fantasy is leaving the sea of Cornelia. 
First, talk to the King of Cornelia. The King will tell you Garland is found at the Chaos Shrine in the North. Fight Garland and return to Cornelia. The Bridge will be built allowing you to travel to Parvoka. 
Along the way to Parvoka you might find a play called Matoya’s Cave. Skip it, we will return later. 
Once in Parvoka, you’ll find the town is full of Pirates. Find the Pirate King in the North West section of the town. Once defeated, he’ll gift you a pirate ship. 
NOTE: Parvoka holds a good black magic spell called Temper. Personally, it’s one of my favorite because it gives Melee attackers a huge damage boost. 
It’s time to set sail, your destination is Elfhiem in the Southern part of the sea. Once at Elfhiem you can either enter the castle to learn of the Prince’s sickness or progress West. Get around the Western Mountains and start heading South. You’ll find the Marsh Cave. Fight off the monsters and obtain the Crown. Take this crown to the Western Keep which is North West of Elfhiem. 
NOTE: Prepare for a boss fight here. 
Once you defeat the Dark Elf, take the glass eye back to Matoya’s Cave which is between Parvoka and Cornelia. Matoya will give you a potion. Travel back to Elfhiem and give the Prince the potion to cure him of his illness. The prince will give you a Mystic Key for your efforts. 
Travel back to Cornelia. In the back rooms of Cornelia there are rooms that can only be opened with the Mystic Key. Obtain the Nitro Powder from here. 
Sail west of Cornelia to reach Mount Duergar. Give the dwarf the Nitro Powder. He’ll explode the land creating a canal that you can now sail outside of sea and into the ocean. 

The Earth Crystal

From the newly created canal, you’ll want to sail West to the Town of Melmond. 
From Melmond, travel south west to the Cavern of Earth. At the bottom, there is a vampire. Kill him and you’ll get the Star Ruby. Leave the Cavern of Earth and travel north west to the Giant’s Cave. Give the Golem the Star Ruby and he’ll allow you to pass onward. Enter the Sage’s Cave and get the Earth Rod. 
Now we’re ready to liberate the Earth Crystal from the Fiend of Earth. 
Travel back to the Cavern of Earth and enter the Vampire’s Chamber. In this room the Earth Rod will show a new path leading deeper into the Cavern of Earth. At the bottom of this cavern, the Fiend of Earth, Lich, will fight you. 
Congrats! You saved the Earth Crystal! 

Airship / Optional Class Change.

We’re not even half way through the game and we have the possibility to gain the Airship and once we have the Airship we can change our class. 
We have to sail from Melmond to Crescent Lake. This lake is located at South East portion of the world map. Travel here and in the back of this town behind the magic shops, you’ll find a bridge that will lead you into the forest. Inside the forest you’ll find wise old men. Talk to these men and one will give you the Canoe. 
Take this canoe and sail into the mountains around Crescent Lake. In here you’ll find a cave known as the Cavern of Ice. At the bottom of this cave you’ll have a boss fight and are rewarded a Levistone. 
South of Crescent Lake you’ll find a desert surrounded by mountains. Enter this desert and the Levistone will make the Airship fly. 
You now have the Airship. 
If you look at the mini map you can see an island chain. On the mainland just east of this island chain there is a castle known as Citadel of Trials. Venture through this area and obtain the Rat’s tail at the end of it. 
Fly over the island chain. You’ll see caves that lead into the earth below them. In one of these holes you’ll find Bahamut, King of Dragons. Trade the Rat Tail for a growth in power. He’ll grant you a Class Change. 
Fighter becomes Knight 
Thief becomes Ninja 
Monk becomes Master 
White Mage becomes White Wizard 
Black Mage becomes Black Wizard 
Red Mage becomes Red Wizard 

Fire Crystal

Poggers gamers! It’s time to save the Fire Crystal. 
Return to Crescent Lake and travel will the canoe through the rivers. You’ll eventually find a Volcano. Enter the Volcano, known as Mount Glug. 
NOTE: Before entering Mount Glug, prepare with potions. Walking here will cause you damage much like poison. 
At the bottom you’ll find Marilith, Fiend of Fire. Fight her and kill her. 
That’s it. 

Water Crystal

Travel to the North West section of the map. You’ll find the town known as Onrac here. Travel north to into the waterfalls and you’ll find a cave. There’s going to be a robot in there that will gift you the Warp Cube. We’ll need this later but we’re here so lets get it anyways. 
Travel to the North East section of the map to the desert. You’ll need to find the caravan. I’m not going to lie to you, without looking up where it is, there are no words to accurately describe where it is. It in the north east section of the desert, left of a forest. Once there, buy the Fairy in the Bottle. 
Travel to Gaia, a town hidden in the mountains. The Fairy will flea from you. Find the Fairy and she’ll give you Oxyale. This will allow you to breath underwater. 
Travel back to Onrac and enter the submarine. 
Welcome to the Sunken Shrine. 
NOTE: Ok don’t go fight the fiend of water just yet. First find the Rosetta stone on the fifth floor of the shrine. We will NEED this later. 
Explore the shrine and fight Kraken, Fiend of Water. 

Wind Crystal

Time to save the last Crystal. 
Travel back to Melmond, there’s a man here who can translate the rosetta stone you got in the Sunken Shrine. 
Travel to Lufenia which is far east. Obtain the Chime from this area 
NOTE: the airship can’t park on the land around this area so you might have to travel a bit. 
In the desert there is the Mirage Tower. Enter it and at the top the Warp Cube will teleport you to the Flying Fortress. 
Explore the Flying Fortress 
NOTE: You might find the secret boss of Final Fantasy here known as Death Machine. 
Fight Tiamat at the end of the Fortress and liberate the Crystal of Air. 

Chaos Shrine

Return to the Chaos Shine where you fought Garland at the beginning of the game. 
Use the lute that the princess gave you to teleport into the past. 
Explore the expanded Chaos Shrine and find Chaos at the end of the dungeon. 
Fight him and finish the game. 

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