F1 2020 Useful Information for WILL BUXTON Playthrough

F1 2020 Useful Information for WILL BUXTON Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
F1 2020 Useful Information for WILL BUXTON Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

Find out the affects of all the ANSWERS in the interview with WILL BUXTON at the beginning of MY TEAM and what how this impacts your F1 car and Facilities at the start of MY TEAM!!

How WILL BUXTON interview affects your F1 CARS PERFORMANCE in MY TEAM !

– First 3 questions does not affect car performance.
Question 4:
WILL BUXTON: How are you expecting the car to feel out on track?
Player responses:
1.º We’ve focused heavily on maximising our traction out corners.
Result= You get Rear wing Mainplane + Rear Wing outer strakes ( Aero Rear Downforce)
2 .º Sim data looks good, but we won’t know until we get out on track.
Result= You gain nothing.
3.º The chassis balance is incredible
Result= You get Rear Floor Undertray «Distribution» + Energy Store Cells positioning (Chassis Weight Redistribution)
4 .º Making the cars as responsive as possible was one of our main goals.
This is going to give us the edge going into corners.
Result= You get Front Wing Main Flap + Secondary Wing Flaps ( Aero Front Downforce)
Question 5:
WILL BUXTON: The other teams now all have years of experience on and off track. How are you planning to catch up to them?
Player responses:
1.º A fresh pair of eyes can find solutions other team’s haven’t seen and we’ve found some unique ways of reducing drag.
You gain= Front Wing Gurney Flap ( Aero Drag Reduction)
2.º This era has brought a lot of complexity into the power unit but we’ve found plenty of room to innovate in our ERS System.
You gain= Stators (Powertrain Energy Recovery System)
3.º It’s going to be tough. We’ll have a better picture after the race.
You gain= You gain nothing.
4.º Fuel loads are the key to reducing the weight of the car. The efficiency we’ve got out of the power unit will keep weight down.
You gain= Reshaped Combustion Chamber (Powertrain Fuel Efficiency)
Question 6:
WILL BUXTON: Overtaking is a key part of this sport. How have you ensured that you can take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way?
Player responses:
1.º Overtaking is all about power, so we’ve been working hard to get every bit of performance out of the power unit.
You gain= Spark Plugs + Ignition System (Powertrain Engine Power)
2.º F1 isn’t just one race, it’s a whole season. Rigorous stress testing means we can avoid grid penalties and failures.
You gain= Improved Turbo +Gearbox + ICE Durability (Durability)
3.º We’ve developed an incredibly light car. This helps with the both top speed and through the corners.
You gain= Centra Underlay + Improved Energy Store Cells (Chassis Weight Reduction)
4.º We’ve produced a really streamlined car. We expect incredible top speeds on the straights.
You gain= Streamlined Suspension Arms. ( Aero Drag Reduction)
Question 7:
WILL BUXTON: And finnaly, which of your new departments are you most proud of?
Player responses:
1.º The attention to detail that the chassis department has had is an inspiration to whole team.
You get= Level 1 Chassis Department
2.º Aerodynamics are perhaps the biggest part of Formula 1. What our team has achieved in such a short time is a miracle!
You get= Level 1 Aerodynamics Department
3.º Our power unit department really had to hit the ground running when we took delivery of our engines. They’ve done a great job!
You get= Level 1 PowerTrain Department
4.º Our durability department has been really proactive in testing. They catch problems before they become problems!
You get= Level 1 Department Durability
Tip for OP Car perfomance.
Choose all PowerTrain and Drag responses.

Written by Geralt Of Rivia

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