Evil Genius 2 Tips for dealing with Super Agents in the world map

Evil Genius 2 Tips for dealing with Super Agents in the world map 1 - steamsplay.com
Evil Genius 2 Tips for dealing with Super Agents in the world map 1 - steamsplay.com
Here it goes some tips for Super Agents (S.A. from now) in the world map. Maybe most people already know, but can be useful to new players.

Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so bear with me is some sentences are weird.


Some tips

1.- S.A. just move when you don’t look at them. Seems idiot, but it is true and is a very important thing to keep in mind. It means that they just change the area when you go to your lair, or any other screen, and came back to the world. As long as you stay in the world map, they won’t move at all (like gargoyles). 
Why is that useful? If you want to do a specific scheme for a mission, and there’s no agents in that sector, just keep the map, don’t go to your lair, don’t check any screen, don’t go to the toilet until you can launch the scheme. Once you can do it, and your minions are on the way, there’s no problem. But if you need to set the network, and them set the scheme, you’ll need to stay there all the time. I’ve sent several minions to a sector to set up a network, go to the H.C., and when I came back, a S.A. was there to mess up my plan. 
That doesn’t mean that they’ll chance the place any time you change the screen. They takes their time to do it, but when they do, it’ll be when you’re not looking at them. 
2.- They feel attracted by Crime Networks (C.N.). Let’s say you have nothing in any sector of P.A.T.R.I.O.T., but you set one C.N. in one of the sectors. You can bet that a S.A. will be there soon. The trick is set two or three C.N.’s n his area. The S.A. will go to one of them, so just make your business in the others. That’s it. You can place a C.N. where hi/she is already, and usually, won’t move. Just keep in mind that C.N. generate more Heat when there’s a SA in his district and it’ll blow faster. You can destroy it and build a new one before that happens. 
Sometimes you’ll need to set a C.N. in a specific region and you’ll want the S.A. far from there. Something that use to work is set first one or two C.N. somewhere else and let him go there. Then, I set the real one and do the scheme NOT LEAVING THE MAP (as seen in point 1). 
Sometimes, but not always, they prefer the highest level C.N., so they’ll move to a level 2 rather than a level 1. But not always. 
3.- They don’t like Reduce Heat schemes. If you launch one of them, usually they’ll leave the sector to another one with a Network, and they don’t make it to your lair. The long time reduction won’t be enough to reduce the heat, but it’ll make them leave. 
4.- They can’t move into a district with a scheme running. If you’ve defeated a SA, and start schedules in all districts, it’ll take longer to came back to the map. 
5.- I’m not sure, but I think any S.A. has a slightly different behavior. Some move more often, some less. As it was said in the art of war: “know your enemy”. Check what any one of them does, because what works with one, may can’t work with another one. 
6.- That’s the most important point. Doesn’t matter so much they cry, scream or anything. Under any circumstance, never, ever, feed them after midnight. 

Written by JCH

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