Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps – How to Make Them Work

Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps – How to Make Them Work 1 - steamsplay.com
Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps – How to Make Them Work 1 - steamsplay.com
This is a reposting of a thread I made on the main forum. I realized I had written a mini guide so putting it here.

So if you are posting on the forum about how the casino and traps are useless. Stop it. I am going to state the meme. Time to Git Gud. This guide will tell you how.



My current casino + traps are breaking the resolve of level 8 inspectors mostly reliably but level 8+ only come when you screw up heat management. Level 4-6 is what you’ll see the most of with full level 4 networks and my base breaks them with 95% success rate. 
So first things first. Inspector AI. Its actually rather simple. Think of them as explorers. Their goal is to walk into every dead end and broken line of sight in your base. Doors are a broken LOS point for them. They never forget a spot where they saw broken LOS and will double back to check it eventually. There is a clear preference for first seen, check next. With this in mind you can use slot machines and rope decorations to create long walking paths to line of sight breaks in your casino to delay them. Obviously, do so. 
Next the value of the casino itself. Unfortunately you need them to be distract tagged otherwise your deception (purple) minions won’t run interference. You need that so the short cooldown before using another casino item gets used up and they visit ALL of the skill draining items before getting to a LOS break. This is the goal. You want the agents to visit every casino item possible before they get into a broken LOS and have to double back. The goal is maximum delay as you use the LOS breaks to create extreme delays for them so the longer cooldown before they will repeat the use of a specific type of casino item can finish. 
As for LOS breaks. You can go safe or you can go a bit risky. 
Safe is a casino hallway with endless doors at level 3 security. No risk of minions attempting to turn the agents back and get killed for their trouble. I call this boring. I respect you so I am going to assume you also consider it boring and thus don’t want to do it. 
Now on to risky. Its honestly not that risky but my goal is not to have to micromanage the tags. The trick I use is, and you aren’t going to believe this because I never talk about a similar concept, breaking Line of Sight of the minions. I know, crazy right? Here is a picture to show how I do it. 
Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps - How to Make Them Work 
If the minions don’t see the agents step into the hallway section they don’t try to intercept and get killed. This is where that 5% comes in. Sometimes I get unlucky and a minion happens to be standing in the tiny area where they can see the agents entering the hallway section. They thus attempt to heroically throw their corpse at the high skilled agent’s feet to prevent them from wandering into my traps. Also techies aren’t a problem. They ignore tags so the agents will get to wander normally. Though the techies might get caught up in the activated traps. 
This picture is one of 4 trap rooms in my base. Level 4 to 6 agents generally lose about half their number by the time they clear this room alone. The rest don’t make it much further after that. Just a reminder this is all resolve breaking so no soldier waves. 
High level agents will just disable the trap. However every trap is them standing still typing on their little pad for a while. It takes them so long to clear this room the cooldowns on the casino items are always done by the time they get out. This is how I get the high level agents. The casino wears down their skill to the point the later trap rooms are able to finish the job. 
And there it is. Everything you need to know to make a casino + traps that can beat high level agents. Now stop posting in threads about how useless the casino and traps are. It makes you look bad. 
Since it was requested. Here is the full casino. Could definitely be better but I was warding off inspectors no problem so I felt like I was good for the endgame push. 
Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps - How to Make Them Work 

By Promethian

This is all for Evil Genius 2 Casino and Traps – How to Make Them Work hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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