Escape the Backrooms Achievements & Full Map Guide

Escape the Backrooms Achievements & Full Map Guide 1 -
Escape the Backrooms Achievements & Full Map Guide 1 -

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Escape Level 0 – Escape Level 0 I guess. You can find exit at Pitfalls, or Empty Room.

Escape the Habitable Zone. Exit is possible in any “safehouse”, (open doors,).

Escape Pipe Dreams: After you have spawned, turn right and then right when you spot bright lights.

Participation Tropy: You must beat the game with 3 other players in easy difficulty.

Group Effort: You are required to beat the game in normal difficulty together with 3 other players.

Escape Level Fun – Escape Level “Fun”.

Escape the Poolrooms – It’s very easy. Just don’t go in rooms with darker piles, (or).

Escape Level ! – RUN

Escape the End – This is simple, but it can be a headache.

Escape Level 9223372036854775807– Find a level that is incorrectly numbered and then jump off the steps.

Survivalist – The best way is to go to Pitfalls and afk there.

Nightmare – You must beat Nightmare difficulty together with three other players. Goodluck! (It’s possible. I just did it with a new player who didn’t beat it in easy difficulty.).


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