Escape the Backrooms All Monsters and Facts

Escape the Backrooms All Monsters and Facts 1 -
Escape the Backrooms All Monsters and Facts 1 -

No photos for even more spoilers than I'll reveal. This Guide will give you information about every monster, how to beat it, and what they do.
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Level 0 Howlers can be found. They are tall with a human or demon shape.
If you are within a few feet of them, they will start running. Although they may appear to be running faster than you, in reality they are quite slow. To escape him, or not be chased you need to run and find a corner. If you don’t want to get chased, then you need to always look left and right after entering a corner. They will start showing after 1 minute and 30 seconds. They can be very aggressive and will teleport faster to other places than they are. They can make a sound when they Teleport. Like A Vent Beeing




Smilers are found in the Level Unhabitable Zone. They only appear when it is absolutely dark near them. They have a strange appearance, similar to a demon dog, but mostly you can only see their face. To escape them, you need to stay in the light of the hallways with doors. If you want to go to the next hallway, sprint 2 seconds and then walk a little bit.


Light Head


Light Head Is A Tall Lamp… It's simple to escape him and go to the next level. Run. You can run 2 or 3 seconds, then wait a bit, and then you can go back to running. You will eventually need to enter a non-lit hallway, but the game will give you a lantern. You don't need to press anything. After running for a while, the music will begin playing. You will now be able to look behind and see the monster. However, once that happens you will have unlimited stamina so run until you find the door with party lights when you are close.




Partygoers can be found at Level Fun. They are Marshmello, Yellow, and Holding A Ballon. They will start a chase if they see you in front of them or if your feet are not on the ground when you're near them. To hide from the Chase, you have to hide below a table. This level has a lot to offer and requires a lot more brain power. But once you're done, the level is quite simple, but I won't tell how. At some point you will find yourself in a big room with lots of partygoers and arcades. After you understand how to get to that hallway, a chase will automatically start. But you will have unlimited stamina which means you will run until the exit.


Unknown entity


This Entity will kill you within 5 seconds of your screen in Level Poolrooms. Once you have found a room with something unusual, but not frightening (without telling you what to not spoil more things), a door will be visible and you can get out.


Partygoers and smilers


Partygoers and Smilers are common in Level Run for Your Life. To Escape From Them, You Must Run Through The Hallway and Avoid Obstacles. You have unlimited stamina, and you can run forever. The Level Is Easy and After a Few Tries, You Can Finish It. BTW, Before you run into the hallway, you can see the partygoers & smilers locked away in some rooms i>




At the End of Level 3, you will be welcomed by a Demon Shape that looks a lot alike smilers, but it doesn't have a face. It can't even see you. They can hear you so make sure to keep your pants on. After you've selected all the tapes, you can turn on your TV to make the monster go away. You will need to wait for the level to be completed. After some trials and experimentation, you will be able to beat it.


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